Val Gares

Val Gares

Among all the valleys that offer wonderful green landscapes, a combination of woods, waterfalls and incredible landscapes, Gares Valley it is certainly among the most beautiful.

This suggestive valley lies in the province of Belluno, in the heart of the Dolomites. Defined by many as a "glacial" jewel in winter, in reality this valley transforms into a true paradise when the good weather finally appears.

Immersed expanses of green, woods, mountains, springs and waterfalls they offer fertile ground for all types of excursions, trekking and walks immersed in the great spectacle of nature.
To better organize your trip to this Belluno valley, here are a couple of useful tips on what to do and what to see:

Get inspired

This valley is a real pristine beauty that leaves anyone speechless. In seven kilometers of extension, the Val di Gares offers many landscapes rich in authentic nature, which can also be admired by following not particularly demanding paths.

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There are natural beauties in this valley that can only be reached by undertaking routes at a medium-expert level, while walks in the valley floor are within everyone's reach.

Here's what you really can't miss in Val di Gares:

Plain of Jars

A large expanse of green plain extends at the bottom of the valley and takes the name of Pian delle Giare. A site located in this valley is perfectly equipped to be able to book your excursions with a professional and expert guide on whom you can count for the entire duration of the itinerary.
Already from this plateau it is possible to see the great beauty of the mountains that rise right around the Pian delle Giare and you can perceive the beautiful sensations that only nature is able to arouse.

Comelle waterfalls

The dirt path that starts from Pian delle Giare passes through evergreen trees and bushes, already giving you a first taste of the many wonders of the Val di Gares.

Following the path you will initially be able to spot the first Comelle waterfall, the lower one, which gushes out of the living stone with great sinuosity and crashes on the rock on its way down to the valley. If you have children, the advice is to stop here because later the route becomes more challenging.

A little higher up is the high waterfall of the Comelle which, compared to the lower one, has a narrower channel which flows the water more forcefully downwards, offering visitors one of nature's sublime spectacles.

The ravine of the Comelle

Only recommended for experts with via ferrata equipment. The Orrido delle Comelle is a suggestive natural gorge that literally leaves you speechless. The path that leads close to the gorge offers the visitor a view of the living rock and of nature in which a stream surrounded by jagged stones opens.
In order to reach the top of the gorge there are vertical ladders fixed firmly on the rock and a metal wire which offer the possibility of climbing them easily but in which one must still be very careful and cautious.

Pian delle Comelle (for experts)

Only recommended for experts with via ferrata equipment. After passing the ravine of the Comelle, Pian delle Comelle opens up in front of us, a gravelly expanse offering one of the most beautiful views of the Dolomites, ranging widely between the peaks of the valley's mountains. Following the evocative route made of fragmented clear pebbles and surrounded by grass, we will feel enclosed in the embrace of the mountains, so high and majestic that they partially cover the blue sky.

What to do in Val di Gares

There are many experiences that can be tried in a valley of the Dolomites where, wherever one lays one's eyes, it is possible to admire many natural wonders but also a thousand experiences that can be enjoyed with the whole family.

Here are the experiences you just can't miss in the Val di Gares:

Visit the village of Gares

The small village that rises near the valley, from which the latter also takes its name, has a truly unique layout that follows the shapes of the plain that hosts it. The residential buildings, the villas, the church, the shops, everything seems to have the typical style of mountain buildings that will immerse you more and more in the unmistakable surrounding atmosphere.

Among the streets of the village you can breathe everywhere the culture and folklore that distinguishes it, enlivened by village festivals and typical clothes of singular beauty.

Visit Cencenighe Agordino

Cencenighe Agordino expands to the valley floor, at the point where the Cordevole and Biois streams join. It is a real village whose fulcrum is represented by the Church of Sant'Antonio Abate. The architectural style of this church fits perfectly with the historic center of which it is the undisputed hub. Typical of mountain villages, here too you can savor the tranquility and simplicity of a place surrounded by nature and which has a lot of history and culture to offer.

In the beginning, among the streets of this village lived some skilled craftsmen who masterfully worked the stone that the area offered, taking the name of master stonemasons.


For those who would like to be more daring and for professionals, it is possible to undertake real climbing on the rocky walls of the valley. An incredible experience in which the effort of the climb will be completely balanced by the freedom and thrill of having reached the top.

Taste the typical dishes

To get to the heart of the spirit of Gares Valley it is also good to linger in the restaurants located in the village to taste the typical dishes of the place.
First of all are definitely the game dishes, coming from the surrounding territories and difficult to taste in other places.
Also worth trying are the strudels, polenta, dumplings, mushroom-based dishes and spinach-filled spätzle that will appeal to all members of the family, even the little ones.

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