Champorcher valley in summer

Champorcher Valley

Despite being one of the smallest regions, Valle d'Aosta boasts a truly remarkable naturalistic and historical heritage: on its territory there are botanical parks, nature reserves, the "Gran Paradiso National Park" and the "Mont Avic Natural Park". In the shadow of Mont Blanc, the Matterhorn and Monte Rosa, then the Via Francigena rises, the remains of Roman rule and splendid castles.

These are the ingredients that make the Champorcher Valley a summer holiday destination that will satisfy nature lovers, history lovers, sports enthusiasts and those in search of tranquillity.

La Champorcher Valley stands at approx 1400 meters high, borders the Cogne Valley and is part of the hydrographic basin of the Dora Baltea river: it is crossed by the Ayasse and some of the most enchanting peaks of the Aosta Valley soar over its territory, from Bec Cocor to Rosa dei Banchi which dominates from its 3163 meters of height Lake Misérin up to Mont Glacier, the highest in the valley given its 3185m height.

What to do and what to see

If in winter the Champorcher Valley, part of the ski area of ​​the same name, is a destination for skiers and winter sports enthusiasts, in summer the valley becomes a real explosion of life and colours, to be experienced in contact with the most pristine and wild nature.

It is impossible to get bored in the Champorcher Valley, between excursions, sports and walks: for example, you can relax at the Ayasse stream fencing say to fish brown trout or try your hand at kayak and tackle rapids, narrow gorges and long chutes in the challenging Pontboset stretch.

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Then there are opportunities for lovers of nordic walking and rock climbing, given the presence of the attractive walls of Plaques of Oriana, of Monte Charvatton and of the Vallone delle Lisette.

The Champorcher Valley, as a naturalistic jewel that it is, is then perfect to be explored horse ridingin mountain bike (there are panoramic routes that depart from the town of Laris which can be reached by cable car) or a foot.

In this regard, there are demanding paths at high altitudes and others that are more accessible even to families with children: the landscapes are in any case spectacular, between mountains, streams, alpine lakes and forests such as those of beech, larch and Scotch pine that cover a large part of the “Mont Avic Natural Park”.

Worth a visit is the village of Hone because of the Church of San Giorgio, which houses a wooden pulpit from the 800th century in whose panels the legend of St. George is narrated and, clearly visible under the glass floor, the remains of three previous places of worship.

From Hône, via a panoramic mule track, you can reach the locality of Pourcil where there is a fountain and a small chapel, while just 2 km away is Bard: the village stands at the narrowest point of the Champorcher Valley and its historic centre, full of elegant XNUMXth and XNUMXth century houses, is dominated by the Forte di Bardi.

The imposing fortress, now home to the "Museum of the Alps" and also reachable via panoramic lifts, was built as a defensive bulwark and dominates the ancient Roman road of Galllie. To see absolutely then the neolithic rock carvings in Archaeological site and the impressive cavities of Giants' pots, excavated by the waters of the glacier that once stood in the Dora Baltea valley.

The other village in the Champorcher Valley is Pontboset, famous for its medieval stone bridges built in Romanesque style in the eighteenth century: they can all be visited during a walk that crosses three streams and among the most beautiful is the Vaseras Bridge and Bozet bridge donkey back. A paved mule track starts from Pontboset and reaches the spectacular Sanctuary of Retempio, with the peaks of the Matterhorn and Monte Rosa in the background.

From the village of champorcher, where they are worth a visit Crenellated tower of the thirteenth century el'"Ecomuseum of the Culture of Hemp Processing" in Chardonney, you can then reach the Lake of Miserin, in whose turquoise waters the Bec Costazza and the Rosa dei Banchi are reflected. On the shores of the lake, located at an altitude of 2583 m, stands the Shrine of Notre Dame des Neiges: also here on August 4th an evening procession takes place which starts from the Parish Church of Champorcher.

Then along the first stretch of theHigh Route n.2, in the heart of the Champorcher area, can be reached dondena, a basin that became a hunting reserve with Vittorio Emanuele II. From Dondena various paths branch off towards the lakes of Mont Avic and great lake or, for the more experienced, del With Fenêtre or of the summit of Mont Glacier.

Holidays in the Champorcher Valley

Given the important naturalistic and historical heritage of the Valle di Valle di Champorcher, a week would not be enough to explore it all, including excursions in nature breathing deeply the clean mountain air, sports activities and hours of relaxation strolling through the pretty villages of the valley, perhaps participating in the festivals that are part of the cultural baggage of the place.

THEaccommodation offer it is also complete and allows you to organize a summer holiday in the Champorcher Valley, satisfying every minimum need. Among B&Bs, hotels, apartments and farmhouses, you can find the most suitable solutions for sportsmen and women, complete with menus and services dedicated to them, for families with small children who need suitable spaces and also for disabled people.

You can even stay overnight in the refuges in Dondena, Petit Mont Blanc and Laris, experiencing a rural holiday where you can get to know and taste the local short-chain products, from Arnaud's Lard to DOP fontina cheese, from malga butter to rye bread up to the motzetta.

Champorcher Valley summer holidays

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