Val di Fassa in summer

Val di Fassa is located in the center of the Dolomites, surrounded by some of the most famous massifs of the mountain range: i Monti Pallidi, the Marmolada, the Sella Group, the Sassolungo, the Catinaccio Group.

It is located in the far north of the Trentino, on the border with the provinces of Bolzano and Belluno. It is enough to travel 20 kilometers, from Moena to Canazei, to admire real rock masterpieces: the Catinaccio with the Vajolet Towers, the Sella Group, the Sassolungo and the Marmolada. Giants of white dolomite that at sunset, as if by magic, are tinged with pink, giving life to the incredible phenomenon ofEnrosadira.

The valley is made up of 7 municipalities and is characterized by the proximity to different steps, which the allow the connection with the other valleys of the Dolomites: the San Pellegrino Pass connects Moena with the Biois Valley (BL) the Costalunga Pass connects Vigo with the Ega Valley (Alto Adige), while from Canazei it is possible to reach Livinallongo (BL) via the Pordoi Pass and Val Gardena (BZ) via the Sella Pass.

An interesting territory to live e to know through the many activities that the valley offers, excursions on flowery meadows or on more inaccessible paths, up to go up, to reach the peaks that rise in the clear blue of the sky.

To walk on the paths immersed in the woods or strolling in the green of the mountain pastures which in summer are tinged with the most varied shades of alpine flowers, and then go up, step by step, along the high ways that cross majestic scenery crowned by the peaks that stand out against the blue sky.

Le alpine guides and the guides of the territory of the Val di Fassa provide their guests with their professionalism to accompany us in absolute safety, to discover the area, reaching even the less known glimpses of the valley.

Many excursions have been designed and divided according to the degree of difficulty to satisfy the interests and desires of even the most demanding hikers.

Through the use of impianti di risalita, it is possible to reach many paths and trails for excursions that lead to suggestive mountain lakes, through uncontaminated woods, to discover a welcoming and spectacular nature, surrounded by massifs of the Dolomites.

val san nicolo

In summer it can be accessed thanks to the Panorama Pass, a card for free access to the ski lifts open in the valley which is also valid on the main means of public transport.

If in winter it is known above all for its spectacular ski slopes, in summer Val di Fassa has always been an ideal place for practicing different sports activities: from mountain biking, with routes of varying difficulty, to hiking, in direct contact with nature, but also tennis, swimming, golf, Nordic walking, horse riding and sport climbing, both on artificial structures and on natural rock gyms.

In addition to the most popular sports disciplines, the valley also opens its borders to the practice of lesser-known sports, such as paragliding, canyoning, mountain running or down-hill biking, to be practiced with special downhill bicycles.

The mountain air is good for the heart and palate, after a long day of sport there is nothing better than the good ones mountain cuisine dishes perhaps in one of the characteristic refuges, surrounded by enchanting views. Authentic flavors, simple recipes and quality products reveal the greedy side of Trentino Alto Adige.

Places to visit

There are so many wonderful places to visit in Val di Fassa in the summer and can be divided between destinations at medium-low altitudes, suitable for families and hikers who are not particularly trained, or high altitude routes ideal for those who love adventure and have the right physical and technical preparation to face inaccessible areas with an extraordinary charm.

Family excursions

Val San Nicolò

val san nicolo

The val san nicolò is a wonderful side valley that develops from the inhabited area of ​​Pozza di fassa and climbs up to reach the magnificent peaks and the San Nicolò pass. This small but fascinating minor valley is crossed by an alpine stream surrounded by large green meadows full of flowers, where in summer the cows of the mountain pastures graze.

Another feature is the presence of many typical Trentino huts that can be found along the main road that climbs up to the Baita alla Cascata.

As the name implies, the main excursion in val san nicolò leads to a magnificent waterfall located above a meadow where you often stop for a break with a view of the Dolomites or for a picnic in the greenery.

Val San Nicolò is also home to the Marmots who have numerous dens here, it will not be difficult to see them running between one den and another.

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Val Monzoni

monzoni valley

It is the valley parallel to the Val san nicolò and although it is very close, it offers different landscapes. The path to get to Val Monzoni always starts from Pozza di Fassa, just keep the road that climbs to the right to enter this valley.

The path is steeper than the one that leads to val san nicolò, even less sunny, however it is suitable for everyone and offers real corners of paradise.

The wood is accompanied by a stream that refreshes the air and gives life to the area, here and there a few huts and then… at a certain point the large meadows open up where there is space for the malga with a small church at the foot of the mountains. A postcard landscape, a quiet corner where you can stop for lunch or simply for a short break.

val monzoni trekking

Those wishing to continue will find plenty of choice in the numerous hiking trails that find their starting point in Val Monzoni. You can also reach a very charming small lake.

Val Duron

val duron in summer

Wide valley that develops at medium altitudes (above 2000 meters) and is both a destination and the starting point for more demanding excursions.

It is a long and narrow side valley that offers a different and extremely fascinating landscape. Here too, as in val san nicolò, we find many typical Trentino huts and barns. The meadows are home to the cows of the mountain pastures also of particular breeds such as the Scottish cows that have large horns and very long red hair.

Arriving almost at the end of the valley, there are large meadows where you can have a picnic and a torrent of crystalline water (the clearest we have ever seen). A place isolated from everything and everyone where relaxation reigns supreme. Here too you can find marmots running around in the meadows.

Val duron develops from the village of Campitello di Fassa but to reach the beginning of the valley you have to face a long and demanding climb, which is why there is a shuttle bus service that facilitates the arrival to the Micheluzzi Refuge where the territory becomes less harsh. and you can leave for a nice and peaceful excursion.

As we have already said, Val Duron is also the starting point of many other high altitude excursions, from here you can start to reach the Antermoia Refuge with its magnificent lake, or get to the teeth of Terra Rossa and the refuge that you found in South Tyrolean territory. Or even reach the Sassopiatto refuge which is located right at the foot of the magnificent mountain from which it takes its name.

The villages of Val di Fassa

Campitello di Fassa: located at 1448 meters, it is dominated by Sassolungo and Col Rodella. From here it is possible to leave for suggestive excursions towards the Sassolungo group, the Sasso Piatto and the Sciliar plateau.

Canazei: Forte is the best known municipality, perhaps also due to its strategic position close to the Dolomite passes Pordoi, Sella and Fedaia. Canazei is perhaps the town where the ancient Ladin traditions are most alive and rooted, also in architecture, and it is here that at the end of the summer the “Gran festa da d'istà” takes place, a classic and long-awaited appointment.

mazzin: located at 1372 meters, it is the smallest town in the valley. Famous for its cross-country ski runs, it is also famous for the cultural heritage it contains. In fact, important traces of human settlements of Rhaetian origin have been found here (Doss dei Pigui). Furthermore, the only example of a rustic-stately manor is preserved, the "Battel house", equipped with a tower and frescoes and decorations of considerable artistic value.

Moena: nicknamed "fairy of the Dolomites", Moena is the largest center of the valley, and combines respect for tradition with a contemporary and modern style. In summer Moena offers many paths for walking and long paths for those who love mountain biking.

Pool of Fassa: located in a sunny basin, at 1320 meters above sea level, in the widest point of the valley, in summer it offers the possibility of walks, excursions, rock experiences, geology investigations ...

To Sarah: boasts of being the oldest town in the valley, which takes its name from the ancient Ladin language, which means "super water" due to the position of the town with respect to the Avisio river. The town is located on the slopes of Valaccia and is dominated by the Catinaccio Group with the Roda di Vael.

Vigo di Fassa: situated in a dominant position with respect to the valley, the town has a spectacular view over the whole area of ​​the Dolomites and enjoys a privileged position throughout the year. During the summer it is the ideal starting point for hundreds of walks and excursions and for climbing the Catinaccio group. In Vigo di Fassa there is also the Ladin Cultural Institute, a center for the study and protection of Ladin culture.


Ladin culture

In addition to nature and sport, culture, in all its components, is certainly the protagonist of the summer in Val di Fassa.

Al Ladin Museum of Vigo di Fassa you can take a journey into the fascinating world of the Ladins through the testimonies of the past, the signs of culture, art and the everyday life of the present collected in this ethnographic museum. In summer the museum offers various moments of meeting with the guests of the valley thanks to a varied program of activities, shows, thematic exhibitions and concerts.

Also not to be missed is i numerous events in the name of tradition hosted in the various locations of the valley throughout the season, such as the festival of concerts at high altitude "Sounds of the Dolomites".

The extraordinary natural setting and the music of great international performers give unforgettable emotions.

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    There are 4 Reviews on Val di Fassa in summer

    Andrew Iacono 06-08-2012

    Wonderful place, wonderful people, exquisite hospitality. Each year is a new emotion with always something to discover! I don't think I'll change places, it's now my second residence !!! Seeing is believing

    ANNA head 07-08-2012

    Paradise is located in Val di Fassa !! a unique emotion as if it were the first time every time I come back ... I have been coming here for 15 years on holiday .. My second home now!

    MANUELA GREEN 21-08-2012

    I was this last weekend, kissed by the sun and enchanted by these wonderful places. Departure from Vigo di Fassa to Ciampedie, delicious lunch, then left for Gardeccia, coffee break at Baita Enrosadira, and again on the way to Rif. Vajolet, Re Alberto I, dinner and overnight at Vajolet. The next day up towards the Principe, Antermoia pass, valley and down to the magnificent and enchanting lake. Return to Pera di Fassa. What can I say??? Superb experience that touched my heart !!

    Daniela Cinti 27-01-2013

    the true beauty of nature and the best way to find yourself, and the true charm since I came for the first time and a love was born, I can't go anywhere else I don't care here everything is always so different and fascinating

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