The coolest mountain resorts to go to in the summer

The coolest mountain resorts to go to in the summer

La mountain in summer has always been the ideal refuge to escape from the scorching heat of the cities, there is nothing better than a nap in the shade of the forest lulled byfresh air.

The Alps offer hundreds of resort where to find refuge from the infernal heat even a short distance from the big cities, but when the African anticyclone hits our peninsula and the urban centers become real furnaces, even the villages at an altitude of 1000 meters may no longer be enough.

If in the city it burns with temperatures of 40%, in altitudes close to 1000 meters you can even reach 30 °, certainly not the coolness you want if you deeply hate the heat.

To escape from the African heat waves it is therefore necessary to leave most of the mountain resorts to climb to altitude and reach high mountain villages.

There are not many tourist centers to be found in altitudes above 1600 meters (ideal altitude to find refreshment in the hottest moments), we have selected some that we want to suggest to you.

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Where to go to the mountains when it's so hot:

Arabba (1600m) - Veneto

arabba summer

A natural oasis in the Belluno Dolomites, Arabba is located at 1600 meters above sea level on the border between Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige. The town is well looked after and the hospitality is excellent, even if the heat in the city leaves no escape here you can always find a bit of refreshment, the Venetians' favorite destination and not just during the very hot, sultry days.

Furthermore Arabba is close to the Pordoi Pass 2200m where many excursions start (even for families) and above all there is the cableway that leads up to 2900m on Sass Pordoi, defined as the terrace on the Dolomites.

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Madonna di Campiglio (1550m) - Trentino

Madonna di Campiglio in summer

The famous winter ski resort is also one of the highest summer resorts in Trentino.

Madonna di Campiglio can count on an altitude of approximately 1550 meters above sea level.

As you can read in this article, there are higher alpine destinations in the Alps. However Madonna di Campiglio is certainly the right destination for those who want to spend their holidays in Trentino at a medium-high altitude.

Another advantage of Campiglio is that it can offer fantastic places where you can find further refreshment from the heat, we are talking about the big ones waterfalls and numerous lakes scattered throughout the territory.

And for those who want to be sure not to suffer from the heat at all, just take the ski lifts that lead to high altitudes, where you can enjoy the view of the valley and the sweet fresh mountain air.

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Corvara in Val Badia (1568m) - South Tyrol

Corvara Alta Badia

From Trentino we move on to Alto Adige and more precisely to Val Badia.

In this magnificent valley at the foot of the Dolomites lies Corvara, a municipality at 1568m of altitude.

This South Tyrolean village is a real alpine pearl where you can spend your holidays.

The altitude guarantees pleasant temperatures and there are many in the surroundings hiking trails that lead to over 2000 meters of altitude. Those who do not want to struggle, can always reach the destinations at high altitude thanks to the comfortable ski lifts.

Val Badia also offers paths that lead to magnificent waterfalls where you can find refreshment.

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Solda (1900m) - South Tyrol

solda all ortles in summer south tyrol

One of the most remote tourist resorts in South Tyrol but also one of the most fascinating, at the foot of the stone giants over 3000 meters high: the Ortles and the Cevedale.

The harsh climate in winter becomes cool in summer, which guarantees low temperatures above allaltitude of 1900 meters which during the strong African heatwaves acts as a lifesaver for tourists who come up from the cities.

Thanks to the convenient cable car, from the town of Solda you can go even higher, reaching almost 3000 meters where you can relax in the Rifugio in Quota (easily reachable on foot). At the foot of the glaciers the heat will be just a bad memory.

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Santa Caterina Valfurva (1700m) - Lombardy

With an altitude of 1700 meters this Lombard town is one of the favorite tourist destinations for those who want to escape the heat of Milan.

The altitude guarantees pleasant temperatures throughout the summer season, especially when it roasts us in the plains.

The altitude of 1700 meters guarantees coolness in the valley even on the hottest days, for those who are not satisfied you can reach the highest altitudes by visiting the surroundings of the Alpine resort.

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Livigno (1800m) - Lombardy

livigno in summer

It is one of the most famous mountain resorts, it is nicknamed "little tibet”And holds the record for the lowest temperature during the winter season (well -38 ° degrees).

In summer Livigno becomes an oasis where you can escape the heat and rest in the fresh air of the 1800 meters above sea level of the valley, certainly one of the coolest areas in summer.

Livigno is very popular as a destination to escape from the heat as it is able to offer a large valley, an excellent town and historic center and above all high mountains where you can make magnificent excursions.

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Sestriere (2000m) - Piedmont

It is one of the Alpine resorts with the highest altitude and is also one of the favorite destinations for those who live in Piedmont.

Easily reachable from Turin, Sestriere is in fact an oasis where you can escape from the scorching heat, thanks to its people 2000 meters of altitude it guarantees pleasant temperatures even during African heat waves.

This alpine location also offers many amusements, not only excursions and sporting activities but also restaurants and clubs where you can spend your evenings full of fun.

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Cervinia (2000m) - Aosta Valley

At the foot of the Matterhorn is located Breuil Cervinia, a famous ski resort that in summer becomes a destination for hiking and golf enthusiasts.

Here the heat is never felt thanks to the 2000 meters of altitude that isolate it from the hot air flows that hit Italy throughout the summer.
If the coolness of the Cervinia valley is not enough then just take the lifts and climb up to an altitude of 4000 meters on the Glacier where summer skiing is still practiced.

All these locations are characterized by being able to insure a Fresh weather and the same tourist services than any other mountain area, in short a real paradise in which to escape when in the plains you die from the infernal heat.

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