7 things to do in the mountains when it rains

7 things to do in the mountains when it rains

In the mountains more than in other areas the weather conditions can change rapidly and even in the height of summer the perturbations can be stationed on the valleys with continuous rains and an almost autumnal climate. It is perhaps one of the less pleasant aspects of the mountain but one of the myths to dispel is that on rainy days you can't do anything in the mountains… Nothing more False.

The mountain reserves for its guests numerous activities and pastimes that allow even the dullest of rainy days to slip away and keep boredom away.

We have collected 7 useful tips ...

What to do in the mountains when it rains:

1. Wellness centers

Tourism in the mountains has changed compared to the past and all tourist resorts can boast numerous wellness centers, often already part of the accommodation facilities where you stay.
What's better than being pampered with a gentle massage while lightning and thunder rage outside?

A nice massage, a sauna, Kneipp path, a hay bath, chamomile cave, a water paradise, aromatic and tropical showers and so on and so forth ...
The wellness centers allow you to spend a day dedicated to relaxation and the well-being of your body.

6. Indoor sports

The mountains are the home of sport and if you can't do it outdoors because it's raining, don't worry, there are many mountain sports centers where you can practice dozens of indoor sports. From tennis to volleyball, basketball, football and even indoor swimming pools, fitness courses and the inevitable classic Climbing indoor sports (to try !!!)

2. Food and wine tours

When the sun is high, the sky is clear and the fresh mountain air enlivens the day it is better to take advantage of it and go up to altitude, if instead the weather is not mild and the rain blocks any hiking desire, you can indulge in some sin of throat…
How many mountain dishes have you not tried yet? How many typical sweets have you not yet allowed yourself?
The rain can be an opportunity to undertake food and wine tours to discover the culinary excellence of the mountains, from lunch in a refuge to dinner in the restaurant in the valley, perhaps interspersed with a visit to some wine cellar.
But be careful, when the good weather returns there will be no excuse not to climb to altitude and regain physical shape 

3. Shopping in the center

If for you fitness is everything and you are not willing to face a food and wine tour de force then the alternative solution could be shopping or more generally a walk in the center of the town where you are spending your holidays.

4. Museums and exhibitions

A rainy day can be an opportunity to open the doors to culture and immerse yourself in the history, traditions and nature of the mountain. There are many mountain museums scattered throughout the Alps and the Apennines, they are dedicated to many themes, from war museums to local tradition museums with objects that were once part of everyday life in the mountains, art exhibitions of literature and mountain tales and spectacular naturalistic museums where you can get to know this magnificent world, the geological characteristics of the mountains, the flora and fauna and much more.

5. Castles and Caves

Museums and exhibitions are not the only places to discover mountain culture, the whole mountain area is rich in castles, caves and mines.
More or less large castles are found throughout the Alps and most of these are well kept and open to the public for guided tours.
The caves are also interesting to visit, some are accessible on foot others with small boats, all different from each other offer the opportunity to discover a new world unknown to most.
Once some mountain areas were extracted various minerals and many workers worked in the mines, today what were once places of hard work have been converted and transformed into pleasant tourist destinations to be discovered with local guides.

7. Total relaxation

A rainy day does not necessarily have to be something negative, from a certain point of view it allows you to unplug and let yourself go in total relaxation, if it's cold a chocolate or a hot tea accompanied by a good book are the best solution for stretch out for a while and get ready for the next excursions.

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