Val Comelico in summer

Val Comelico

Val Comelico is located in Veneto and is the ideal destination for summer holidays in a Dolomite setting. Landscapes, itineraries, history and geological sites make it a particular place that deserves an in-depth visit.

What to do and what to see in Val Comelico

Summer holidays in Val Comelico in the province of Belluno are the preferred choice for those who love long walks at a leisurely pace along the mountain paths.

The small valley is characterized by the alternation of green meadows and dense forests of conifers and red pines, which make it very fascinating.
There are several Dolomite peaks that surround it and protect it as in an embrace.

Among these is the Popera group, which has been included in the Unesco Heritage, then the Cime Undici and Bagni with the Croda Rossa to which are added Monte Cavallino, Peralba and Vallon Popera.

It is clear that this is a mountainous complex of exceptional beauty that invites you to discover the area through excursions for both experts and beginners to the mountain, accompanied by expert alpine guides.

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If you love mountain holidays in summer and want to savor the hospitality and tranquility of these places, you can follow the itineraries by mountain bike, or dedicate yourself to horseback riding in the woods, perhaps glimpsing the rich local fauna or listening to the roar of the nearby waters. Piave.
Speaking of horse riding, if you want to learn to ride there is no shortage of instructors who also accompany the little ones on ponies, for family fun.

Summer in the mountains in Val Comelico will surprise you for the places to visit, which are not only those of the spectacular mountain views from the numerous refuges, but also concern the culture and history of the Dolomite valley.

In the 80s, Comelico was the vacation spot of Pope Woytila ​​who loved to walk here: he called it a "hymn to the creator", although he was pleasantly struck by it.

In his footsteps the itineraries have been traced that retrace the stages he touched, where body and soul were reconciled, as happens to the many tourists who undertake this particular introspective and regenerative path.
It is no coincidence that the summer holidays in Val Comelico they are the right time to dedicate yourself to that activity called Nordic Walking, which consists of a slow walk with special poles and suitable for those who prefer slow tourism and which can allow you to fully enjoy every corner of these enchanting landscapes. There are now many enthusiasts who dedicate themselves to this light sport to tone the whole body and feel fit.

Also part of the same itineraries are the Frassati path consisting of 6 stages and about 90 km long and the naturalistic oases with the peat bogs of Danta. It is one of the most important bog sites in Europe due to the richness of its vegetation and fauna.

Excursions in the Val Visdende which offers tourists about 6000 hectares of woods. The place is also protected in summer from car access, which is limited to allow you to fully experience the peace and silence of the valley itself. For this reason you can use the bicycle to discover the itinerary that goes around the huts and pastures.
These are also the sites of the Great War, where you can see the traces left of the conflict, including imposing fortifications that have exploited the natural ravines and inaccessible areas or near the paths. They served as a defense of national borders and were used as an outpost even later and up to the years of the Cold War.

The itinerary can last 2 days, staying overnight in a refuge located at about 1880 m above sea level.

Other trails in Val Comelico will take you to the heart of prehistory, when these mountains were located below the sea and then in an exotic climate, until they rise to the heights we see today. These are the geological paths traced by the rocks that take on colors ranging from green to red, testifying to the sediments and natural upheavals that have taken place over 500 million years.

The naturalistic beauties certainly do not end here and the advice is to follow the course of the Padola stream which creates the thundering Pissandolo waterfalls and along which you can also visit the La Stua ethnographic museum. More precisely, it is a house-museum that proposes the furniture, furnishings, utensils and linen, such as the wedding trousseau, of a typical house of the '800. It is a question of taking a real step back in time, thanks to the attention to detail with which it was set up.

After the waterfalls you can climb along path 101 to reach Lake Popera, which is where you can swim high up and continuing to the right you can reach the observatory, from where you can admire the peaks of the Dolomites.

A summer holiday in Val Comelico cannot miss the sports activities that many tourists love to indulge in, including trekking, climbing, mountain biking.

You can also choose to go to the "rock school" for aspiring climbers with courses ranging from a minimum of 2 days to a maximum of 7, for those who want to attend those for professionals and be able to fully understand the secrets and emotions that the Dolomite areas are able to reserve.
Among the places of tourist interest to see there is also the Algudnei Museum, with objects and artifacts that tell the story of the Dolomite municipalities. It is located in the center of Dosoledo, another mountain village with a road that crosses a series of barns, which have become the symbol of this small town. It is precisely the barns that attract hundreds of tourists who admire these buildings now restored in their original style.

The oldest village in Val Comelico is Candide and one of its most illustrious buildings dates back to 1100 and is the Casa Gera, worth visiting because it contains a spectacular alpine garden with very rare plants and flowers.

You can literally fall in love with this valley just by observing the expanses of fir trees, the series of small towns with characteristic stone and wood-clad houses, but also the peaks that become an exhilarating spectacle with the light of dawn or sunset.

Holidays in Val Comelico

Summer holidays in Val Comelico are really suitable for everyone, because the tourist accommodation system is rich and varied and meets any need, be it families with children and teenagers, couples, friends.

One of the solutions often used are the shelters for excursions which have a longer duration and which are found along all the itineraries proposed. There are also hotels and holiday homes, to fully experience the atmosphere of mountain villages. You can also opt for a B & b solution, which is however less present than other types of tourist accommodation.

The hotels are equipped with all comforts, furnished with the typical alpine style and taste, so as to create a warm and relaxing welcome, in total harmony with the surrounding environment.

The holiday is also a reason to visit the most beautiful artistic places and in this case you can start from the Villa Poli de Pol, in San Pietro di Cadore from the 600s which today is the municipal seat as well as one of the most beautiful Venetian villas in the Dolomite area.

In Comelico Superiore, exactly in Padola, you can immerse yourself in the thermal waters of the Dolomites, where there is a multi-purpose center at the forefront of therapies for the well-being of the body and for beauty treatments. The spas are located at an altitude of about 1200 meters and this already makes them an exceptional fact because they are the highest in Italy, but they enrich even more the choice of spending the holidays in Val Comelico.

The thermal baths of the Dolomites and their benefits have been known since ancient times, as evidenced by ancient Roman remains.

All that remains is to book your next summer holiday in Val Comelico.

Summer holidays Val Comelico

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