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Valle di Casies is a municipality located in northern Italy, in the Trentino Alto Adige region.
In particular, it is part of South Tyrol, it is a municipality in the autonomous province of Bolzano, from which it is about 70 km to the north.
It is located on the border with Austria, in particular with the Austrian Defreggental.
The Valle di Casies is located between the Vedrette di Ries-Aurina group and bordered to the north by the Defreggental Alps.

It extends for about 18 km and reaches the town of Santa Maddalena on the plain. Characterized by a breathtaking landscape, with an idyllic atmosphere and unspoiled nature, the valley attracts every day more and more tourists, sportsmen and families who wish to spend a holiday in tranquility and in contact with nature.

What to do in Valle di Casies

The Valle di Casies is characterized by pleasant flat areas, gentle hills and slopes covered by woods and is surrounded by the majestic mountains that frame it.
There are many paths that allow you to discover every glimpse of the valley, with points of interest and particularly enchanting views.

For a route suitable for families and for people who want easy walks, you can start from Malga Talschlusshütte, located in the locality of Santa Maddalena and walk to the Malga Kradorfer Alm, passing through Malga Messnerhütte and the Malga Pidigalm. The route is particularly pleasant, as you will be walking among woods rich in vegetation and green and flowery meadows. The road is mostly flat and for this reason it is also suitable for small children.
The walk has a distance of about 6 km to get from Malga Talschlusshütte to Malga Kradorfer Alm, therefore overall about 2 hours of walking. But it will also be possible to stop at a previous stage and retrace the same road for the return.
Or you will have the opportunity to stop in a meadow to have a nice picnic.

A medium difficulty route that you can walk through this valley is the one that starts from the town center of San Martino.
Walking towards the power plant you will reach Cornetto, a peak of around 2120 m, which offers a view particularly appreciated by tourists, who can admire the entire Casies Valley, framed by the Dolomite complex.
From here you can decide to extend the route up to Mount Quaira, at 2500 meters, continuing towards the Forcella Pfinnscharte, at about 2400 meters, reaching the Malga Kapairealm.
Overall, this path includes one walk of about 6 hours, traveling almost 17 km immersed in nature.

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An ideal walk for enthusiasts and sports enthusiasts with training has as its destination the summit of Corno Fana di Casies.
The walk starts with Casies, at the foot of the valley, to reach the top of Corno Fana, which has an altitude of about 2800 meters. The route, which passes through paths with slopes and covered with woods and vegetation, is almost 14 km long, which can therefore be covered in about 5 hours of walking.

A path, even slightly more demanding, is the one starting from the town of San Martino in Casies leads to Körlspitze, peak which has an altitude of about 2600 meters.
Passing through paths and woods, you will come across two huts along the way, where you can possibly make a stop: Außerhütten hut and Randlhütte hut.
The route provides almost 20 kilometers of walking, for a total of about 6 and a half hours.
For a less demanding and longer walk you can limit yourself to reaching the Hochstein mountain, which is located at about 2400 meters, or just continue to Körlspitze, about 200 meters above sea level.

For mountain bike lovers, a cycle path was built which, starting from the town of Monguelfo, allows you to reach the end of Val Casies.
Overall it is 40 kilometers long and has a slope which makes it suitable for those who have a minimum of training.
Following it entirely, you will arrive at the hut at the bottom of the Santa Maddalena valley, while it will also be possible to limit yourself to minor stretches.
The route crosses meadows, woods and scenic roads, where the view of the mountains will repay you for the effort.

For animal lovers and in particular for children and teenagers, there is a squirrel path, called Eichhörnchenweg, which leads from the hut at the bottom of the valley to the Kradorfer hut.
Here, for a distance of 1 km, you will find the relevant signs and along the way you will find numerous specimens of squirrels, which run through the paths in search of some acorns.
In the Valle di Casies there is also a riding school, which organizes group walks and also specific routes for children riding splendid Haflingers.
There is also a Reierhof wildlife park, where you can get in touch and admire numerous animal species that are free in nature and more than 100 farm animals.

Holidays in Val di Casies in summer

Val di Casies is one of the main destinations in Trentino Alto Adige, of greatest interest for tourists, families and mountain trekking enthusiasts among the splendid Dolomites.
Each location in the Valley is well served by all the services necessary for a peaceful holiday: accommodation, restaurants, bars and means of transport.

It will be possible to stay here by booking a hotel, there are many structures that offer solutions for different price ranges and also packages for families or groups. Some offer additional services, such as swimming pools, spas and finally the possibility of organizing excursions in the mountains with expert mountain guides in the area.
In the area there are also many residences, holiday homes and private apartments, which can be rented. Usually an overnight stay is required for at least a week, but you will certainly also find a solution for short holidays, of just one weekend.
The apartments, holiday homes and residences are also available for longer periods, such as for a full month or the entire summer season.
You can also opt for a holiday completely immersed in nature, staying overnight in a hut. In fact, some refuges-huts rent some rooms, even for a few nights to offer you the possibility of sleeping in a quiet environment dominated by nature. The huts are all made of wood, with typical mountain furniture, so you can truly breathe the atmosphere of an alpine life.
If you have pets, such as dogs, here you will be able to spend a peaceful holiday with them too. You can walk in the company of your dogs along paths that are also suitable for their needs. In fact, there are many structures that accept animals.

There is no shortage of catering services, there are many restaurants and bars where you can taste the typical culinary specialties of the area: crispy bread, speck, cheese, strudel and a wide selection of wines.

To taste the real traditional recipes, we advise you to make a stop during your walks in one of the mountain huts that you will meet along the way, where usually the family that runs the hut will host you by offering typical dishes.

A holiday in Valle di Casies is suitable for all types of holidays: for families, who will be able to enjoy some time in contact with nature to let young children and adolescents discover the beauty of the mountains.
It is also suitable for couple holidays, group holidays and with friends, with whom to have fun by practicing sports and exploring the magnificent mountain trails.

Even the most sporty will love this area, where they will have the opportunity to venture along lesser-known paths, with walks lasting even several hours and of varying intensity. They can also engage in activities such as mountain biking, climbing, horse riding or trail running.

A holiday in Valle di Casies is perfect for a short weekend getaway or a long weekend to take a break from the hectic everyday life.
In addition, here you can choose to spend a holiday of a whole week or even several weeks, because there is no shortage of activities: you will always find paths, walks and activities to be discovered.
It is also an ideal place to move for the entire summer season.

Summer holidays Valle di Casies

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