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Scalve Valley

to spend asummer different from the usual, in total tranquility and away from the chaotic crowding of the beaches, here is the Scalve Valley it might be one of the better alternatives. Green emerald valleys surrounded by mountains, lots of activities to fill the days and – of course – good food: the essential ingredients for a pleasant holiday on the Bergamo Alps.

As we have already mentioned in the brief introduction, the Scalve Valley it is located in the mountains of the province of Bergamo, between Val Seriana and Valle Camonica. There Scalve Valley it has an extension equal to about twenty kilometres. Like an emerald surrounded by diamonds, overlooking this plain are some of the most evocative mountains of this area: the Presolana massif, the Cimon della Bagozza and the Pizzo Tornello.

The height ranges from 980 meters above sea level, in the locality of Azzone (the lowest) up to a maximum of 1140 meters above sea level a Schilpario (the highest of all the Scalve Valley).

In winter it is an area particularly renowned for winter sports, such as Nordic skiing, but in summer it is no less attractive, thanks to the many activities that can be carried out. There Scalve Valley it is so called probably due to the morphological origin of its existence: it was created, in fact, thanks to the course of a stream, the Dezzo.

Not long ago this area was particularly known thanks to the iron mines present in the area, now – however – it is the the major economic engine, without neglecting the dairy and agri-food sector.

Here, in fact, the famous is produced Scalivinella, or formaggella di Val di Scalve: we assure you that it will be impossible to resist them. There Scalve Valley it is equipped for both winter and summer stays: in addition to various hotels and typical mountain agritourisms, it is also possible to rent numerous holiday homes.

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The not excessively high height, as well as the easy accessibility from all over the Lombardia and the numerous recreational activities are the main reasons why people choose to spend the summer here.

What to do and what to see

An experience that absolutely cannot be missed in travel notebooks, when visiting Alps, is definitely a great lunch of tasting of typical products. Usually, in fact, we go to a farmhouse (or, even better, to a Malagasy) and you can taste cheeses, cured meats and dishes of every flavor and composition.

It is a great way to get to know new gastronomies and to taste locally produced quality products. Both at Schilpario that in the other surrounding towns it is very easy to come across dairies selling delicious cheeses. For the more adventurous, after a good lunch, you can set off to discover the Gleno dam, at the foot of the homonymous mountain, whose summit stands out for its almost three thousand meters of altitude.

Il trekking up to this dam combines physical activity and the charm of the mountain environment with a historical commitment not to forget the tragedy what happened here. From the locality Gleno bridge you can walk the path IAC 410, which runs through a wooded area. This Gleno dam, now inactive, when it was built in the early twenties of the last century it was considered a true engineering masterpiece. Too bad that in December 1923, just two months after its commissioning, the dam suffered a collapse, flooding the surrounding villages and taking the lives of hundreds of people. Now, to commemorate their memory, one has also been used show which tells the very story of that tragic fate.

Many people travel to Scalve Valley also to practice Climbing e climbing: in fact, there are many cliffs that dot the area and invite hundreds of sportsmen to take on the challenge every year. There are routes dedicated to every level of experience and physical performance, from the most basic, in which even the little novice climbers can try their hand, up to cliffs more complex and dedicated only to professionals.

For those who don't want to give up a little adrenaline, but want to keep their feet a little closer to the ground, there are numerous paths in mountain bike e MTB, which cross the wood and touch the various villages of the valley. It usually starts from Schilpario, and then reach the Some and Corna Busa pass. In reality, however, even the Malga Barbarossa it is particularly suggestive, even if the itinerary in some points is more complicated than the previous one and you are forced to get off the bike to push it by hand.

Few know that in Scalve Valley you can also fish, both in some areas of the Dezzo stream and in the Manna stream. Obviously you will have to own the classic fishing license, as well as observe and respect all the limits imposed by the territory and inherent to the maximum quantity of fishable specimens.

In locality Vilminore Scalve, an arboretum has been created where you can observe numerous species of plants with clearly different origins and peculiarities from each other. Here you will also find apicnic area equipped, with a bar and a kiosk.

In the historic center of the village there is the Church of Santa Maria Assunta, with a Baroque style and which still has an organ dating back to the 1500s. Even for a short visit, this church is an excellent opportunity to discover the cultural side of the Scalve Valley.

Continuing with the points of cultural interest, a Vilminor you can also visit the Praetorian Palace, still equipped with a terrace where, in the past, the decapitated heads of criminals were exhibited as a warning to all those who passed through there and who had bad intentions.

If you are looking for one of the best dairies of the Val di Scalve, then you won't be able to make a short visit to the Scalve Social Dairy, which has always been known for the excellent quality of its products and the wide choice of cheeses.


La Scalve Valley it is well suited both for spending a weekend away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and for spending longer periods of time immersed in nature.

Obviously the type of holiday it strictly depends on your personal tastes (and on how much time you are willing to spend away from the comforts of big cities). In general, in four – at most five – days you can visit the whole Scalve Valley in peace, both as regards the main places of interest and as regards sports activities. Obviously the area is equipped to welcome tourists, with various hotel facilities and holiday homes ready to welcome anyone.

With regard to holidays shorter ones, we recommend planning in advance the activities you would like to do, to avoid arriving in the area without ideas. This is because often to reach the starting points of the trekking itineraries and mountain bike trails it is necessary to use the car, so it would be better to inquire in advance.

If, on the other hand, your idea is to spend a long period in the name of and gentle cosmetics and good air, then the Scalve Valley will be able to provide you with many ideas to spend your days to the fullest. It is a stimulating place both for families with children, who in this way will be able to get to know a part of alpine life, and for young people who want to have fun with your friends and have a great time physical activity.

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