Pasubio valleys in summer

Valli del Pasubio

One of the most beautiful valleys in the Vicenza Pre-Alps is undoubtedly the Alta Val Leogra, crossed by the stream of the same name. It is here that the village of Valli del Pasubio, in the province of Vicenza, located right on the Provincial Road of Pasubio. Valli del Pasubio extends over an area ranging from 350 m. and the 2000 m. high and, in addition to the hundreds of districts, essentially has two fractions: S. Antonio del Pasubio and Staro.

The Venetian town was born from the union of the ancient villages of Valle dei Signori and Valle dei Conti, located respectively on the right and left banks of the Leogra stream.

Valli del Pasubio, which boasts a centuries-old Cimbrian culture and tradition, is located, from a geographical point of view, in a truly enviable position, a stone's throw from places such as Recoaro Terme, Trambileno and Rovereto. Let us not forget that this village has a past as a true border town: it was so both when it divided the Serenissima Republic of Venice and the Habsburg Empire, and when it marked the border, for 52 months, between the Kingdom of Italy and the Austro-Hungarian Empire at the time of the First World War.

Summer in Valli del Pasubio

Valli del Pasubio is located in the heart of the Upper Leogra Valley and is literally surrounded by a sort of natural rocky crown, i.e. by the peaks of Small Dolomites. From the town you can in fact distinguish Monte Carega and the mountain group of Sengio Alto, as well as Pasubio which, having been the scene of many bloody battles during the Great War, is considered the sacred mountain of Italy.

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The summer is the perfect season to take a holiday in Valli del Pasubio, enjoying a pleasant climate and clean air that invites you to do sports and outdoor activities.

For example, lovers of climbing they can reach the 300 m high east face of Mount Baffelan, considered a true paradise for all free-climber enthusiasts. Then there is the Piccole Dolomiti Rock Gym, reachable from Passo Pian delle Fugazze: walk towards the Pasubio Ossuary and continue on the Strada del Re towards Passo Campogrosso, thus following the signs until you reach this fantastic crag equipped at the foot of Monte Cornetto, at a height of 1300 m. There are various routes of different degrees of difficulty, therefore suitable for beginners as well as the more experienced.

Unforgettable events can then be organized from Valle del Pasubio excursions among beech, maple, chestnut and hornbeam woods, on foot, but also on horseback or by mountain bike.

Walking through the streets of Valli del Pasubio you meet numerous buildings of worship, from the 800th century Church of the Virgin Mary to the 400th century Church of San Carlo in the Savena district up to the Church of Santa Gertrude, a typical XNUMXth century mountain building located in the Carega district.

Wandering through the hamlets of Valli del Pasubio, you come across numerous springs, which justify the nickname of the village as “Village of Mineral Waters”: there are the Fonte Reale at 494 m. high, on the northern slope of Monte Rosario, the Fonte Virgiliana at 630 m. high in the heart of Valle della Retta, the Fonte Jolanda dedicated to Jolanda di Savoia and located in the Valle dei Mori and the Fonte Regina, named after Queen Margherita herself who stayed in Staro at the Albergo Alpino.

In the center of Valli di Pasubio, between wooden and stone houses, is the Museum of Ancient Crafts, inside what was the old theater of the Parish of San Sebastiano. Every utensil and implement conserved here evokes trades now almost completely forgotten, from the shoemaker to the blacksmith, from the cheesemaker to the butcher up to the carpenter, the vinedresser and the woodcutter.

From the hamlet of Sant'Antonio del Pasubio, walking towards Passo Pian delle Fugazze, you come across the Fort Maso, built on the ancient border between the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Kingdom of Italy, to dominate the underlying Val Leogra at the same time. Although it was built in times of war, it was in fact located far from the front line and was in fact used essentially for the packaging and storage of weapons and ordnance, as well as as an observation turret.

Passing instead the San Rocco bridge, from the center of Valli del Pasubio, you find the Path of Water which allows you to reach, along the course of the river Leogra, the Venetian sawmill. This building, owned by the Miola family since 1862, has a name that refers to the presence of ancient tools, used to cut wooden logs, owned by the Serenissima Republic of Venice and apparently designed by the great Leonardo da Vinci .

Not to be missed, especially in summer, is a visit to the San Marco Botanical Garden, located near a small church named after the same holy evangelist. It can be reached from the Pian delle Fugazze Pass (you can park your car at the Balasso Refuge) and covers an area of ​​no less than 10.000 m²: here plants and vegetable species typical of the Small Dolomites and of the Venetian Prealps in general are grown, but they are also environments such as the mountain meadow, the wetland and the beech forest have been reconstructed.

There are many places that it is a must to visit in Valli del Pasubio and in general in the Little Dolomites and one of these is the Sacello Ossuary of Pasubio, an important military shrine built to honor the memory of the fallen of the First World War, many of whom are unknown.

It all started with a small chapel built in honor of the fallen of Caporetto, and then expanded and welcomed the dead soldiers, especially on the sacred mountain Pasubio, during the Great War.

The Shrine also includes the unmissable Museum of the First Army where you take a real journey back in the saddest history of Italy, with the presence of a diorama that reproduces the war positions on the Pasubio, complete with a geo-referenced laser which, illuminating 30 points, narrates the various events related to them.

What to do and what to see

The excursions allow you to get to know a mountain resort such as Valli del Pasubio better, especially in summer when there is no snow and does not prevent the passage to places otherwise more difficult to reach.

Famous is for example the Strada delle 52 Gallery, built to allow the First Line to receive all the necessary supplies from the Italian rear. It was built in just a few months in 1917 and connects Bocchetta Campiglia to the Porte del Pasubio: along the 6,5 km you come across steep rock faces, overhangs but above all 52 tunnels, which bear the names of soldiers or specific army departments: the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele III is the longest, 320 m., with 4 tight hairpin bends that rise vertically in a spiral.

Taking the Strada delle 52 Gallerie today means walking on path no. 366, until you reach the Achille Papa refuge at 1928 m. high, a step away from the summit of Monte Pasubio.

Very important from a historical point of view is also the Road of Heroes which instead starts from the Havet Gallery and, in just 2 km, arrives at the Achille Papa Refuge. On the path, along which there are 11 galleries, you can see the plaques dedicated to those who have been awarded the Medal of Gold for Military Valor for their heroic deeds during the First World War.

Holidays in Valli del Pasubio

Valli del Pasubio, with its hamlets and numerous districts, is a village that deserves to be visited in every hidden corner.

Many excursions start from Valli del Pasubio which you cannot fail to undertake if you want to get to know the nature and history that surround and cloak this corner of the Veneto: obviously not to mention that many excursion destinations are also far from the centre, requiring more time available .

Like any self-respecting holiday, it is always necessary to have a good dose of relaxation and fun, without constantly wandering around all day. Well, in summer Valli del Pasubio gladdens citizens and travelers with the traditional Sagra della Soppressa De.Co: it takes place in August, with inevitable tastings, the awarding of the best soppressa of Valli del Pasubio, dances and music.

This typical cured meat, which can also be eaten in a good sandwich during a picnic on the Pastures of the Little Dolomites, is just one of the many typical delicacies that can be savored in Valli del Pasubio and its surroundings. Do not miss the gnocchi topped with ricotta fiorita (typical of the nearby Recoaro Terme), the polenta, the bigoli, the morsels of venison alla boscaiolo and the panà soup.

From the accommodation point of view, in Valli del Pasubio there is certainly no shortage of facilities for a comfortable and full of comfort stay. In fact, there are hotels, family-run pensions, farmhouses surrounded by nature, B&Bs and holiday homes.

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