Trekking strollers

Trekking strollers

Passing on a love of the outdoors to your children is every hiker's desire. Unfortunately on long and perhaps difficult stretches, any stroller would end up being impracticable and endanger children and parents.

This is why they exist models designed specifically for trekking, built with mountain-proof technical specifications. You have to consider several factors in order to choose the product that best suits your needs.

Weight :

Il frame of trekking strollers it is quite heavy, to ensure greater stability on dirt and bumpy roads. Usually, however, the best models are able to guarantee high solidity without exceeding 10 kg, thus allowing you not to lose out in terms of handling.

As regards the capacity, these strollers can support up to a maximum of 15 kg (although some models go up to 22kg): therefore, they are used, on average, for children between six months and three years of age.

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The wheels

The mountain trekking strollers three wheels: usually the front wheel rotates 360°, while the rear wheels are fixed. This allows you to easily direct the stroller without losing stability.

The quality of the wheels is essential, as they will have to withstand considerable stress, while ensuring the comfort of the child and whoever pushes him. For this it is appropriate to opt for sturdy wheels, with quality shock absorbers.

Security systems

In the mountains, safety, as we know, is not an option, and this is even more true when traveling with children.

Le seat belts they must be adjustable, so as to be able to contain the young passenger without forcing him. There are models that have adjustable belts in five points, for an almost perfect adherence.

Another factor to take into maximum consideration when choosing a stroller for trekking is the brake. A brake which must be of high quality, designed to withstand any sudden braking, with pedal parking.

For the more apprehensive parents, a highly recommended option is the emergency bracelet. To be worn around the wrist like any bracelet, it is connected to the frame in order to prevent any bad experiences in case the stroller gets out of hand during a steeper section. You will thus be able to enjoy your excursion without fear of an accident.

Comfort for children and parents

To guarantee your child a pleasant crossing through mountain paths and hiking trails, it is advisable to choose a stroller with a reclining backrest, in order to satisfy the postural needs of the child. For absolute comfort, it is possible to find trekking strollers with platforms on the market adjustable footrests, perfectly adaptable to the height of the child.

Since long hikes involve more exposure to the sun, the stroller hood should provide good protection against UV rays.

Since your stroller will tend to get dirty more easily than on a simple city walk, we recommend the removable hoods.

These can be simply washed in the washing machine, to be perfect for the next excursion. To avoid unsightly streaks, prefer dark colors.

In terms of comfort, it should be remembered that the better the shock absorber bearings mounted by the wheels of the stroller, the fewer jolts the young passenger will experience. Even the stroller seat can help make the walk pleasant, if it has shock-absorbing sections, able to mitigate the discomfort caused by the strongest jolts.

Una ergonomic seat it is essential for longer excursions, which could put a strain on your child's resistance.

However, the trekking stroller must also be comfortable for those who carry it, in order to make maneuvers easier and also allow parents to enjoy the outing in complete freedom.

A glovebox is essential: the hiker must have everything absolutely necessary for the child at hand, without having to rummage inside the rucksack.

It is also advisable to choose a trekking stroller with adjustable handle, to adapt to the height of the person carrying it: this precaution will allow the pushchair to be directed without difficulty and to be pushed with the minimum possible effort.

One last aspect to consider when choosing a comfortable stroller is how easy it is to transport. This does not only depend on the overall weight of the object but also on the locking system. The stroller should be easy to open and close: some models allow you to carry out these operations with just one hand.

Before purchasing, you should also evaluate the volume that presents the stroller once closed, in order to be sure that it can fit without problems in the trunk, already occupied by bulky backpacks and supplies.

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