Val Senales in summer

Val Senales

Val Senales is one of the oldest and most particular in South Tyrol, its altitude, in fact, varies within a few hundred meters from 500 meters above sea level up to 3200 meters.
Among the Dolomite valleys, Val Senales is famous for the discovery of the Man who came from the ice, nicknamed Otzi, (or the Similaun mummy), which testifies to the presence of man in the valley as early as 5300 years ago.

The valley offers enchanting landscapes, suggestive walks, excursions both on foot and by mountain bike, and for this reason it is much loved by all those who wish to spend a sporting holiday. The Dolomites embrace the entire valley, offering visitors unforgettable views and very strong emotions. The Texel Group Nature Park is a very rich nature reserve, a visit to which will give the opportunity to meet many animal species and see some plant specimens, now in danger of extinction.

Il Val Senales glacierMoreover, it offers winter sports lovers the opportunity to practice them all year round, even in summer, thanks to the perennial snows of the great glacier it is possible here to practice summer skiing.

In the valley they wind further 150 kilometers of trails, which offer hikers the opportunity to wear boots and tire their legs, to discover the natural wonders of the valley.
Among the various proposals, the via Alta of Merano, which guides the visitor along the whole Natural Park of the Texel Group. This complete path has a total length of about 100 kilometers and requires between 4 and 6 days of total walking, to be able to complete it in its interest, but it is organized in such a way that it can be started and finished at any point according to one's abilities. and their tastes.
This walk is perhaps the most representative of the Val Senales because it encompasses everything it offers from a naturalistic point of view: breathtaking views, variations in height, the opportunity to meet local fauna, the encounter with local culture between huts and shelters, immersed in the tranquility and peace of an almost uncontaminated landscape.

In addition to nature, in the summer the valley also offers fun and unmissable events. In June it is possible to attend the transhumance of sheep. In this month, in fact, over 35000 specimens are brought from Austria to the Valle Senales via the Giogo Alto (2857m) and the Giogo Basso (3019m) for summer pastures. This event allows visitors to get closer to a culture now distant from the daily lives of most: that of the shepherds.
On the 7th and 8th of July, the summer festival of Val Senales takes place, with the participation of numerous folkloric musical ensembles from South Tyrol. In addition, in the months of July and August the protagonist is music throughout the valley: evening concerts by local bands and entertainment with different groups in all the localities of the valley. Festivals and country feasts complete the panorama of summer events in the valley, which take place in every town and hamlet. Among all the traditional festivals in Madonna di Senales and Certosa are mentioned.

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    Region: Trentino Alto Adige
    Minimum altitude:1300m above sea level
    Maximum altitude: 3200m above sea level
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    Val Senales in summer

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    There are 1 reviews on Val Senales in summer

    Carola Salvina Giarrizzo 21-06-2013

    Despite the very narrow impact at the entrance, and the high and severe rocky walls, the Val Senales has nothing to envy to the other surrounding valleys, more or less known. Me and my friends: "Katy and Teodoro", we started our climb to reach the Juval Castle, owned by Reinhold Messner, its interior is set up as a museum; while outside there are different species of animals including the lamas, here I advise you ... not to get too close, because you could get a sprinkle of them !!!. Along the way, you will encounter different cultivations of vineyards, each of which displays its own sign, specifying the name of the wine that will be produced from that small terrace. Another feature of the place are the irrigation canals, also used as paths or trails that go into the woods. The sensation I felt during my vacation was almost magical, not only that of being immersed in a Natural Museum, but also the logistic typology that took me back in time; or rather there was an atmosphere of other times. Visit it !!!!
    Carola Salvina Giarrizzo

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