Valmorel in the summer (France) in the summer

Valmorel is a French tourist town located near Belluno in a place surrounded by nature, where forests and flowery meadows are the absolute protagonists. Valmorel extends over different altitudes ranging from a minimum of 1300 m asl to a maximum of 2400 m asl up to the Mottet Pass. The Black Horse dominates the city with its peak that reaches 2800 meters.
The village is connected to the municipality of Avanchers which is part of the community of the villages of the Aigueblanche Valleys and represents the first station you meet in Val Tarentaise in the Savoy district.
A real heritage for the Aigueblanche valleys, an immersion in the heart of the history of these places with its traditions, tales and legends that have passed through the generations of the villages of the Morel and Valmorel valley.

What to do and what to see in Valmorel

Valmorel is surrounded by a vast mountain area that offers many opportunities for recreation both to be experienced on the move through sports activities and as a simple moment of relaxation and psychophysical regeneration.
Among the places to visit there is the Vanoise National Park, a place of great importance as regards the protection of local flora and fauna. Its surface occupies an area of ​​over 54.000 hectares and the park has two protection areas in particular, a central one that represents the heart of the massif and is reserved for hikers and skiers, and a part that includes the periphery of the park in which they are grouped together famous ski resorts such as that of Tarantaise as well as several characteristic mountain villages. The grandiose and unspoiled landscape of the Vanoise massif includes more than 100 peaks that exceed 3.000 meters in height and leave you speechless. Mountain trekking enthusiasts can find a lot of satisfaction in the routes present in this area.

Speaking of trekking, we cannot avoid mentioning Meribel, a location perfectly integrated into the mountainous setting that surrounds it and presents itself in all its picturesque soul thanks to the enchanting chalets and wooden houses typical of the place with balconies decorated with colorful flowers. . A place that gives a feeling of harmony and peace, located between the and Vallées is the perfect place to walk on different paths all to be discovered by immersing yourself in unspoiled nature.
Summer is the ideal time to travel the routes that from Meribel cross the Vanoise National Park, a popular destination for walkers.

A return to the Middle Ages with the village of Conflans, located on the hills of Albertville, is an ancient town to visit by admiring, in addition to the alleys and houses dating back to the medieval era, the Grande Piazza Fiorita with the fountain in the center. Also worth seeing is the Maison Rouge, or Red House, a brick building that dates back to the fourteenth century and is now the seat of the Museum of Ethnography and History. Passing through the main street, you have to pay attention to the ancient houses with their facades decorated with signs made of hand-wrought iron, according to ancient traditions, by local artisans. Do not forget the beautiful Baroque church enriched by a beautiful garden protected by the Sarrazine Tower.

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In Valmorel there is a climbing center where courses for beginners are held as well as routes with climbing at various levels, via ferratas, fixed ropes and climbing organized with an expert guide that allows you to have fun in safety. Other sporting activities to be carried out in the area are badminton, horse riding, kayaking, mountaineering, Nordic wlaking, paragliding, sailing, squash, tennis and surfing and golf on 9 or 18 hole courses.
During the summer the ski lifts are active both on foot and by mountain bike and equipment is available to rent on site such as: bicycles or mountain bikes, boats, canoes, kayaks and fishing equipment to allow everyone to have fun playing your own sporting activity or to try new ones even just during the holiday without having to bring or buy anything.

Summer in Valmorel is truly an engaging and exciting experience. You can't get bored unless you want to. From June to September life in the villages between valleys and mountains comes alive with local events that brighten up the days and evenings of guests. But sporting activities are the center of attention for those who arrive in the Savoie department with the intention of having fun and putting themselves to the test. A leap into the void? Yes you can do with Bungee Junping, a jump yes, but in complete safety and assisted by the best professionals in the sector. Canyoning is ideal for those who love Indiana Jones-style adventures, crossing mountains and rocks, diving into streams and tackling rapids, an experience to be enjoyed immersed in nature. Flying with golden eagles on board a paraglider, a unique and exciting panoramic view of the valley and mountains. Even those who have never tried paragliding will be able to do it in tandem with such experts, there will be photos and videos to remember. Crossing the rapids with a dinghy: here's rafting, another sport with a high adrenaline rush!

For those who love more classic and down-to-earth sports there are beach volleyball, basketball, bowls, mini golf or paintball and track running fields. But that's not all, you can also go horseback riding, explore the depths of the subsoil by visiting the caves, skiing even in the summer or lying on the grass and sunbathing in total relaxation reading a good book.
After so much activity, what could be better than spending a few hours or a whole day at the spa. The treatments are to be chosen among the many offered for both adults and children. A clay or chocolate mask, an invigorating or relaxing massage, a hot bath in the hot tub or a dip in the indoor or outdoor pool, these are just the "difficult" decisions that you will have to make during the day dedicated to wellness. and to care for oneself.
This area includes spaces equipped for sunbathing and for the games of children who can have fun in a relaxing atmosphere but always in total safety.

Holidays in Valmorel

Holidays in Valmorel are dedicated to well-being and fun understood as carrying out your favorite sporting activity. The welcome is pleasant and attentive, the hotel facilities are not very many due to the small size of the village and the hamlets, but they are equipped with every comfort. Typical are the chalets in wood, stone and slate that enrich the landscape with the characteristic colors of these houses. An excellent accommodation is also offered by the B & Bs and by the possibility of renting an apartment in which to stay comfortably as at home. Different solutions for different needs.

A food and wine holiday in Valmorel is an exploration of the senses. Among the villages, meadows and mountain lakes grow the vineyards from which a particular and unique wine is produced. Wine tourism provides that during the excursions in nature you can experience special moments in the cellar of the winemaker with a wonderful view. You can cross the vineyards, taste the grapes used for the production of wine and finally visit the cellars where you can taste the nectars obtained through the ancient workings of the place. To accompany the good wine, appetizers and typical local dishes are served. These wineries also organize training and refresher courses for both individuals and groups or companies.

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