Mocheni Valley in summer

Mocheni Valley

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Valle dei Mocheni is one of the less famous Trentino valleys but which has experienced a new life thanks to the success of summer tourism in the mountains. This valley, which in winter cannot count on large ski areas, is taking revenge in summer thanks to a quieter environment, unspoiled nature and many less frequented places that allow you to spend a peaceful holiday at lower costs than others. Trentino destinations.

It is for the lower cost and the lower tourist flow in the high season that the Val dei Mocheni is gaining its own space and is chosen in the summer.

The most populous municipality in the Mocheni Valley is Sant'Orsola Terme, in the province of Trento. It is set on the sunny side of the valley, crossed by the Fersina stream; the settlement is divided between the hamlets of Mala and Sant'Orsola and also includes a myriad of farms scattered throughout the north-eastern side of the valley.

The western side of the territory is surrounded by Lagorai mountain range, composed of countless peaks such as Monte Ruioch at 2432 m, Sasso Rotto at 2398 m, Cima Sette Stelle, Monte Grolait at 2383 m, Monte Fravort with 2347 of altitude, Monte Conca at 2301 meters, Pizzo Alto at 2264 meters, the Cima Cagnon at 2235 m, the Cima Pontara Alta at just 2008 meters and the Dosso di Costalta at 1955 meters above sea level and the Pinè plateau in the adjacent Val di Cembra.

Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries they are the result of the ancient crafts and pastoral agro-forestry works of the local community. The food and wine traditions of the Mochena culture stand out in the numerous farmhouses in the valley. Savory sweets, types of bread mixed with buttermilk and cooked on the griddle of the old cast iron kitchens are the ancient specialties not to be missed. Savory first courses consisting of ravioli mixed with cheeses and cabbage are poor dishes of recovery, but able to excite for their evocative value. Dumplings flavored with vegetables and melted butter are common as everyone is a farmer.

Thanks to the eco-sustainable vision of the inhabitants of the valley, the mochena goat in eastern Trentino sees a rediscovery in breeding.

The Bersntol stream gives its name to this enchanting land ideal for excursions and walks in total harmony with nature. The historical and ethnographic value of the small ancient villages helps to narrate the events of the peoples who have kept alive the material and intangible heritage of the place.

The left bank of the Mocheni Valley and the top were maintained by the ancient Counts of Tyrol thanks to the activity of copper smelting. Later, the itinerant trade of handicraft objects spread. Palù del Fersina is part of the 4 municipalities from ancient Bavarian settlements.

What to do, what to see in the Mocheni Valley

Musil the famous Austrian writer described the metaphorical places of the Mocheni Valley as transfigurations of the soul. There are many facets in the untouched beauty of this territory proud of its peculiarities. Mines and archaeological sites are unmissable tourist attractions suitable for young and old, full of charm and mystery.

Il Mill Mil is an educational experience suitable for children, located in the hamlet of Roveda in the Municipality of Frassilongo. It is an ideal educational point to understand bread, ground foods, crops, water use and the mechanics of the mill.

La Fersina valley it is known for the extraction of minerals from the subsoil. Historical testimonies report that as early as the year 1000 colonists of Germanic origin exploited the iron, copper and silver mines. In the local museum it is possible to admire the production cycle of the miners, the art of haymaking, the crafts of the blacksmith and the wood collector in the woods.

The thermal water that flows from the Valpegara mine, located upstream of the built-up area of ​​the Municipality of Sant'Orsola, has been regularly certified by the Ministry of Health since 2011. Water and minerals are the fundamental ingredients of a wild and evocative environment to be explored following an itinerary that inevitably unravels from Pietraviva museum, where geology, history and millenary culture are intertwined.

In the four floors of the ancient Casa del Podestà it is possible to experience a path that combines knowledge and fun among the marvelous crystals found along alpine overhangs and ancient uses inherited from settlements of German origin.

The largest melting furnace battery in Europe is held in the Mocheni Valley, testifying to the importance of metallurgy in the history of money. The Counts of Tyrol, owners of all the mines, minted copper coins circulating throughout northern Europe.

Valle dei Mocheni in summer: silence, magic and relaxation

The incomparable tactile sensations among the cold stones that nevertheless communicate vibrations of past ages are opposed to the luxuriant woods that in the mysterious paths lead the bewitched tourist from farm to farm.

The ancient streets wind along the enchanted valley surrounded by the Lagorai mountain range. The landscape offers silent clearings, motionless mountain pastures in the heart of an uncontaminated and wild nature. Each trail tells a story created by hardy men who believed in the vision of an inheritance for posterity.

The ancient routes remained untouched are particularly suitable for younger tourists accompanied by parents accustomed to the slow rhythms of the woods. Activities dedicated to children they are sensory experiences in the woods, craftsmanship experiments with objects found in the midst of nature, the promotion of a healthy diet made with non-industrially transformed products.

hiking, cycling, with pedal assistance they help young and old to discover the wonders of the Mocheni Valley. The proximity to geographical areas of great tourist importance amplifies the choice for the vacationer always on the hunt for novelty. Lake Levico and the cultural centers of the city of Trento enliven the offer in a land that is anything but sleepy.

The owners of the more characteristic farms they have converted their houses in wood and stone into top-level hospitality centers. Small family-run businesses work painstakingly to satisfy the many guests who stay in the Mocheni Valley in the summer. L'hospitality in the hut, in an apartment or in a b & b it demonstrates a very high quality standard able to narrate the territory between the gastronomy, the paths and the ancient architecture garnished with stube and old grandmother's lace.

La strong personalized imprint of the accommodation facilities of the enchanted valley makes this timeless place an unforgettable and excellent cultural experience. Bringing out the peculiarities of Mocheni tradition and values ​​required an important leap for the community; being able to keep up with modern times has been the keystone of the tourist success of the place.

I farms that peek out from the top of the high pastures up to the valley floor they offer captivating food and wine attractions. The flavors of the territory that are both strong and sublime are combined in the perfect combination of zero-kilometer malga cheeses and fresh berries harvested in delicate rows, product of a rural excellence of the valley.

Holidays in the Mocheni Valley: biking, horses and trekking

Holidays in the Mocheni Valley recall a simple life of intense contact with the kind and welcoming local community. The Sette Stelle Refuge offers a special opportunity to stay at high altitude; to reach it it is necessary to follow the path 343 starting from the locality of Frotten. There is a strong imprint of rural tourism, farm accommodation, family-run accommodation, and conceptually sustainable structures.

Singular theHorse trail, a consortium that connects riding schools and equestrian centers to discover the magic of true contact with animals and the earth in the midst of nature. There are 15 stages on a 400-kilometer track between Valsugana, Primiero, The Dolomites, Vigolana and Marcesina. It is possible to book personalized journeys followed by discreet and highly trained professionals.

Practicing Roadbike in the Mocheni Valley is possible on the right bank of the Fersina river, in Sant'Orsola Terme and Palù del Fersina, climbing the left side and traveling through the territory of Frassilongo. A circular bike tour that allows you to discover the most unusual ravines of the Dolomites.

Among the most popular excursions there is the Trekking Alta Via del Porfido and the walk to Lake Erdemolo; they are day trips and guided hikes with pure inspiration.

Holidays in the Mocheni Valley: beauty, wellness and gastronomy

The reasons that lead to spending a summer holiday in Val dei Mocheni are given by: lower cost compared to other areas of Trentino, unspoiled nature and less tourist presence, food and wine with km0 and organic products.

Given the thermal properties of the mineral waters of the Mocheni Valley, there are many wellness facilities that offer heated swimming pools with water jets and cervical cascades that invigorate the body and soul. In Vigolana in the Cembro Valley and in Levico Terme you can heal your body and spirit among the detox properties of the best spas with spas.

A holiday in the Mocheni Valley suitable for gourmand tourists cannot miss a stop at the Osteria Storica Morelli. It is located near the Valle dei Mocheni in Canezza di Pergine, and offers sensational cured meats and sublime corn flour gnocchi.

The Blumenstube in Sant'Orsola offers creative cuisine that revisits regional products; crunchy egg, mountain sushi and truffle donut amaze with contrasts and textures.

For holidays in the Mocheni Valley with the whole family, we recommend the Playground in Palù del Fersina and the Parco delle Rope. Kasernbisn Hitt near Fierozzo is a refuge at 1500 meters with a breathtaking skyline where you can distinguish the Brenta Dolomites, the spiers of the Paganella and the discreet profiles of Bondone. Wooden benches and comfortable deckchairs invite you to indulge in the local gastronomy washed down by a sensational teroldego as robust as the inhabitants of the Mocheni Valley.

Together with the little ones with a trekking stroller you can go up to the Pletzn hut: cows, sounds, goats and roe deer will make children and parents lose their minds.

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