Val di Ledro in summer

Ledro Valley

The rugged rocks of the mountains, the turquoise of the Lake Ledro, one of the cleanest lakes in Trentino, surrounded by the emerald green of woods and meadows; four equipped beaches and two hundred kilometers of paths that are offered to the wildest bikers plus many paths for hikers; together with highly suggestive cultural and historical references such as the stilt house area of ​​Molina, recently included in the Unesco World Heritage Site.

This is the identity card of Valle di Ledro, a corner of paradise a little hidden and almost "suspended" on the Upper Garda, capable of reserving wonderful surprises.
Starting with the "natural pool" of Lake Ledro which with its 650 meters above sea level is the highest regatta basin in Italy, second in the world only to Lake St. Moritz - not for nothing in the summer period they land here from every part of the globe the Olympic or America's cup crews to compete in exciting match races and championships. But in whose crystal clear waters even families can swim safely, who here find a quiet and relaxing refuge from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Postcard views to go through thanks to a well-maintained network of paths that allow you to reach the 2.254 meters of Mount Cadria, the highest peak in the Valley, to which are added multiple opportunities for sports: from sailing to canyoning descending the Palvico gorges and del Rio Nero, paragliding to admire the valley from above starting from Passo Trat or Passo Tremalzo, from tennis to mountain biking on forest, mule tracks and military roads in an enchanted setting that reconciles the heart.

The Valley surprises for the great variety of environments and vegetation, there are 1.500 species of plants present in the area, some rare and studied by botanists from all over Europe, thanks to the combination of a Mediterranean climate and an Alpine type, from Garda to Adamello massif, a difference in height of two thousand meters in 15 kilometers. In spring there is a riot of lilies, gentians, botton d'oro, orchids with unforgettable colors and scents such as the vanilla and chocolate flavored "nigritella".

Between an excursion and a ride, the villages of the area are worth a visit, ideal for relaxing holidays immersed in nature throughout the year, thanks to their not excessive share. With two real "goodies": Molina di Ledro and Bezzecca. The first country hosts the site of a stilt village discovered in 1929 when the level of Lake Ledro was lowered due to the works of the hydroelectric plant under construction in Riva del Garda: over ten thousand poles driven into the lake, one of the most important prehistoric sites in Europe, with an interesting village that reconstructs the settlement of the late Neolithic and a museum that collects the finds.

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In Bezzecca, however, the historic battle between Garibaldi and the Austrians took place in 1866 during the third war of independence, at the end of which Garibaldi uttered the famous: "I obey!" in response to the King's order to abandon Trentino following the armistice with Austria. Also visible to those with historical interest the trenches built in World War I, when the valley belonged to the Austro-Hungarian Empire and was a border area with the Kingdom of Italy, still today crossed by the walkways that led to the fortified areas.

Do not miss the trip to the mountain pastures, where the craftsmanship of the cheese obtained from the milk of the cows that graze in the green mountain huts is shown, and to end the day with a taste of local cuisine, mouth-watering, with the best traditional Trentino dishes presented together with some Bohemian specialties that the Ledro people learned and then handed down during their exodus around Prague during the Great War: from the "Bohemian gnocchi" made with the dough of bread leavened several times and a heart of plum plum, to the “livanze” up to the now famous potato polenta.

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