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Open spaces, green meadows, breathtaking peaks, uncontaminated woods, mountain lakes… Valgerola is all this and much more. The reasons for spending a holiday in Valgerola can be many, first of all the rich and varied landscape. The luxuriant forest passes from broad-leaved trees to conifers, to then leave room for the prairies, to reach the pioneer areas of the snow valleys and cliffs, where you can see unique and very rare plant species. In the valley there are also eight beautiful lakes, which give breathtaking colors, surrounded by beautiful peaks ranging from soft curves to jagged peaks.
In this landscape that offers the visitor the opportunity to be discovered through a capillary network of paths, it is possible to meet many animal species, which find their natural habitat in Valgerola: roe deer, deer, chamois and ibex, for the small mammals of the woods, pastures and cliffs.
In addition to all this, it is extremely fascinating to set out, within an almost untouched landscape, to discover the history along the Cadorna path, a walkway that, together with some fortified structures, constituted the rear line of the First World War, in the unfortunate case of breakthrough by the enemy. Or visit the remains of what were once the iron mines and the smelting furnaces of ferrous material that in the past were present on these mountains and, above all, enter the magnificent world of the mountain pastures where the pride of art continues to be produced Valtellina dairy, “Bitto” cheese.
In respect and in the union between environment and man, which distinguish Valgerola, the Ecomuseum was born, which completely represents this typical characteristic of the valley. The ecomuseum is the element of union between the valley and its people, a link between past and future, identity and development, to renew and enhance local culture and traditions, through the landscape, the signs of time, signs of man and typical products. The ecomuseum offers activities for everyone (adults, families, schools), thanks to competent and trained staff, it is therefore possible to learn in a stimulating, informal and fun way.

In 2008 the municipality, in collaboration with the associations and operators of the local population, established theEcomuseum of Valgerola, a project that promotes educational initiatives that find space both in the physical museums of the area and in outdoor educational paths that allow you to discover Valgerola by experiencing it firsthand, directly in the open air among the meadows and woods of this mountain.
The reference point is the "museum of time" which offers 3 rooms that through video projections and information boards tell the story of these mountains from prehistoric times to the present day. Here you can discover the geological peculiarities of this valley, the evolution and characterization of the flora and the fauna that animates the woods and the high altitude peaks.
The characteristic of this museum is that it is only the initial stage of an educational path that after the guided tour continues in the open air with 3 thematic paths, one dedicated to nature, one to memory and one dedicated to the Sixth Sense.
The first two retrace the places of particular interest for the natural and historical heritage of Valgerola, focusing in particular on panoramic points or points of specific interest where there are information panels with detailed descriptions.
The "sixth sense" path goes beyond a simple educational excursion and offers visitors an interactive path where they can personally rediscover the characteristics of nature by relying on the senses of the human body, an original way to get in touch with nature by linking tradition, history and tourism.
Near the Ecomuseum there is the Casera (dairy) for maturing the cheese, the proximity of these two buildings favors the particular encounter between the didactic activities related to the processing of milk and the possibility of touching the reality of the Bitto cheese.
The typical local products are also offered in the numerous restaurants in the area where you can taste the traditional recipes prepared with care by expert chefs who use organic raw materials at zero kilometer.

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