Triglav national park - Mountains Alps Slovenia

Slovenia offers mountains where nature has remained intact and authentic, century-old forests crossed by clear streams and thunderous mountain waterfalls.

Water is the characteristic that unites the Slovenian Alps and many tourists choose it precisely for the possibility of doing things kayaking and rafting, to sail on the waters of large lakes like that of Bohinj and Bled, or get closer to thunderous waterfalls like that of Savica or Boka.

Walking in the mountains of the Slovenian Alps allows you to access rural places of other times, natural areas of great value such as the Triglav Nature Park, you can visit the characteristic mountain pastures such as Planini pri Jezeru e Velika planina, known as the largest shepherd's village in Europe.

In addition to sport and nature there is also space for well-being with spa resorts and the refuges with a view of the Julian Alps.

Despite its smaller size compared to other Alpine countries, Slovenia can offer a complete proposal for those looking for new destinations to explore in the mountains in summer.

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    Upper Savinja Valley

    Upper Savinja Valley

    The region in summer is immersed in the full explosion of scents, colors and clear waters of a spectacular and still unspoiled nature, between the peaks of the Slovenian Alps, Kamnik and Savinja, near the northern border of Slovenia, a few km from the Austria. The upper part of the Savinja Valley is the Logarska Dolina and [...]



    Bohinj is a municipality in Slovenia located in the Julian Alps in the north-west of the country, within the Triglav National Park. Bohinj is located at a minimum altitude of 569m up to a maximum of 1759m, in the valley of the same name there is the largest natural lake of glacial origin in Slovenia which represents one of the major attractions of […]



    Located below Mount Kanin, between the passes of Predil and Vršič, is Bovec, a famous Slovenian tourist destination, nestled between the steep mountains and the emerald waters of the Soča River. Bovec is located in one of the most beautiful valleys in Europe and represents a true paradise for sports enthusiasts, here in the summer [...]

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