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Tyrol is a region with a long history and famous geography. Home to diverse cultures and traditions, it is home to many valleys among numerous rivers, and the mountains within which these valleys are enclosed make each landscape a spectacle in its own right.

Among the valleys, the Zillertal certainly stands out, where the Ziller river flows and is nestled between the Zillertal Alps, Kitzbühel and the Tux Pre-Alps.

An area suitable for almost any type of stay, from adventurous and hiking to complete relaxation, up to the most classic of family holidays with games and culinary tours, the mountain resort offers frighteningly large numbers for enthusiasts: 1200km of bike routes, 150 shelters, 1400 km of trekking routes of all levels ... the perennial glaciers over 3000 meters of the mountains are after all completely walkable and the breathtaking spectacle included cannot but convince even the least sporty of tourists to take a couple of hours to take two steps.

Sports, but not only

Mayrhofen and its facilities offer a truly special stay. From the uniqueness of the town, to the search for culinary refinement in the hotel facilities, up to the breweries and SPAs complete with every comfort, spending the time between a visit to one glacier and another can be truly unforgettable.

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One of the most folkloric events in the Alps and recently Unesco heritage is represented by the Gauder Fest, an occasion in which the local breweries also produce special versions of beer. An unmissable event for visitors during the first weekend of May.

Furthermore, with regard to glaciers, Hintertux is one of the few glaciers where a natural ice palace has been built inside, which can be completely visited and where there is even a glacial lake.
Among other things, the refuges at high altitudes are not simply a stop between one walk and another, but in turn represent real attractions in which to taste typical dishes - such as Strudel - and where to admire the landscapes , rest and enjoy an extremely comfortable mountain experience while admiring the natural beauty of the Alps.

A typical day in Zillertal

zillertal summer

You may be wondering “so what should I do to fully enjoy my vacation?” and the answer is simple, although it is only one of many: take a bus or a car to Schlegeisspeicher and then begin the walk to the nearest refuge, admiring the incredible landscapes of the valley.

Once you arrive at the refuge, enjoy your meal and rest in the warmth of historic structures and then leave to visit a glacier, or return to the city to enjoy the picturesque Mayrhofen, perhaps visit a SPA and enjoy the tranquility of the place.

It is not enough? The Schleierwasserfall waterfall is the highest in the area and can be described by imagining the real counterpart of the mythological painted waterfall ponds where nymphs loved to bathe. Getting there requires a moderate walk, as most of the route is viable by public transport.

If the doubt as to whether there is enough to do still remains, the presence of glaciers means that one can devote oneself to skiing or snowboarding activities even in summer. The possibility of skiing in the middle of July, after all, is not exactly common to all mountain areas.

Breathtaking panorama

We have already said how venturing out in search of the most picturesque refuges among the Alps can make you enjoy breathtaking landscapes, especially if aboard one of the modern cable cars, which can save you the effort and allow you to completely immerse yourself in the beauty of the panorama.

The strength of the Zillertal lies precisely in the fact that this is just one of the many ways to enjoy your holiday: the Aerial Forest Park is in fact one of the many impervious woods to explore and, in the specific case of the Aerial, characterized by a series of very intricate routes equipped with ziplines, rope bridges, ropes and much more. An unforgettable experience for a family looking for adventure and physical challenge, and a real endurance race for smaller groups.

Much can still be said about what the Zillertal hides: the “Arena Coaster”, an attraction very similar to the roller coaster of an amusement park… but made with a sled and among the snow mountains! Near Zell am Ziller, the Arena Coaster is another test of courage for thrill seekers and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to admire the wonderful landscapes of the Zillertal valley.

Generally speaking, the Zillertal Arena is a bit of a large mountain playground: with panoramic cableways, cable cars, ski slopes, even "Photopoints" where you can take picturesque souvenir photos, the activities of these structures in the area are extremely varied. but above all well-conceived.

What makes your stay in Zillertal truly unique, in fact, is the variety of attractions, but also of activities that you can face. One of the most particular is probably the visit to the ancient gold mines, able to revive the history of gold mining within the mountains, specifically the Hainzenberg, which offers not only guides and a tour of two hours inside the mine, but they set themselves the goal of reviving the stories of the gold miners, the life they led and perhaps, in fact, the terror inherent in descending too dangerous depths, in search of the precious metal.

Holidays: long, short, permanent?

It is easy to understand how exploring all the alpine areas, visiting every refuge and seeing every ravine of Mayrhofen or Tux can certainly take a longer period of time than the classic short holiday of a few days. So, is the Zillertal also equipped for longer holidays?

Undoubtedly yes. Being able to choose between more than three hundred hotels in Mayrhofen alone and an equal number scattered between Tux, Zell am Ziller and Finkenberg, there is the possibility of finding precisely the structure that best suits your tastes, from the folkloristic hotel with wooden terraces, cabin style , to the very modern complex complete with every comfort.

All this, without obviously missing the possibility of a possible overnight stay in a B&B, or a guesthouse, capable of offering not only a comfortable place, but a real "Austrian experience", with traditional dishes, breakfasts and generally more homely environments , without failing in professionalism.

The Zillertal and its people are also extremely welcoming and are very proud of their culinary tradition and their historic beers. Therefore, as mentioned above, it will not be difficult to find the most suitable place to eat: from the most refined and gourmet restaurant with a refined dish, to the most traditional restaurant or even to the refreshment of a pension, with tradition ruling over every other necessity.

The Zillertal is a truly picturesque land and, although it is very well equipped for the tourism it welcomes every year, traditionality still does not abandon the historical places. For those looking for a more "intimate" experience, therefore, avoiding the tourist chaos is entirely possible, as long as you know where to look and what to find.

For large families, or simply for those looking for the comfort of their own apartment for longer stays, however, it is obviously possible to find numerous holiday homes, with very varied price ranges and located throughout the territory. A choice that could therefore satisfy all temporal and space needs and undoubtedly guarantee a stay that is as relaxing as possible for everyone.

Zillertal: a land to be discovered again and again

It is easy, once the beauties and possibilities of this incredible mountainous region have been presented, to understand that the Zillertal represents a continuous surprise, a territory to visit and explore continuously and with different eyes from time to time: from the mountain tourist resort, to the site skiing, to the immense natural park with incredible fauna and flora, up to its folkloristic festivals, its most typical customs.

The Zillertal valley is a natural masterpiece and combined with the history to discover, the activities to be carried out and personal curiosity, you just have to choose which adventures to live and carry forever with you.

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