Val d'Ultimo in summer

Val d'Ultimo

The Val d'Ultimo (Alta Val di Non) is one of the most evocative valleys in South Tyrol and extends for approximately 40 kilometers from the sources of the Valsura stream in Fontana Bianca, up to Lana.

The valley stands out for its particular name, the origin of which is rather controversial. The hypothesis according to which the name of the valley derives from the Latin term "ultima" is not reliable. The name appears for the first time in a document of 1082 "Ultun", in 1179 "de Ultimo" and in 1189 "in castro Ulteme". Surely the name does not derive from "vallis ultima" (last valley), but there is still no reliable and definitive origin.

This valley, compared to others in the same region, is still unknown to mass tourism and for this reason it is still characterized by almost idyllic landscapes, colored by thick woods and characterized by ancient rural farms. Mountaineers and hikers find in Val d'Ultimo the embarrassment of choice between suggestive walks and spectacular excursions in the high mountains. Walkers can venture into the thick woods of the valley, reach the high mountain huts or explore the high altitude pastures. Many paths start from the valley floor to reach high altitude, where you can find, among other things, natural lakes, particularly beautiful in summer. The view from the top of the mountains is also fascinating and evocative, as it goes beyond the surrounding peaks to widen the panorama.

Excursions can meet everyone's needs and abilities, if properly equipped and informed, in fact, there are many paths that do not present particular difficulties, to get to admire mountain huts surrounded by greenery, dense mountain forests and subalpine flowering meadows.
A characteristic of the valley is the presence, especially on the south-facing slopes, of numerous farms, many of which of ancient origin. The presence of several conglomerates is another distinctive note of the valley. The most important localities are San Pancrazio (10 km from Lana), Santa Valburga (18,5 km from Lana), San Nicolò (27 km from Lana) and Santa Gertrude (31 km from Lana), which take the name after the patron saint of the church. Between San Pancrazio and Santa Valburga begins the road, built in 1998, which leads to the towns of the upper Val di Non.

Particularly striking is the upper part of the Val d'Ultimo, which opens onto two vast artificial lakes, which give a twist to the apparently monotonous landscape of the valley: Lake Zoccolo and Lake Fontana Bianca.

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The valley's climate is mild and dry and for this reason it has attracted many settlers since ancient times. The first were the Goths who settled around 600, followed by the Bauvari. In the Middle Ages there are traces of fiefs of the Weingarten Abbey near Regensburg, still remembered today by the names of some farms, which still bear those of the ancient owners of allodi.

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    Data and review Val d'Ultimo in summer

    Region: Trentino Alto Adige
    Val d'Ultimo reviews: 6 Reviews about Val d'Ultimo

    Val d'Ultimo in summer

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    There are 6 Reviews on Val d'Ultimo in summer

    Claudia Finardi 09-12-2012

    My partner and I love the mountains very much and we went to Val d'Ultimo for the first time in September.
    Beautiful and very welcoming hotel, with a friendly manager who recommended us a beautiful trip to the Schusterhutte (where I highly recommend you go for an omelette). We spent a relaxing day in a truly exceptional mountain environment, where we will certainly return (maybe even in winter).
    Claudia and Paolo

    ada bergamini 24-06-2013

    summer 2008, for the first time in the last valley. we stayed in a fantastic hotel in san nicolò, took relaxing and very suggestive walks in an uncontaminated mountain environment!

    cosimog 22-08-2013

    A paradise that fragments with every blink of an eye, offering landscape after landscape all of enchanting beauty. The spirit rises to the high peaks and at the same time you have contact with the source of life, in fact wherever the purest and freshest water you could wish for gushes out. The peace and serenity of Lake Lungo, the view over the length of the Valley down to the peaks of the Imposing and placid Dolomites ... ..

    Cosimo Guarnieri 30-08-2013

    The immense vastness of scenarios, of choices-paths, huts, a varied choice of flowers and colors, smells and that absolute certainty that the hunger that grows will soon be appeased, both that of the belly and, always the desire that comes from the belly , like any good desire, the serenity of which one becomes part. to see that all people offer a profound respect for that heritage that has welcomed us with so much love. one is almost jealous of it

    cristina keyvi 09-09-2013

    magical and fantastic, we walked about 9 hours in a unique environment, among free animals… what a sense of peace and freedom. You wander around in unspoiled nature and then you find yourself in the midst of progress: in the refuge at almost 3000 you can pay with an ATM and listen to the piped music… I went back almost a year ago !! to be seen..

    Silvia 16-08-2020

    Beautiful valley certainly not very touristy also because being a very narrow valley, the excursions constantly include a good dose of altitude ... .. from 3-400 meters up to over 1.000 ... .. few flat routes so not exactly ideal for those who children. On the other hand, the landscapes are really beautiful and relaxing and there are many mountain huts where you can eat excellent food km 0. Come trained !!!!

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