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Val di Non

In the north-western part of the beautiful autonomous province of Trento, lies one of the most famous valleys of Trentino Alto Adige: It is the Val di Non, known to most for the production of PDO apples, but which deserves to be discovered for its important naturalistic and historical heritage.

The Val di Non is literally nestled between the verdant mountain range of the Maddalene, the marvelous ones The Dolomites del Brenta, the Dorsale del Roen and the Anauni Mountains, which separate the Val di Non from the Valle dell'Adige.

These mountains refer to the historical origins of this valley crossed by the course of the Noce stream: in the past it was most likely populated by the ancient people of Anauni, only to be conquered by the Romans in the XNUMXst century BC.

What is most striking about the Val di Non is the variety of landscapes, with a wonderful alternation of lakes, woods and waterfalls, with the presence of castles and sanctuaries that underline how important this land was in the distant past.

Obviously, the main symbol of the Val di Non, that is the PDO apple, cannot be ignored: the "Mondomelinda" visitor center in Segno, in the province of Trento, summarizes the local passion for the cultivation of apple orchards, complete with a Globe Theater where visitors they will be able to learn more about not only the history of the famous apple but the entire valley.

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What to do and what to see

Spending a summer holiday in Val di Non means organizing days to be lived in the open air as much as possible excursions to do on foot or by mountain bike e sports to be practiced with a view of the Dolomite peaks.

For example in Sarnonico there is the spectacular "Dolomiti Golf Club", where you play in the presence of the peaks declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, while in Ronzone there is the very popular Acqualido Pool where you can relax among water games and panoramic terraces with views on the Alta Val di Non, on the Maddalene and on the Brenta Dolomites.

Precisely in the Upper Val di Non, much loved also by the Austrian royal spouses Sissi and Francesco Giuseppe, the cycle path winds its way through apple orchards, woods and villages such as Fondo, Cavareno, Salter and Malosco, with the Dolomites always in the background.

Kayaking lovers can instead reach the wonderful Novella River Park, thus navigating the Novella stream among wild gorges shaped by Mother Nature.

The park holds places of rare beauty, from the Castelfondo canyon to that of Rio Sass: the latter is the real jewel of the park and can be visited by passing stairways and walkways, dark caves, waterfalls and strange rock formations covered with mosses, ferns and above all green and red algae, demonstrating that, thousands of years ago, the Val di It was nothing more than the seabed.

The circular excursion can start from the villages of Dambel, Cloz or from Romallo: at the latter, a hamlet of Novella, there is the Giant Bench, of a bright yellow color, from which you can enjoy a splendid view of the Brenta Dolomites and Lake Santa Giustina.

There are many villages in the Val di Non that are worth a visit and among these there is cles, moreover the seat of the famous consortium of “Melinda” apples: the fifteenth century is absolutely worth seeing Assessorile Palace, with the loopholes, the Guelph battlements and the four mullioned windows in Gothic style clearly visible on the outside.

The interiors of the palace are richly frescoed, in particular in the Sala del Giudice where the predominant theme is the allegory of friendship. Very beautiful are the biblical themed frescoes, such as those depicting Adam and Eve, the Earthly Paradise and the apple. From the village it is then a must, especially on sunny summer days, a walk to the panoramic terrace of Doss De Pez, from which you can enjoy a magnificent view over the Val di Non and the nearby castle of Cles.

Il Rose Garden is the main reason for stopping in the village of Ronzone: in fact, there are more than 400 types of roses preserved here, some of which come from the private collection of the great British botanist David Austin.

Without instead the "Rhaetian Museum", where prehistoric, Roman, Rhaetian finds and those belonging to peoples such as the Lombards and the Goths are kept: the visit to the museum is very particular, having a path that starts from the bottom and then proceeds upwards in a sort of spiral.

From the museum you can easily reach the wonderful Sanctuary of San Romedio, located on a rocky spur which makes it one of the most characteristic hermitages in all of Europe.

The Sanctuary is the sum of five overlapping churches, connected by a long staircase made up of 131 steps: the religious complex also boasts a small naturalistic area where a bear lives, whose presence is linked to the legend that cloaks the life of St. Romedio, a hermit from Thaur who lived in the XNUMXth century.

The Sanctuary is one of the stages of the "Way of Jacopo d'Anaunia", which connects a series of sacred mountain places: at the hermitage of San Romedio the pilgrim can also receive the stamp for his credential, just as happens for those who undertake the Camino de Santiago de Compostela.

A summer in the Val di Non cannot ignore excursions to the most beautiful naturalistic jewels in the area. Many paths do nothing but retrace the ancients lessons, originally born as irrigation canals dug into the rock in order to supply water to the fields in the valley floor.

Famous are the Lecture of San Romedio which leads to the homonymous sanctuary between very high rocky walls, the Lesson of Rumo and the one nicknamed Avenue of Dreams, which allows you to reach the lakes of Tavone Coredo.

Speaking of bodies of water, the Emerald Lake, reachable through the Sentiero del Gurrone which crosses a lush gorge and the famous Lake of Tovel: set within the “Adamello Brenta Natural Park”, Lake Tovel was affected by the phenomenon of red waters, due to the flowering of a particular alga.

Very interesting is also the "Border Culture Didactic Path" which, for 5 km, winds its way in the shadow of the Maddalene, in the heart of the territory around the village of Proves, among cows near the mountain pastures and meadows which in summer are dotted with blooming rhododendrons with a beautiful fuchsia color.

Holidays in the Val di Non

Those who really want to discover all the beauties of the Val di Non, will necessarily have to lean towards a holiday of at least a couple of weeks. In fact, excursions often take a whole day away, as does the sight of churches, sanctuaries and villages which, although small, always hide some pleasant surprises.

The Val di Non is also rich in castles and fortified residences, from Thun Castle considered the historical jewel of the valley with its totally original furnishings and elegant gardens, to the elegant Castel Valer, nestled among the suggestive apple orchards around the village of Tassullo.

Having more time available means being able to dedicate some lunch or dinner in the refuges and mountain huts of the Val di Non: in fact there is no better place to taste the typical cuisine of the area, made not only of apples prepared in every sauce (to taste the excellent apple fritters), but also speck, dumplings, the inevitable polenta, carne salada, spatzel (similar to dumplings) and potato tortel.

There are also many solutions to stay comfortably in Val di Non, thanks to the many types of accommodation present on the territory: every need of the tourist is thus satisfied, from that of families with small children to those of the youngest or sportsmen who at the same time look for places to rent equipment.

There are family-run pensions, B & Bs, farmhouses suitable for those who want to maintain constant contact with nature and even shelters, where you can rest in total silence, with the Maddalene and the Brenta Dolomites to give the most beautiful good morning to guests.

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