Vanoi Valley in summer

Vanoi Valley

The Vanoi Valley, located in the greenest area of ​​Trentino, extends for over 125 square kilometers and is surrounded by the beautiful Lagorai chain and the granite complex of Cima d'Asta.

Furthermore, located at over 750 meters above sea level, the valley is home to about 1600 inhabitants and boasts one of the most evocative views in the whole of Trentino.
Ideal for spending a relaxing day or a cool summer holiday, the villages surrounding the valley are equipped with over 150 accommodation facilities of various types, including B & Bs, hotels, restaurants and shelters, which allow visitors to immerse themselves and fully enjoy of the beauties of the valley, especially in summer.

Among peaks that exceed 2000 meters in height, natural parks, equipped green areas, lakes, mountain rivers and spaces of unspoiled nature of all kinds, the Vanoi Valley proves to be the right destination both for families and for couples or groups of friends and hikers, looking for a holiday in total tranquility, in the name of health and vitality that only the mountains of Trentino can guarantee.

Little famous but very fascinating

The Vanoi Valley is located in the easternmost part of Trentino, and is surrounded by the Cismon valley, the municipalities of Lamon, Sovramonte and the Tesino plateau and the Val di Fiemme.

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To reach the valley, simply take the road tunnel at Togoda, that is the road that connects the Strada Statale 50 del Grappa to the Rolle Pass, or if you arrive from Castello Tesino, you can take the Provincial Road 79 of the Brocon Pass, or even from the Gobbera Pass. The panoramic roads of Imer and Gobbera give a direct view on the slopes, the woods and, above all, on the villages that make up the small hamlets of Ronco.

Wide woods, green areas, pastures, meadows, lakes and mountain villages: the Vanoi Valley lacks nothing to leave its visitors speechless.

The building of the villages in the valley also feeds its charm. In fact, huts, shelters, mountain huts and barns in stone or wood feed the rural profile, still partly linked to the past through the remains of the old tunnels of the copper, lead and silver mines that can still be traced between the slopes and the Valley.

In the Vanoi the most typical buildings are certainly the "tabi", used both as a stable and a barn, but also the "ritonda", that is an ancient hearth and, finally, the balconies used to store food in both summer and winter.

In practice, the Vanoi Valley preserves the wildest and most uncontaminated charm of the mountain, as it has preserved its extraordinary plant, animal and cultural heritage, so much so that it has earned the epithet of "Green Heart of Trentino".

Today the valley is part of the Paneveggio and Pale di San Martino Natural Park, and is home to thousands of plants, flowers and birds, making it the perfect destination for those looking for a natural botanical area where you can admire protected and rare species. interact in their natural habitat.

Furthermore, the ease with which it is possible to reach the valley and move between the various villages makes it the perfect tourist destination even for those who are at the first experiences with hiking or those who travel with family and small children.

What to visit in the surrounding area

The Vanoi valley is surrounded by many nature trails or rural villages that are easy to reach and can be visited both independently and with the help of guides.

Among the most famous there is certainly the Canal San Bovo. Located about 740 meters high, the village is close to the Lozen stream and boasts green meadows, full of farmhouses, tibis and barns.

Caoria is also one of the Alpine villages to see if you go on holiday to Vanoi. Gobbera, on the other hand, is a village that houses the remains of the church of San Silvestro and other typical rural buildings of Vanoi. Finally, the hamlets that make up the Ronco are small villages with beautiful panoramic terraces, such as those of Prade or that of Zortea, which overlooks the slope of the mountain.

The Vanoi Valley is also rivers, streams, streams and streams. In fact, as latitude increases, rainfall also increases, so once over a thousand meters, many streams of rainy nature develop along the Lagorai chain and the Vanoi Valley, which feed the Vanoi basin and flow into the Cismon, tracing paths and unmissable geological landscapes. Several rivers flow into the Vanoi basin, including the Brentella and the Boalon, but also the Lozen stream.

The Vanoi Valley is also rich in lakes, in fact, exceeding 1500 meters in height it is possible to reach and visit the five lakes of glacial origin of Monte Stelle delle Sute!

The lake most appreciated by visitors is undoubtedly the Calaita lake as it is a departure or arrival point for many naturalistic itineraries and paths that cross both the Vanoi and Lozen valleys. Fed thanks to the debris above, this lake is set in an area of ​​wild and uncontaminated nature, which makes the surrounding landscape even more subsequent.

In spring and summer, these magnificent locations are surrounded by greenery, so unspoiled nature reigns supreme, thus giving visitors a unique and inimitable experience of well-being and relaxation.

What to do and what to see

Unlike the other valleys of Trentino, which are better known to tourists and most visited, the Vanoi Valley has never lost the original, raw and wild charm of the mountain, preserving its natural landscapes intact. In fact, the absence of mass tourist flows helps Vanoi visitors to fully enjoy the beauties of the territory, touching the authenticity of this land and immersing themselves entirely not only in the greenery, but also in the local artistic-cultural heritage. .

In fact, the Vanoi Valley is a place full not only of natural beauty, but also of a lot of history and culture. In fact, in summer, various types of events open to the public are held, including the well-known Festa delle Brise, to involve tourists and bring them closer to the local tradition and the culinary heritage of the valley.

Canal San Bovo hosts, for example, the headquarters of the Ecomuseum, which organizes various types of outdoor activities or in the village for citizens and tourists. In fact, most of the cultural attractions of the Vanoi Valley are part of the local diffuse museum, whose goal is to enhance the peculiarities of the Vanoi Valley, the surrounding area, its history and tell visitors stories about the past of the mountains and of the former mines, without neglecting traditions and culture.

The Vanoi Valley also offers many activities to be carried out, perfect both for those looking for a summer holiday dedicated to sport and for those looking for more relaxing and green solutions.
In fact, among trekking routes, walks, cycle paths, events and museums, the Vanoi Valley adapts to the tastes and needs of all its visitors, managing to keep them always satisfied.

Visitors to the Vanoi Valley can also try the experience of staying inside the mountain huts and huts present in the various itineraries, which in fact can be reached both on foot and by mountain bike.
During the various routes, moreover, it will also be possible to see small scripts or historical re-enactments that tell visitors scenes from past life, including for example those of the First World War.

The Vanoi Valley is a territory with an inestimable natural and cultural heritage, which offers its visitors dream landscapes, tasty dishes and dishes, a wide cultural tradition and paths totally immersed in nature.

The green heart of Trentino, especially in summer, is a low-cost solution, suitable for couples, as well as families and groups of friends, who want to enjoy a holiday based on fresh mountain air, a little healthy rest, but also the possibility of following beautiful naturalistic itineraries in search of a contact with nature.

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