Val Passiria in summer

Val Passiria

La Val Passiria, northeast of Merano, falls in the province of Bolzano, in South Tyrol, and is delightfully nestled between the mountains of Tessa's group (west) and le Sarentino Alps (East).

It is divided into two parts with different climatic and landscape characteristics: the Lower Val Passiria andUpper Val Passiria.

Lower Val Passiria - Its main locality is San Leonardo, a splendid village on the confluence of rivers Passirius e Veltina which represents the boundary between the lower and the upper part of the valley.

Its climate (mild and pleasant throughout the year) and the minimal slope of its land favor the harmonious development of a typically Mediterranean vegetation that is beautiful in the long walks on the many paths that intersect throughout the territory.

Upper Val Passiria - Here, on the other hand, the profile of the land rises abruptly and dizzily, soon reaching important altitudes (such as the 2474 meters of altitude of the Turbot Pass and the 3480 meters of the very high top).

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The climate and the landscape change as the altitude increases, assuming more and more the appearance and characteristics of the alpine areas (temperature gradually colder, some whitened peaks on the Alps surrounding and very small, characteristic mountain villages).

Summer in Val Passiria. What to do?

Let's now take a look at what those who decide to spend in could do Val Passiria their summer holidays.


If you love and practice this sport, in Val Passiria you will find a spectacular structure. This is the Passeier Golf Club Meran, an 18-hole course on which professionals and non-professionals can play from March to September. The excellently designed route winds through small lakes and long green expanses and is surrounded by a fairytale landscape.


If, on the other hand, it is the Hiking to thrill you, the Val Passiria in summer it is just the thing for you. There are many hiking trails, and all with different characteristics. We can mention just a couple of them, but believe us, you will be spoiled for choice.

Excursion to the Cima delle Anime (departure from Plan, route along the ridge to the summit, at 3475 meters above sea level).

Walk of the Masi dello Scudo (historical excursion to these ancient stately buildings, erected to defend the rich landowners in a period between the XNUMXnd and XNUMXth centuries).

Rafting, 'Waalwege' and canyoning

For those who love these other river activities, the Val Passiria it has ideal stretches of water, perfectly embedded within a wild and uncontaminated nature. The river Passirius, with its 46 kilometers of path inside the valley, it is truly the ideal location for any type of aquatic sport.
The 48-meter jump of the Passiria waterfall, absolutely not to be missed.Climbing

La Val Passiria it frames four natural rock 'gyms' on which more than 100 climbing routes of varying difficulty have been designed.


If you want to admire the Tessa Group and the whole Val Passiria, a paragliding flight is the ideal activity. For some years now it has been possible to make tandem jumps with the instructors even at the first light of dawn. Unique and extraordinary show.

Fly fishing

Even those who love fishing, in Val Passiria they will be able to indulge their passion. The presence of streams with characteristics so different from each other, allows the practice of fly fishing, to professionals and amateurs, in the period from the second Sunday of February to the end of September.

Other sports

Lo SportArena Passeier, in San Leonardo in Passiria, is a large multifunctional center where it is possible to wander between the three clay tennis courts, and those, illuminated in the evening, for playing beach volleyball. In the structure there are also some bowling alleys and, even, an indoor climbing gym.

In short, if you really do not know how to stay still, of things to do, in the summer Val Passiria, you will never run out.

What to see in Val Passiria and surroundings

Of interesting things to see in Val Passiria there really is an infinity of them, Here below we report some of them.

The Pfandler Alm mountain hut in San Martino

It is a typical construction in wood and stone that was used by ancient shepherds. This is famous for being the structure where the native hero of this valley, Andrew Hofer (along with his wife and son) hid for about a month and a half in order to escape the French troops. But in the end he was betrayed by a fellow villager, taken prisoner and shot in November 1818 by order of Napoleon.

The panoramic road 'The emotions of Passo del Rombo'

It is a road with particular hairpin bends that was once a mule track. Now, thanks to the dubbed project Passo Rombo experience, those who travel along it will find, in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment, five rest stops embellished with architectural sculptures that provide travelers with information on the culture, history, natural environment (and much more) of the region.

In one of the stations, for example, you will find the viewpoint of Granati, with a telescope that allows you to admire the spectacle of the Ötzi Valleyand Val Passiria and Gruppo di Tessa Nature Park.

All the stations of the museum project can be accessed Passo Rombo experience completely free of charge.

The South Tyrolean Mining Museum in Schneeberg

This small town, Schneeberg, can only be reached on foot. This makes the visit to the Mining Museum which here is even more suggestive. The mining to which the museum is dedicated had its maximum expression around 1500 and continued for centuries. According to scholars, at that time about a thousand men worked in the mine, scattered in 70 tunnels. Really impressive.
The mine was definitively closed in 1967. Interesting to see are the changes and traces that mining has left on the appearance of the surrounding area.

The Path of the Earth Pyramids

In a nearby valley (Finele Valley) along this so-called 'Path of the Earth Pyramids' it is possible to see the result of a geological phenomenon of rare beauty.

It is a ancient glacial depositand which, following the erosion by the waters, has generated high pinnacles of earth with, on the top, a sort of stone cap, and pointed spiers that come out of the bush. The pinnacles are very high and, with that boulder on top, they look like human figures and are said omeni.

In summer, you can access the path by paying a ticket for a few euros.

Hotels and other accommodation facilities in Val Passiria

The accommodation facilities present in Val Passiria they are innumerable and of different nature (hotels, bed and breakfasts, luxury resorts, campsites, inns, etc.), capable of responding to the needs of all types of tourists thanks to the characteristic South Tyrolean hospitality.

Therefore, to any category of vacationer you belong to, in this glimpse of Paradise you will surely find your dimension.

Sportsmen, families with children, couples looking for intimacy and romance, groups of friends, people looking for peace and tranquility ... in short, Val Passiria awaits you in the full awareness of being able to respond to the different needs of each of you.

Summer holidays in Val Passiria

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