Mountain Yoga

Mountain Yoga

THEsummer it is the favorite season for those who enjoy outdoor activity and exercise to keep themselves healthy and lead one healthy lifestyle.

The laughing days gilded by the sun and the favorable temperatures tempt the most active lovers of well-being to leave the home and the laziness of the colder months to rediscover contact with nature while practicing good movement.

One activity, among all, particularly popular, according to the trends of recent years, is it Yoga.

The beneficial effects of this discipline of oriental origin they are well known, and very appreciated for the widespread sensation of well-being that they give to the whole body.

Yoga, in fact, acts on several levels: not only tones the muscles and improves breathing, but also allows you to deepen the contact with the surrounding environment, with oneself and, consequently, with find your own harmony inner and own mental balance.

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In short, it is a beneficial activity at 360 degrees, which is good for body and mind and it is ideal for fighting stress, both in terms of physical fatigue and overload of thoughts and worries.

To frame this practice, then, what could be better than the mountain? Always thehigh altitude represents the perfect place to free and strengthen the spirit, restore the link with the earth and learn to appreciate the sense of freedom that boundless spaces and wonderful views that fill the eyes offer the most stubborn visitors.

The climb to the top is the metaphor of a path of inner conquest, tranquility and self-awareness.

Yoga has exactly the same power, and hence the choice of mountain exponentially elevates this effect. We will see more in detail below because summer mountains and yoga are a winning couple, and some useful advice will be given to fully exploit the potential of this activity.

Yoga in the mountains: all the benefits

boy doing yoga in the mountains

As mentioned above, yoga is a very ancient discipline, born in India and now widespread all over the world.

This success is due to multiple benefits for physical and psychological health: there are numerous studies that demonstrate its positive effects on increasing well-being on these two fronts.

Furthermore, yoga is easily practicable by anyone: without strenuous aerobic exercises, its positions are perfect allies to strengthen the body and increase its elasticity and flexibility, and are suitable for people of all ages, whatever their physical condition, without being a particular type of training is required.

The mountain is certainly the context that best suits the practice of yoga, for several reasons. First of all, theclean Air of high altitudes intensifies the restorative effects of a breathing-based activity, just like yoga.

In pleasant temperatures in summer that you meet up in altitude will make physical exercise less tiring, something you risk running into, however, by carrying out activities in the metropolitan area.

THEabsence of pollution, both atmospheric and acoustic and luminous, it is a real panacea for the health of those accustomed to the frenetic pace of everyday city life, marked by rigid working rhythms and tight schedules that can easily lead to conditions of psychophysical stress.

From this point of view, the mountain represents a world of its own, dominated by natural rhythms of the succession of life and the blossoming of nature, not that determined by the commitments and duties of every day.

The silence interrupted only by sounds of nature it is precious for resting your hearing and helping your body to listen to yourself, and to find your own biological rhythm.

The gaze, on the other hand, can get lost among the vast expanses of the slopes illuminated by the sun, making the outdoor yoga experience even more enjoyable and relaxing.

Useful tips for organizing a vacation

meditation in the mountains

Now some practical advice will be indicated to better orientate yourself in organizing this activity.

The first essential thing to know is that practicing yoga in the mountains it is also possible for those who are not experienced in this area, are beginners or even a novice.

In fact, some holidays specifically for those who want to dedicate themselves to the regeneration of body and mind, with the option of being able to attend courses suitable for different levels, whether they are experienced participants or beginners, which unfold in lessons held by experienced teachers.

Not only that, some experiences are designed to be particularly immersive, real ones yoga retreats in nature. Before booking, it is advisable to check that the proposed price is consistent and appropriate to the offer.

In this regard, it is also important to carefully choose the destination, evaluating between different alternatives and then select the one that most seems to respond to your personal preferences.

In fact, each destination offers a range of other activities to choose from, from trekking to guided excursions, up to rafting or birdwatching.

Everyone can opt for the location that best suits their interests, in order to fit them with yoga classes. Below are some examples of the most popular Italian destinations for those who want to practice yoga in the mountains in the summer.

Yoga where to go: the best places in the Italian mountains

yoga at the lake of Fusine

If you think of the Italian mountains, your mind immediately runs to Trentino, to the slopes of its mountains dotted with luxuriant woods, to the valleys that guard precious and ancient villages, and above all to the numerous lakes surrounded by that aura of mystery that makes them magical.

In this region there is truly spoiled for choice, between enchanting landscapes and the possibility of practicing the most varied activities.

The queens of Trentino, which also crosses other regions of northern Italy, are undoubtedly the Dolomites, with their characteristic charm that has made them famous throughout the world.

For lovers of outdoor exercise they are a particularly popular destination, and for the practice of yoga certainly give an extra gear, framing it in a magnificent setting.

Not only Trentino and the Dolomites, however: also the rugged beauty of the peaks of the Aosta Valley Alps, with its picturesque landscapes, it is very attractive for those looking the high altitude to regain your well-being.

The offer is really wide also in this case, and as regards the accommodation you can choose between the proposals of various hotels, agritourisms and chalets. There Valle d'Aosta, in short, it presents itself as a valid choice both for those looking for one holiday of relaxation and rapprochement with nature, both for those who prefer to be pampered by luxury and elegance.

Lombardy too presents itself as a candidate for a meditative vacation. Indeed, the proximity of its Alps to the cities of Milan, Bergamo, Brescia, Lecco and Como, is also suitable for those who prefer to spend only a weekend out of town.

Finally, for those who prefer the moderate heights and the colorful views of central Italy, it is advisable to consult the proposals that can be found along the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, which also includes various offers of yoga and meditation themed holidays.

Why choose the mountain to practice yoga

why yoga in the mountains on the lake

As we said, the practice of yoga brings countless benefits to the entire body, and not only: it is an activity capable of regenerating the body and mind at the same time, helping to relieve stress. Although it is possible to perform your yoga exercises anywhere, the mountain gives that added value that increases its effectiveness exponentially.

The tradition of yoga is based on listening to one's body through breathing practices (pranayana), concentration (dharama) and the execution of particular forms (asana). Precisely for this reason the results can be miraculous if the environment is appropriate, and no one like the mountain is more suitable for rediscovering the link with nature and contact with oneself.

The climb to reach the summit, in the collective imagination, represents the search for a spiritual elevation that is similar to that which oriental meditation practices aim for. For this reason, yoga and the mountains are an incredible combination to detoxify from the stress accumulated in everyday life and everyday fatigue and conquer your psychophysical well-being.

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