Val Gardena in summer

Val Gardena

The Dolomites, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with their scenic mass of dolomite rock, frame lush valleys dotted with lakes, waterfalls, forests and postcard-perfect mountain villages.

Val Gardena is one of the most beautiful valleys in the Dolomites and extends from Ponte Gardena to the Gardena Pass, the Sella Pass and the mountain massif of the same name.

It extends over the entire grandeur of Rio Gardena, that is to say for about 25 km, in the shadow of iconic peaks such as the Sassolungo Group, the Odle Group, the Puez and Sella Group.

In the Ladin language "Gherdeïna", in German "Gröden" and in Italian "Val Gardena": for everyone, however, it is certainly a place that brings together some of the most extraordinary beauties of South Tyrol and the entire Dolomite arch.

From the majestic peak of the Langkofel (3.181 m), symbol of the valley, al Puez-Odle Natural Park (over 10 thousand hectares of intact nature at 2.500 m high).

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The valley offers a splendid view of the The Dolomites and offers many points of interest for those who love the mountain in summer.

What to do and what to see

Seceda Val Gardena

If in winter it is a popular destination for ski and winter sports enthusiasts, in summer Val Gardena enchants the visitor with its vivid colors, its clear and clean air and its enchanting landscapes.

For example from mid-May until late July, in this splendid Dolomite valley the mountain bloom: the steep slopes of the Pale Mountains are therefore colored by alpine meadowsweet, violets, crocuses, alpine roses, alpine poppy bluebells, in an explosion of color worthy of a painter's palette.

The summer it is the ideal season to dedicate yourself to climbing, on walls that exceed 3000 meters in height such as those of Fuchetta, Sass Rigais and Sassolungo.

Then there is the possibility of exploring the territory on 600 km of mountain-bike and e-bike trails, on dirt roads or mountain paths immersed in the woods, or to organize excursions to discover the Sciliar-Catinaccio Nature Park and the Puez-Odle Nature Park.

Mountain passes

Val Gardena is lucky enough to be able to share 2 of the most beautiful and famous mountain passes in the Dolomites with the nearby valleys, we are talking about the Sella Pass and the Gardena Pass.

The passes of Val Gardena are the reference point as they are the destination or starting point for some of the most spectacular excursions offered by this South Tyrolean valley.

It can be accessed by car or with the ski lifts (also active in summer) in order to reach some of the most fascinating viewpoints in the world, or leave for an excursion to the magnificent alpine refuges located at the foot of the great mountains.

Sella Pass

Sassolungo in Summer from Passo Sella

The Sella pass is perhaps the most famous among the passes of the Dolomites because in front of it stands out in all its grandeur the summit of Langkofel. It is in fact nestled between the Sella Group, from which it takes its name, and the Sassolungo.

It actually marks the border between Trentino and Alto Adige, more precisely it divides Val di Fassa (Trentino) from Val Gardena (Alto Adige).

Being the most famous, it is also the most popular with tourists who by car or motorbike climb up to its 2200 meters to admire the 360 ​​degree panorama. THE free parking spaces are few and in fact you have to arrive very early to be able to find someone free in high season, it is better to set the alarm early and reach the Sella Pass before 8 am to be able to guarantee free parking.

Alternatively, there are other paid car parks but these too soon run out of places in July and August.

The best solution is to leave the car in the valley and reach the pass with the shuttle buses or with the ski lifts. Certainly more binding means for the timetable but which effectively reduce the stress due to parking.

The Sella Pass allows you to admire the view to the Langkofel, Sella group overlooking the part of the Val Badia or the one towards pordoi, and still admire the Marmolada glacier or the peaks surrounding the Val di Fassa. Further on you can see the Odle that overlook the Val Gardena and on days of good weather you get to observe the Austrian glaciers.

From the Sella pass there are numerous walks that can be undertaken, suitable for all tastes.

For the less experienced and trained you can go up in the direction of Rifugi at the foot of Sassolungo such as Miara hut, a small alpine hut which has now become a mountain restaurant, or the very famous and beautiful Friedrich August refuge which offers a magnificent view over the Val di Fassa and the peaks of the Alpe di Siusi.

Always starting from the Sella Pass you can take a simple hike along the South Tyrolean side which first leads us to the city ​​of stones and then comes to the famous Comici Refuge, style icon in the Dolomites.

The city of stones is a particular point at the foot of the Sassolungo where there are large boulders of rock that fell during an ancient landslide, now the large stones have been incorporated into the alpine vegetation giving the feeling of being in a neighborhood where the scene is not dominated by concrete buildings but by the rocks of the Dolomites surrounded by greenery.

Many animals, among all, also find refuge in the ravines formed by the stony ground the marmots which nice ones roam undisturbed in the meadows and hide in the burrows at the slightest sign of danger.

The city of the Sassi at the Sella Pass is a path especially suitable for families with children, adults can enjoy the view towards the Sella group and children will have fun in the greenery and nature of the Dolomites.

those who love the most demanding excursions you can opt for the Sassolungo tour or the around the Sassolungo and Sassopiatto. Both start from Passo Sella and with a circular route allow you to travel around the surroundings of this important mountain group.

It is useful to leave early in the morning so as to return in time before the classic afternoon thunderstorms and reserve some refreshment stops along the way. It is also good be a little trained in order to avoid a day full of fatigue as the excursion takes the whole day.

In particular, with the Sassolungo and Sassopiatto tour you can admire the landscapes and panoramas of Val Gardena, the Alpe di Siusi, the duron valley which is a small side valley of the Val di Fassa and return to the pass with a magnificent view of Sass pordoi .

Gardena Pass

Passo Gardena divides Val Gardena from Alta Badia, 2 of the most fascinating Dolomite valleys.

From the Gardena Pass you can admire a magnificent landscape towards the Sassolungo which appears in all its name from the gardena. An imposing stone wall that rises from the green slopes. But it is the Sella Group that is the real protagonist of this pass in the Dolomites.

From the Gardena pass it almost seems to touch the angular peaks of the saddle group with a finger, alternating gigantic stone bell towers to the scree that descends to touch the green meadows.

From the Gardena Pass you can undertake various excursions to the surrounding peaks or you can simply enjoy this magnificent panorama between Val Gardena and Val Badia. Nearby is the landmark of the Gardena pass, la Chapel of San Maurizio a small mountain church with a characteristic appearance immersed in a spectacular setting.


A separate note deserve the Castles of the Gardena Valley, which embody the millennia of history of the valley and which deserve to be visited. The valley is home to three imposing buildings, an imperishable testimony of the history they contain: Castel Gardena, Wolkenstein Castle and the medieval castle of Stetteneck.

Il medieval castle of Stetteneck contains an ancient legend and was believed lost until 2000, the year in which archaeological excavations began in Sant'Anna, which brought to light the foundations, a part of the keep, a part of the surrounding walls, a Romanesque arch and a castle door.

Villages of Val Gardena


Ortisei is the capital of the Valley, is famous for its historic center, which contains works of art to be discovered, but also for the vast offer of activities and sports that can be practiced and, last but not least, as a shopping center in the valley.

The most suggestive spectacle, however, of Ortisei is offered by the mountains: the Resciesa to the North, reachable thanks to a funicular, the Seceda further east, connected by a cable car, the Alpe di Siusi with its prairies to the south, which was reached thanks to a gondola.

The historic center of this characteristic village is dotted with churches including the sixteenth-century Chapel of S. Anna complete with a characteristic cemetery, the late-Baroque style Parish of S. Maria Assunta with a beautiful altarpiece by Josef Moroder Lusenberg inside. and above all the Church of San Giacomo.

The latter is one of the oldest churches in Val Gardena dating back to the XNUMXth century and is located in a spectacular panoramic position, with a unique view of the Sassopiatto, the Sassolungo and the Sella Group.

holidays in val gardena trekking and nature in the dolomites

In Ortisei there is also the "Museo de Gherdëina" located inside the Cësa di Ladins: here you can admire wooden sculptures of the nativity, animals and sacred art, but also collections of butterflies, stuffed animals, herbariums, fossils, collections of minerals and ancient toys, with some pieces dating back to 1750.

Selva di Val Gardena

Selva di Gardena is the highest village in the valley, located at an altitude of 1563 meters between the Puez Group and the Sassolungo. In particular, the Chapel of San Silvestro frescoed at least 3 centuries ago, the Church of Santa Maria ad Nives dating back to the XNUMXth century and the remains of the XNUMXth century castle of Wolkenstein, reachable via a steep path, are worth seeing.

In Selva di Gardena there is also the Casa Sartëur, on whose blue facade there is a clock complete with a carillon which, at 11:00 and 18:00, comes to life with the parade of four medieval sculptures to the rhythm of music.

Santa Cristina Val Gardena

It is the vault of Santa Cristina, a village located at an altitude of 1428 meters right in front of the mass of the Sassolungo. Less touristy than Ortisei, this small town in Val Gardena hides small jewels such as the Church of S.Cristina and S.Antonio, also mentioned in the papal letter of 1342 even if only the Romanesque bell tower remains of the original layout.

In the Iman sports center, on the other hand, there is the largest wooden crib in the world, carved by the artisans of the valley: it is one of the greatest expressions of the art of carving, which between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries made the fortunes of the entire Val Gardena.

After a look at the Spherical Equatorial Sundial located on Monte Pana, from the Col Raiser station you can reach the UNESCO Cinema, one of the most beautiful and photographed viewpoints in Val Gardena. It is about a belvedere overlooking the peaks that surround the valley, reproducing their profile on the carved wooden railing.

To fully experience and get to know Val Gardena from a landscape point of view, there is nothing better than organizing excursions, for simple beginners or for the more experienced and trained.

From the village of Santa Cristina there are a series of paths that can also be followed by families, such as the Ferata de Gherdeina which takes place on the ancient stretch traveled in the past by the Val Gardena train.

From Santa Cristina then the Troi Dala Lijëndes trail which reaches the Church of S. Giacomo in Ortisei, complete with signs that tell the legend of Count Jakob von Stetteneck.
Speaking of Santa Cristina, from the valley station of Monte Pana another easy path starts towards the beautiful ones Tervela Falls, born from a stream that originates from the Sassolungo. Along the way you will come across the workshop of Otto Moroder, a great wood carving artist.

From the same village you can also reach the Seurasas hut, another of the panoramic points of Val Gardena, born as a simple shelter for shepherds: from the terrace you can enjoy a splendid view of the Alpe di Siusi, the Sassolungo and the Sella Group. It can be reached by taking the Col Raiser cable car, then following path 2 to Monte Pic, passing through Sella Cuca and Lake Santo.

Instead of the cable car, you can get to Col Raiser on foot, with the opportunity to meet the Iman Lake of glacial origin, located at 2873 meters above sea level in the shadow of the Grande Fermeda.

Excursions in Val Gardena

paths of val gardena

Between the most beautiful excursions to do in Val Gardena there is the one at the time of the Alpe di Siusi, which has always been interested in legends of enchanted and magical beings. The Alpe di Siusi cable car departs from Ortisei leading to the top of Mount Bullaccia: path n.14 crosses pastures and meadows up to Croce Filln and the suggestive Witches' Benches, curious rock formations among which an old witch seems to be wandering.

Far more demanding is theexcursion to the Sella Group, crossing lunar moors shrouded in total silence: you cross the Pordoi Pass, the Cavazza al Pisciadù Refuge, located next to the lake of the same name with crystal clear waters and then the Gardena Pass.

From the Dantercepies plant in Selva di Gardena you can reach the enchanting Jimmy Hutte Refuge, located in its typical Tyrolean style at 2220 meters above sea level in the presence of the Sella Group. From the refuge, along the path n.2, you reach the Forcella Crespeina e the Crespeina Lake emerald color thanks to the presence of algae in the seabed. The final stop on this excursion is the historic Puez Refuge, born in 1889 thanks to the Ladin DuÖAV section.

Holidays in Val Gardena

val gardena in summer landscape from ortisei

In light of the many outdoor activities to do in the summer in Val Gardena, a week is the minimum for a holiday in this wonderful Dolomite valley.

In this way you have time to enjoy the nature of Val Gardena on exciting excursions, stop in the shelters to taste the typical cuisine (from canederli to ravioli crafuncins up to barley soup, goulash with polenta, speck and excellent strudeòl) and participate in folkloric events.

For example, on 1 August in the three most important villages of Val Gardena parades of citizens dressed in typical clothes, including dances and popular music, take place.

The accommodation offer in Val Gardena is varied and meets the needs of everyone, from those of families to the needs of hikers: there is therefore no shortage of residences, holiday apartments, typical mountain hotels furnished with larch furniture and above all the garnì, that is the version montana family run B&B.

Holidays for families with children

Val Gardena is one of the main valleys of the Dolomites choice for families with children. The reason for this choice is given by the dedicated tourist offer that meets the needs of families such as paths suitable for children, presence of comfortable shelters and hotels with dedicated offers.

Val Gardena can count on several family hotels with services and offers specially designed for families with children. Fromkindergarten for children smaller ones to the animation for those a little bigger, dedicated menus and large rooms for a comfortable holiday.

These are the characteristics most requested by those who stay in the villages of Ortisei, Selva and Santa Cristina, characteristics that are found not only in large hotels but also in many of the Garnì and bed and breakfasts in the valley.

The accommodation facilities in the valley are a great one that is accompanied by a wide choice of easy excursions suitable for children. from paths suitable for strollers to educational hiking trails where you can discover the secrets of the forest, and a dense network of routes facilitated by the ski lifts that reduce the altitude difference and allow access at high altitude even to families.

I shelters they are the icing on the cake with modern and fully equipped facilities all services even in the high mountains, this offers greater safety on cloudy days or in case of sudden bad weather.

On rainy days the center of the villages offer various pastimes from museums at the exhibitions on nature and South Tyrolean traditions.

Val Gardena is fortunate to be directly connected with the lifts to theSiusi plateau, a real semi-flat paradise at 2000 meters with easy paths, typical huts and the peaks of the Dolomites soaring towards the sky.

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    Minimum altitude:1236m above sea level
    Maximum altitude: 3181m above sea level
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    There are 35 Reviews of Val Gardena in summer

    Sara 09-07-2012

    Very beautiful valley for hiking and climbing. Also ideal for families. The mobility system is great. Also for those who practice mountain biking it is recommended because the itineraries are simply breathtaking. Recommended to all those who love an active holiday!

    I row flour 13-07-2012

    very beautiful valley for this and the destination of my holidays in summer and winter for twenty years.

    Giorgio room 14-07-2012

    The most beautiful place in the world !!!!

    Pannarale Star 14-07-2012

    I have been driving 7 km for 1000 years to reach one of the most incredible places I have ever seen! It's a drug! You become addicted! Simply heavenly!

    Renske Koenders 15-07-2012

    I can understand Italian, but i don't speak it, hence my post in English. I love Val Gardena, both in winter and summer time. The mountains and views are amazing, the people friendly and the hotels of splendid quality. I used to return to Albergo Marina in St. Christina each year for over ten years. Now, unfortunately I don't have the money to go, but I will again when I do.

    Alessandro Balducci 06-08-2012

    I have been going there on vacation for 27 years: in summer it is wonderful, in winter it is the best for winter sports. I hope one day to be able to go and live there permanently. Badia and Fassa are beautiful too, but not like that.

    Andrea Pozzo 08-08-2012

    in 1998 they recommended val gardena as a mountain holiday… never abandoned since then… unique and special

    Andrea Settro 08-08-2012

    Since I met her… I come back 2-3 times a year, to go skiing or for long walks! Beautiful, enchanting, fantastic !!!

    Fabrizio Bonucci 08-08-2012

    Val Gardena has something magical, a fairytale. I've been there many times, and every time I discover some glimpses, some details, some images that excite me.

    Frederick Prunetti 08-08-2012

    I have been visiting these places with my family for five years, we are so in love that it is perhaps difficult to remain objective with judgments. Extraordinarily extraordinary mountains, villages and people.

    Matilde 08-08-2012

    What to say?? It is exactly 15 years that I have been coming to this paradise for summer and winter holidays !! In the summer we are surrounded by greenery and there are wonderful walks surrounded by greenery, the climate is magnificent, it only reaches 23 degrees! a location more than appreciated by skiers for its countless slopes overlooking the breathtaking panorama! The Val Gardena people are available, very kind and take care of every detail of their elegant valley.

    sandra tommasini 09-08-2012

    winter, summer, spring, autumn… .. every season is perfect to visit this valley !!! after almost 30 years of attending it, I still don't want to change location because, what can I say, it is simply UNIQUE and FANTASTIC! the only "neo"…. a very strong "saudade" that you carry inside until you return !!!!!

    Silvano Bersanetti 15-08-2012

    I have been coming to Val Gardena for 18 years in some moments even several times a year but every time I arrive it is as if it were the first time.

    Patricia Colombo 15-08-2012

    It was love at first sight. Our destination for summer and winter holidays for seven years.

    Valentina Radelli 17-08-2012

    A valley so beautiful and magical that I have never been able to leave since I was in my mother's womb. Only.

    I row flour 26-08-2012

    We have been spending summer and winter holidays in your splendid valley for over twenty years.

    Claudius DeMaria 03-09-2012

    This is the fourth time I've been to Val Gardena (twice in winter and twice in summer) and it never ceases to surprise me.
    This year I thought I would repeat myself with walks and so on, and instead I managed to discover new things all the time.
    Beyond the natural beauties (which is no small thing) what always strikes me is the great cleanliness, the great care for the common thing, the kindness of the people. Things that make you feel in another world.
    You come home and miss those places.
    It is significant of something that goes beyond the norm.
    Thank you Val Gardena for showing me every time that there is the possibility of living like you don't live in the city.

    Silvia Lakes 03-09-2012

    Grande Valgardena, my heart is always with you. I've been coming for 30 years and it's never enough for me.
    Last August, beautiful Sandro Pertini via ferrata, difficult, only for experts, but of great satisfaction. One of the best equipped via ferratas in the Dolomites.
    At the top, however, there is the comfortable Stevia Refuge with friendly management and a breathtaking view.
    I'll be back soon hopefully this winter.

    Angelo Merli 03-09-2012

    Simply marvellous. I go mountain biking and I have participated in the last two editions of the “SellarondaHero”… Well, a show! Then the people are kind and friendly and the atmosphere is really nice. I want to try it also in winter and it may be that the next one is the right one. I join the other comments: it's like a drug, as soon as I see these mountains I feel like someone else.

    Daniela Lakes 03-09-2012

    I have been back from Selva for 3 days and I am already planning my next holiday ... I had recommended it and we fell in love with it, very suitable for children, we have a 2 year old girl and we have done everything without danger for her …. After love in the summer we will see her in the winter !!! Ps_the cakes of èasticceria Mozard are divine !!!!

    Marco Scarpini 03-09-2012

    Val Gardena, like the rest of the Dolomites, is one of the most beautiful and fascinating places in the world. you notice the care, respect for the environment and the nature that surround it. I have spent many years my holidays in your mountains and every time it is always an indescribable emotion. these are places to recommend to anyone! and a compliment also to the Ladin people who with great care and attention manage to keep uncontaminated a territory that has rightly become a unesco world heritage site. vote 10.

    Beppe 03-09-2012

    From the very first holiday in S.ta Cristina we fell in love with the valley, the natural beauties and the friendliness of the residents. The only drawback is the recent introduction of door-to-door collection which, while it has certainly improved the management of urban waste, has deprived public places of almost all the baskets, creating many problems for us dog owners who have found ourselves in difficulty to deliver the bags with dog waste.

    Valerio Vecchi 04-09-2012

    I was in Val Gardena for the first time in July, staying in Selva.
    I did not believe my eyes in seeing so many beauties, which thrilled me.
    It is really true what they say, that Val Gardena is the queen of the Alps, and not only I think.
    I hope that such magnificence will be preserved and enhanced to the fullest.
    Selva, I like you: see you next year.

    Stefania 04-09-2012

    I have been coming to Val Gardena for 14 years and precisely to Selva (I come in winter and summer).
    All delicious, from nature to people to animals. It's like a drug. In June you begin to feel the need.
    All polite, simple, courteous.
    I hope to be able to return every year.

    ALESSANDRA MORO 04-09-2012

    in summer the wonder and peace of the mountains will restore you from dark and boring periods, the green of the meadows and mountains, the marmots, the squirrels, the cows and the horses, hundreds of colorful butterflies and small animals cheer you up: a place idyllic in every sense !!!
    many paths for young and old that make this fantastic and magical place become. the perfect fairy tale: you arrive and fall in love with this magnificent valley

    Meroni Carla 04-09-2012

    I have been spending the month of August in Selva di Val Gardena for 10 years now! It's all great! The country, the people, the landscapes! We are also carrying out several excursions in the surrounding valleys and I must say that the other big advantage of Val Gardena is to be at the center of a huge area with offers for every need and to be easily and quickly reachable also from the motorway! Even in winter, for us skiers it is paradise! I hope to come back soon!

    Giancarlo Verani 04-09-2012

    We wait all year for the summer period to be able to spend the holidays in our beloved Val Gardena, we have been coming for fifteen years now and there is always something new to discover, but even the places already visited give us the same emotions experienced the first time.
    It is difficult for me to express the joy that pervades us at the sight of the first peaks we meet on the Brenner motorway and of the bell towers with their pointed or onion shapes typical of South Tyrol.
    I don't think there is a need to recommend a visit to Val Gardena, it is simply wonderful as the Valligiani are always very courteous and full of attention.

    Tonino Sartini 04-09-2012

    I had the pleasure of spending my holidays there last year in this period, really nice-beautiful, hotel and organization doc. I will do everything to go back.

    BARBARA P. 05-09-2012

    Fantastic, unique, fairytale villages and landscapes, I call it my paradise, I've been going there for 7 years and I hope one day to be able to move permanently.

    Laura Consonni 05-09-2012

    Val Gardena is always beautiful ... it's like a drug, (for 20 years) if you don't go there you feel bad ...
    This year we found 15 fabulous days….
    Long live Selva di Val Gardena !!!!!
    See you next year.

    beat it 07-09-2012

    For ten years I have been coming to ski with my family in Val Gardena.We spent unforgettable weeks there, every corner retains a memory, an emotion.
    When we leave ... the countdown begins.

    anna giordani 19-09-2012

    it is a beautiful valley and I hope that unbridled tourism does not ruin it. I have been attending it since 1989 there have been many positive changes but lately unfortunately I have to note that it is not always frequented by true mountain lovers and in my opinion there is too much luxury and often this does not coincide with good education and respect for nature ...
    I hope that the Gardenesi know how to preserve this stupendous heritage of humanity

    Valerio Vecchi 26-09-2012

    I fully agree with the comment of Si.ra Anna Giordani.
    They are already continuing to build in the valley, which I believe is already on the verge of overbuilding. Building speculation pushes and is powerful, I also see it in the country where I live. More and more aggressive concrete, with little green. Nature is already taking revenge and we know how: examples are there every day.
    I hope that the administrators of the municipalities of Val Gardena reflect on what has been complained and put a stop to the construction of new structures, before a point of no return occurs and the disgusted lovers of the valley abandon it to its fate.

    Emanuel Ferrari 03-10-2012

    Hi, it is with great pleasure that I can write a review on the beautiful Val Gardena! This is the fifth consecutive year that I go to Val Gardena, both in winter to ski, absolutely fantastic, magnificent and excellently prepared slopes, wonderful scenery, fast lifts, a paradise !!! And even without snow, the valley is just as beautiful, for the tranquility it offers and for practicing all the sports you want, excellent hotels, excellent cuisine and the great hospitality of the Val Gardena people !!! I recommend it to everyone !!! Degrà Gherdeina !!!

    Lino Santamaria 12-06-2017

    simply marvellous ! I have been going to Selva for 10 years, this year I will go in June to July and August. It is true it is a drug.

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