The best mountain resorts to go to in the summer with the family

The best mountain resorts to go to in the summer with the family

What are the best places to go to the mountains? This is one of the most frequently asked questions by the users of our site, but there is no answer that is suitable for everyone ... To define which location is the best one must first of all understand the needs of the tourist, what he wants to find and what he particularly wants to see.
Sports enthusiasts are looking for places with many hiking trails while a couple may look for places with modern hotels and wellness centers.

Today we want to talk to you about the ideal locations for families, in our research we have selected some ideal destinations for those who want to go on holiday with the family (even with small children). The recommended destinations stand out from the others for the services available in the villages such as hotels, restaurants but also simple pharmacies or supermarkets where you can find everything you need in case of need, but at the same time they are able to offer hiking trails and beautiful landscapes.

Courmayeur - Aosta Valley

It may seem cliché to mention Courmayeur among the best places to visit in summer for a family but this is not the case. The Aosta Valley is a particular region, in its infinite natural beauty with many spectacular mountains it often presents isolated valleys and towns that are not very developed from a tourist point of view. We must therefore pay attention to the destination chosen for the summer holiday in the Aosta Valley because we risk finding ourselves in magnificent towns but without the essential services which can give a bad turn to our holiday.
Courmayeur is not affected by these problems because in the course of history it has had the opportunity to develop and this has not prevented it from keeping intact the natural beauties that surround it, around it there are mountains such as Mont Blanc and hiking trails for all tastes, from the simple roped walk on the glacier for the more experienced.

Bormio - Lombardy

Among the various Alpine valleys of Lombardy, we would like to recommend Bormio for a summer holiday with the family. Bormio, like Courmayeur, is also a historic tourist location which has built its success over time precisely on customer attention. The town of Bormio is very large and offers accommodation for all budgets, ranging from luxury hotels to bed and breakfasts at lower prices, ideal for those who don't want to spend too much.
The restaurants, bars and shelters are many and the essential services are all there and are easily accessible. For an active holiday, on the other hand, there are hiking trails both in the valley and at high altitudes, in the valley there are easy paths suitable for children, otherwise you can move at an altitude facilitated by the ski lifts active even in summer which allow you to comfortably reach the best viewpoints without too much effort.
For the more enterprising there is no shortage of opportunities thanks to mountain bike tours among the most demanding in Europe.

Cavalese and Predazzo - Val di Fiemme - Trentino

In Trentino there are many tourist locations suitable for families, the less impervious territory and a tourist economy ensure in many areas the necessary services for a comfortable holiday. We have chosen to recommend Val di Fiemme, especially the centers of Cavalese and Predazzo which are the largest in the entire valley.
The essential services are guaranteed by these two large inhabited centers that are also a reference point for the valleys further north, the unspoiled nature is all around with the wild Lagorai chain or the woods crossed by the sweet waters of the streams located in the heart of the Paneveggio Natural Park.
There is no shortage of hiking opportunities and there are many places to rest in the middle of nature without any disturbance and away from the frenzy of modern life.

Asiago - Veneto

Further east, in the Veneto region, we find the Asiago Plateau and the center that gives it its name. Asiago is preceded by its history, the First World War found its main stage here and the bruises of violence and devastation have marked the territory and the memory of those who live there. Here Nature meets history and while walking among the mountain pastures surrounded by greenery you can find observation points and trenches from the Great War still present as evidence of the past. Asiago is today a large, modern and fascinating tourist centre, which perfectly combines a fun-filled historic center with the uncontaminated nature of the area. Numerous summer events and numerous nature excursions interspersed with food and wine curtains among the refuges and huts where local specialties are served with local zero-mile products.

In the mountains, but with the right equipment

We have shown you what in our experience they are some of the best destinations to spend your summer holidays in the mountains, we have selected them in such a way as to offer the greatest number of services and comforts possible for the family.
But we will never tire of saying that the mountain is the mountain, however fascinating it must be respected and never underestimated even in developed tourist centers, the weather conditions change quickly and the territory, however sweet, is certainly not like the center of our cities. That's why whatever destination you choose it is important to have the right equipment, the right equipment. A backpack with everything you need for a hike and good hiking shoes. Too many times tourists tackle the mountain trails with simple sneakers putting their health at risk, that's why we recommend buying a pair of suitable shoes with the right structure and the right support for the feet.

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Numerous proposals can be found online, for example on Zalando you can find a wide choice ranging from comfortable low trekking shoes for less arduous paths to the classic mountain boot with which you can tackle any type of path while keeping your foot and ankle protected.
Alternatively we advise you Athlete, spread throughout the Italian territory, its shops specialize in mountain equipment both in winter and in summer. There you can find a wide selection of mountain shoes with the possibility to try them on directly.

The important thing is to remember that the mountain is not good or bad, the mountain has its rules and if we respect them our holiday will be perfect and you will return home completely regenerated by the peace and nature that only these places can offer!

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