Val Maggiore

Val Maggiore

La Val Maggiore it is a side valley of the Val di Fiemme, located in the territory of Predazzo and is located on the slopes of the Lagorai chain.

To get to Val Maggiore, you have to drive up the narrow road that goes up from the town of Predazzo towards Miola. At a certain point you find yourself in front of a rest area where you can park your car and continue on foot. After crossing a bridge, walk through the woods and actually enter Val Maggiore, after a short stretch the lawns open up, showing the valley in all its splendor.

A dirt road reaches the Malga Val Maggiore located right next to the wood on the slopes of the Lagorai peaks.

Stream near Malga Valmaggiore

Here in the summer season you can find the most absolute peace, being a valley a bit difficult to reach, the presence of tourists is limited. In addition to the Malga Val Maggiore there are no other settlements or tourist facilities, only 100% nature

In Val Maggiore, cell phones are unlikely to have a network, you find yourself in direct contact with nature. It is a small valley where you can spend a quiet day in the woods and alpine streams or as a starting point for other mountain destinations.

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Departure of the path towards the peaks of the Lagorai
Departure of the path towards the peaks of the Lagorai

There are several itineraries that start from Val Maggiore in particular towards the Lagorai peaks, but not only. The paths also lead to the discovery of magnificent alpine lakes, here on the Lagorai chain it is wild and for this reason unspoiled. The Lagorai lakes are considered natural treasures of great charm.

Not only that, the lagorai was the scene of the Great War, in val maggiore there is a stele in memory of the fallen on the Lagorai and from here excursions depart that lead to what remains of the trenches.

Wild Valley

If Val Maggiore is a wonderful place accessible to everyone, from experienced people to the simple tourist of the day, it should still be considered that we are in an isolated valley where telephones do not take much and is located at the foot of high peaks.

This means that an excursion on the Lagorai starting from Val Maggiore requires correct planning and a correct evaluation of the weather conditions, the chosen route and its difficulty.

Forest road leading to Val Maggiore

The Lagorai chain is also known for being the favorite site of numerous summer storms that occur almost daily in the late afternoon. Given the absence of structures where to find shelter, it is good to be back in the early afternoon to avoid being isolated at high altitudes under the storm.

Authentic valley

The Val Maggiore, together with other side valleys of the Lagorai, are however a more unique than rare destination. A last bastion of true and authentic nature where mass tourism struggles to advance.

Mill in Function Alpeggio Val Maggiore Predazzo

Ideal for those who want to rediscover the mountain as it once was.

Younger people often decide to spend the night in tents in Val Maggiore, here the light pollution does not arrive and you can admire starry skies that cannot be found elsewhere.

Places to stay to visit Val Maggiore

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