Val Venegia

Val Venegia

Finding yourself in front of a gigantic natural monument that suddenly appears there after a nice walk in the woods, this is the feeling you get as soon as you reach Val Venegia.

This beautiful side valley is located in the heart of the Paneveggio Pale di San Martino Natural Park and it is exactly on the border that divides the territory of "San Martino di Castrozza" from that of Val di Fiemme, in Trentino Alto Adige obviously.

Always disputed for its beauty, it can be easily reached by car going up from Bellamonte di Predazzo, coming down from Passo Rolle or coming down from Passo Valles (access from the Veneto side).

Val Venegia is the valley that develops precisely at the foot of the Pale di San Martino and allows you to ascend following the course of the travignolo torrent, a torrent of crystalline water that originates from the Travignolo glacier located on the Pale.

Val Venegia is a corner of Canada in Trentino

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To quickly understand what other area of ​​the world it can be like, think of Canada, majestic peaks in the background, magnificent forests and streams of crystal clear water.

The classic postcards of Canada can be experienced in reality in Val Venegia especially if you decide to explore it far and wide without limiting yourself to the main points.

How to Get There:

Let's get right to the heart of the important issues, how to reach Val Venegia.

This side valley can be easily reached from Val di Fiemme going up from Predazzo, or from San Martino di Castrozza reaching Passo Rolle or from Falcade going down from Passo Valles.

To make it easier for you we link you the map of the arrival point (Pian de Casoni) where you can park your car and start the excursion that leads to the Valley.

Where to park

To access Val Venegia, park your car in the dedicated car park, it is a paid car park (link to the map).

Alternatively, you can park directly in Val Venegia but the parking price increases up to 7 € for cars and more places are limited. We recommend parking directly in the valley only for elderly people or families with very young children.

In high season (from July to the end of August) it is better to arrive before 9 in the morning al parking so you can find a place and not be left dry.

Being a famous and magnificent destination it is very popular and therefore the risk of having to go home without finding a place exists. It is also not recommended to park outside the dedicated areas and along the road as we are in the middle of the Natural Park and you could find yourself with a fine or even the car removed from the tow truck.

What to see and what to do in Val Venegia

Now that we have understood where Val Venegia is and how to reach it, we only need to understand what to do and what to see in this Trentino valley.

First of all we can tell you that probably one day is not enough to discover all that Val Venegia has to offer, there are many beautiful corners and above all it is a valley that invites you to calm and relax, so we recommend that you visit it without haste.

Val Venegia is a large natural amphitheater, once the day is reached it can be organized in a different way according to tastes, objectives of the day and physical preparation.
Most of the tourists who go up to Val Venegia visit the 2 huts that are located here and walk the paths that run along the pastures, where there are free cows, or they go down to the sweet bank of the Travignolo stream where they can rest lulled by the flow of the river. water.

Malghe of Val Venegia

Malga Venegia - 1764 m

It is the first mountain hut you meet once you arrive in Val Venegia and dominates the pastures to the left of the main path. It takes its name from the Valley and is in effect its reference point.

Often in malga venegia you stop for a break on your return from excursions but it is also the main destination for those who want to stop for lunch surrounded by green meadows and a magnificent view of the Pale di San Martino.

The menu offered is typical of a high altitude hut, no sophisticated dishes but excellent delicacies of the Trentino culinary tradition. From canederli to the famous alpine dishes that accompany polenta and mushrooms to sausage or grilled cheese. This is a very popular place so reservations are recommended.

In the surroundings of the malga you can stop to sunbathe, relax and enjoy the magnificent surrounding panorama.

Malga Venegiota 1824 m

The main road that leads to Val Venegia continues to climb with an optimal slope for all walkers (young, old, children) until it reaches the second most popular destination, the Venegiota hut.

Located at 1824 meters above sea level, it offers a different view from the "competitor", less wide but closer to the Pale di San Martino, so close that it seems to be able to touch them with a finger.

The interior of the hut is very small and reserves only a few seats, often used only in case of bad weather. It is in thelarge outdoor terrace that there are many wooden tables where you can have lunch or a snack after a summer excursion. From typical dishes such as canederli in broth or soup with mushrooms (harvested at 0 km) to excellent Trentino cakes.

It is the destination for those who want get one step away from the Pale di San Martino but he does not want to go on the excursion or for those who return and find the refuge as the first available stop.

It is also an excellent destination for families with children as the hut is located in a very large and green valley, where the mountain pasture cows e there are marmots that it is in this meadow near the woods and rocks that they have their dens.

Marmots are not so easy to see in the high season (August) but they are continually heard with their cute whistles.

If the peaks of the Pale di San Martino, the verdant meadows and the larch forest are not enough as a postcard, there is also the travignolo stream that descends here and cradles the rest at the Venegiota hut with a magical relaxing sound.

It is advisable to bring a windbreaker because Malga Venegiota is located in a valley that is not always kissed by the sun, its altitude of 1800 meters makes you feel the fresh mountain air that descends from the peaks of the Dolomites.

Excursion to Baita Segantini

Val Venegia is already a complete destination of its own, but it is one of the starting points for theexcursion to Segantini hut.

Precisely at Malga Venegiota that we have just described you will find the indications to start the most intense ascent of this valley, from here the green landscape of pastures and woods gives way to a slightly less green and more rocky landscape.

The vegetation becomes less and less dense and the path makes its way through the large boulders that have come down to the valley from the Pale di San Martino over time.

Il trail is clear and easy but from the Venegiota hut it is not recommended to continue with strollers.

You walk right at the foot of the blades of San Martino that with their screes seem to stretch towards the green valley as if to embrace it.

The landscape is marked by the peaks that now become predominant in the panorama until you can clearly see the snowfields and the Travignolo glacier (which tries to resist climate warming).

Il travignolo stream that comes from the snows of the glacier and accompanies us with its sweet noise and halfway through it mixes with a small green plateau with some larch here and there.

Often this space on the slopes of the majestic white peaks of the Dolomites is chosen for a high altitude picnic.

After this last green clearing the climb becomes more decisive and the backs score the path that leads us to the Segantini hut at an altitude of 2300m.

It is with the last rounds that we see this small hut today a small refuge, above all a tourist one, which has become an icon of the Pale di San Martino and more generally of the dream landscapes of the Dolomites.

This alpine hut, with its small structure made of stones and wood it immerses itself in theamphitheater of the Pale di San Martino that here stand out in all their splendor with the Cimon della Pala dominating everything and closing the skyline as if it were a signature in nature.

As if that weren't enough, the Segantini hut has a little one on its side pond where the peaks are reflected of the Pale di San Martino.

One of the world destinations of photography, here come the best photographers in the world to take pictures in the most exciting moments that nature offers such as sunset or the magnificent starry sky that the mountains can offer.

The cabin has some internal seating but mostly has gods outdoor tables where you can stop for lunch (reserved for customers).

Often in the nearby lawns many stop for a sandwich or snack brought from home, all with an extraordinary view.

In high season it is a very busy area, perhaps among the most crowded in the Dolomites. If you love tranquility, it is better to avoid the period from mid-July to the end of August.


If you are planning a trip to Val Venegia there are 2 areas in particular where you can find hotels and apartments quite close to the valley.


The first is Bellamonte, a fraction of the municipality of Predazzo in Val di Fiemme. From here the Val Venegia is about 15 minutes by car.

The name Bellamonte is not accidental, it comes from the beauty of this hamlet located at 1500 meters nestled between the flowery meadows, the peaks of the Lagorai and the Paneveggio Natural Park.

Passo role

The other area to stay is Passo Rolle at 2000 meters. Here, however, the number of structures is smaller and you cannot count on a real center and services such as a supermarket or other.

However, it is a magnificent mountain pass just 2 steps away from the Segantini hut from which the path leading to Val Venegia can begin.

Passo Rolle is the destination chosen by many photographers for the opportunity to photograph the Pale di San Martino at sunset and the starry sky.

For a family with children or for those looking for quality accommodation, Passo Rolle is not the ideal place, Bellamonte is preferable as it offers a greater tourist offer.

Predazzo or San Martino di Castrozza

If you are willing to go a little further to reach Val Venegia in exchange for the possibility of find more Hotels and Apartments where to stay then you can opt for Predazzo (Val di Fiemme) or San Martino di Castrozza.

The two villages are located on opposite sides and are real mountain centers with all the services available. They are the 2 most popular destinations because they allow you to have a greater choice of structures and save a little.

Places to stay to visit Val Venegia

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