Val d'Ayas in summer

Val d'Ayas

Val d'Ayas in summer, what to do and what to see Sunny and characterized by breathtaking views, Val d'Ayas is one of the areas of our country most visited by Italians and non-Italians, even in the summer.

If during the winter season this wonderful valley becomes an ideal place to practice skiing and enjoy the magical atmosphere of the white snow, during the summer months the Val d'Ayas becomes a real open-air gym, where you can venture into the vast green areas and indulge in excursions and trekking, climbing and other numerous activities dedicated to wellness.

But what are the main attractions of this splendid area? And what does it offer its tourists during the summer season?

An earthly paradise to experience in the summer

The Val d'Ayas is a wide and green valley, located in the heart of the Val d'Aosta region and located at the foot of the Monte Rosa mountain group.

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The use of this territorial denomination is rather modern, the term “Val d'Ayas” is in fact used only after the birth of mountaineering, when this territory began to become a pole of attraction in this sense. In the past it was called Val Challant or Val de Challant-Ayas, precisely because it was kissed by the second highest chain of the Alps, dominated by the pearl of Monte Rosa.

From the tourist point of view, the most important center is constituted by "Champoluc": one of the three villages that make up the capital of Ayas together with Antagnod and Saint-Jacques).

To visit the peaks surrounding the valley and go hiking at high altitudes, it is advisable to use one of the many alpine refuges and bivouacs located in the upper valley. But Val d'Ayas is not reduced to the beauty of Monte Rosa: this territorial area is rich in life, culture, gastronomic traditions and scenic beauty.

Excursions and trekking

Val d'Ayas is an area of ​​indisputable naturalistic beauty. It is a tourist area particularly suitable for people who like to venture into hiking and trekking.

Those who love walking, the charm of lakes and breathtaking views will find here the famous "Blue lake", starting from Saint-Jacques-des-Allemands and continuing on path 7: it is a vast expanse of water characterized by an intense blue color and the presence of rocks in the seabed.

During the summer the Val d'Ayas offers its tourists numerous hiking itineraries, various refuges and alpine passes, including in particular the "Col Portola", to reach which just leave the car in the picnic area. of Barmasc at the end of the road, and walk a long path that leads through woods and open areas with a wonderful view of the imposing Monte Rosa: the Colle della portola is a long path where it is possible to see stone bas-reliefs with depicted the stations of the Via Crucis.

The area is also able to offer numerous routes for mountain bike enthusiasts. Those who love hiking can also reach the "Brusson" lake, located on the road near the town of the same name located at 1338 m: this can be covered on foot starting from the center of Brusson, it is surrounded by a green area including a park games and benches to relax (not surprisingly in summer it is very popular with families with children).

Get inspired

The locality of Val d'Ayase offers the opportunity to experience a summer holiday of relaxation and fun, both as a destination for a week and for a longer holiday.

The territory, fragmented into numerous villages, offers a large number of accommodation facilities equipped with maximum comfort even for families with children: b & b, hotels, hotels and much more.

The best known locality in the area is Champoluc, at 1568 meters above sea level, excellent for summer holidays.

The whole Val d'Ayase offers pleasant and comfortable stays: it is the ideal place for those who want to take a relaxing holiday away from the summer heat, placing the territory at over 1700 meters of altitude.

The territory is fragmented in different locations: it starts from the town of Verrès, located at 391 m, and ends in the Municipality of Ayas (in turn made up of several hamlets, in particular Antagnod and Champoluc, located under Monte Rosa).

The splendid Verrès is located in the south-eastern area of ​​the valley, its typical symbol is the medieval castle. In this area it is silence that reigns, the chirping of birds and the greenery offer enchanting walks and views.

Going up towards the Val d'Ayas you will find the second most beautiful municipality in the area in terms of scenery and views: Challand-Saint-Anselme, located at over 1000 meters above sea level and characterized by one of the most spectacular naturalistic scenarios of the valley: walking in this town you can enjoy vast meadows where farm animals graze.

Even higher, at 1338 meters above sea level, is Brusson, located in a large semi-hilly area: it is the ideal place for long walks in summer.

Finally, the main inhabited center of Val d'Ayas is “Ayas”. This Municipality is located in numerous small towns and hamlets, during the summer season it is very popular with tourists and non-tourists, both for the favorable climate and for the breathtaking landscapes, it certainly deserves to be visited also for the various hamlets: in particular Antagnod, Frachey and Saint-Jacques and the villages of Crest and Mascognaz.

Easy hikes

Between spas, unprecedented gastronomic traditions and outdoor sports activities, Val d'Ayas is truly the ideal place to spend the summer holidays.

The best way to enjoy this area, without neglecting the many opportunities it can offer, is to pass through the numerous locations by stopping in the various refuges located throughout the area.

Some easy hikes for the summer? One of the things to do once in Val d'Ayas is to visit Champoluc, very popular in summer thanks to the numerous paths full of enchanting natural landscapes, accessible to all and also practicable by families with children.

One of the easiest routes to do on foot, about ten kilometers, it is also Plan de Villy: leaving the car in the parking lot, it is possible to start a very extensive route in an 8000 square meter green area, surrounded by shrubs and larches. The area is very well equipped, along the way it is possible to enjoy numerous artistic creations in wood. For those who love difficult but definitely exciting routes, the stretch that leads to the “lake of the frogs” offers a literally spectacular view of Monte Rosa and the Matterhorn.

Continuing on this stretch you can reach Lake Saler and Lake Contenery, characterized by wonderful crystalline green waters. Starting from the center of Champoluc on foot, it is possible to reach the Mascognaz waterfalls, which are easy to walk even with children in tow.

The "Castle of Graines"

Val d'Ayas is this and much more: not only walks, trekking and adventure, but also good food and history.

A short distance from Brusson there is a detour that leads to the “Castle of Graines”: one of the oldest and most fascinating medieval fortresses in the area, surrounded by a spectacular panorama.

One of the best sensations of a summer holiday in Val d'Ayas? Waking up with silence and enjoying a wonderful atmosphere of relaxation and breathtaking landscapes every day.

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