Trekking Backpacks for the Mountain

Trekking Backpacks for the Mountain

In the world of hiking, itinerant walks and in general of all types of outdoor activities there is a tool of fundamental importance, the trekking backpack.

Perhaps a person unfamiliar with mountain equipment might think that after all it is simply a container of various objects, in reality it is much more.

Uno trekking backpack for hiking in the mountains it is first of all a faithful travel companion who will agree to follow us as long as we want and able, where the opportunity arises, to even be a source of salvation.

For this it is It is essential to choose one that suits your needs, but what are the characteristics and functions to be taken into consideration in view of a possible purchase?

How to choose the trekking backpack for excursions

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Before addressing the salient points of the topic just introduced individually, it is most appropriate to clarify a principle of absolute value, that relating to the choice itself.

As mentioned, in fact, a trekking backpack is mainly a resource and a friend you can count on, but precisely for this reason it is essential that any choice takes into account one's own needs, experience, degree of preparation and even physical fitness.

Let us clarify what has just been said with an explanatory example. In the case of a mountain excursion in the summer, it is clear that the backpack will have to be filled differently than for a winter outing.

There is a perfect backpack for every occasion and it is only by being aware of it that we can identify the right one for us.


The capacity of a trekking backpack for excursions is one of the main features to focus on.

The capacity of trekking backpacks is usually measured in liters and the most frequent range in which it is possible to come across goes from a minimum of 10 liters to a maximum of 80.

What is the right capacity?

There is no absolute answer, simply because each person, as mentioned, can have different needs and previous experiences that can make them opt for a different type of product.

To provide an indication, however, we can say that the duration of the excursion itself represents a basic discriminant for determining the capacity of a trekking backpack.

It is planned a1 day excursion? In this specific case, a backpack with a total capacity of around 20/30 liters should be more than sufficient to meet all the needs that may arise during the trip both in terms of supplies and in terms of clothing or third-party tools.

Where, however, theexcursion is spread over several days, then you can opt for a backpack with a total capacity of up to 70 litres, based on personal needs.

It is obvious then that in all of this discussion the period of the year in which the trek is carried out plays an essential role. Does it happen in the summer? Then carrying excessively padded items may not be the right choice.

Do you plan to sleep in a shelter? Then a tent could be completely useless and would end up weighing down the backpack unnecessarily.

Accurately planning your excursion is the best way to find the perfect trekking backpack.

Back length

The length of the backrest might seem like a not-so-important detail when choosing trekking backpacks for mountain excursions, in reality a not insignificant aspect derives from it, that of comfort.

Choosing a backpack capable of adapting perfectly to one's constitution and physical structure is the first step in enjoying an experience full of satisfaction, otherwise one will inevitably encounter physical pain and extreme discomfort throughout the journey.

Before buying a trekking backpack it is therefore a good practice to try it, possibly with some weight inside in such a way as to simulate the situation that will be created, and evaluate, among other things, especially if there is no no space.

If there were, in fact, this would mean that the length of the backrest is excessive and it is therefore preferable to opt for a different model. For the sake of completeness of information, however, it should be clarified that backpacks with a total capacity of around a range of 30 or 40 liters have a fixed backrest, those with higher capacity have an adjustable one and adaptable to the user.


It is a factor often overlooked, but in reality of considerable importance.

The breathability of a backpack is already in itself a basic element during the winter period in which adequate ventilation has the task of preventing and preventing any type of accumulation of condensation and / or humidity in the bud, but it becomes even more important than summer.

A person who is about to embark on a mountain excursion in the summer must take into account how sweating located in critical points such as the back, shoulders and sides is an extremely probable occurrence, which is why having a backpack with highly breathable materials and subject to quick drying is undoubtedly the best choice.

Construction materials

We can't help but mention the quality of the construction materials. Very often the manufacturers of backpacks or bags for trekking adopt the philosophy that the more the better with the result of placing excessive products on the market, full of webbing, straps and in general all those accessory details that end up making the backpack gain excessive protrusion.

It is true that capacity is a crucial point in determining the choice of your backpack, but provided that this is in balance with portability and obviously with the quality of the materials.

Provided you spend a slightly higher amount than estimated, the advice is always to opt for products in which every smallest detail, such as hinges, hooks, frame, padding, etc., has been adequately tested and deemed suitable also for the more intensive use.

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