7 good reasons to go to the Summer Mountains

7 good reasons to go to the Summer Mountains

1 - Escape from the scorching heat

The mountain in the summer is a natural air conditioner, when in the city it suffocates from the heat and it is close to 40 degrees in the mountains it is great with pleasant temperatures and fresh air.

2 - Landscapes

mountain landscape Views that open the heart, from the small Alpine lakes to the majestic forests that cover the whole land like a green carpet to the high-altitude pastures where cows and forest animals live in symbiosis in the balance of nature.

The snow-capped peaks with the tongues of ice that descend until they merge with the green of the meadows, the mountain hay with its intense scent and flowers that color the slopes of the mountains.
A vastness of colors and shapes that only a summer mountain landscape can offer.

3 - Healthy air and uncontaminated environment

The mountain offers an inestimable natural heritage far from the wild urbanization and the exhaust gases that oppress the inhabited centers of the plain every day.
Here you can breathe deeply healthy and oxygenated air, a real cure for pollution.

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4 - Sports and entertainment

Climb with the trekking shoes along a mountain path that runs through the forest, descend at full speed along a trail of Downhill or go up with the mountain bike, and again the Rafting with which to challenge the rushing waters of mountain streams, the nordic walking which takes us with rhythm towards new and mysterious destinations, an excursion on horseback through the wide alpine valleys.
There are many activities and sports that can be practiced in the mountains, both during the day and on vacation, a valid reason for experience nature actively.

5 - Genuine flavors

mountain milk The flavors of the past have remained intact in the mountains where modernity fails to scratch the traditions and passion for healthy food prevails over the fashions of our days.

There is nothing better than a sandwich the jam homemade accompanied by a good glass of milk, for lunch a plate of pizzoccheri, a snack a speck platter, for dinner one Valle d'Aosta fondue and finally a slice of strudel.

Unmistakable flavors that leave an indelible memory in the mind can be found directly in the mountain pastures where the mountain milk born and processed giving life to butter, cream and cheeses made with love and passion.

6 - Relaxation, serenity and well-being

the chirping in the woods, the sound of the wind that moves the branches of the trees, the silence of the high mountains.
No noise, a peace that relaxes and makes rediscovering serenity lasts in the frenetic pace of modern life. A way to find yourself, to think in peace by restoring the lost balance. An exercise for body and soul that only the mountains can offer.

7 - Rediscover nature

fawn in the woods Restore the relationship with nature, rediscover the roots of our being in contact with a healthy environment. From the large fir trees to the animals of the forest that, hidden among the ferns, watch our walking curiously.

As the mountain writer advised Mario Rigoni Stern, one of the experiences to do at least once in a lifetime is to witness a sunrise in the mountains to perceive the awakening of the forest and the energy of life that welcomes the sunrise.

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