Val d'Allos in summer

Val d'Allos

In the heart of the southern Alpine massif, the Val d'Allos rises, at the foot of the hill of the same name; this valley can be considered as the gateway to the splendid Mercantour National Park and is the place where two of the most important ski resorts in the Alps are located: Seignus and Foux d'Allos.

However, this should not lead us to believe that this portion of the mountain is intended exclusively for winter tourism as even during the summer months it offers various entertainment and leisure activities and allows you to enjoy a holiday period dedicated to a healthy climate and complete relaxation. .

In addition to this, it must also be considered that the accommodation facilities present are able to respond to the different needs of tourist flows, proposing solutions that can satisfy couples on vacation as well as families. So let's discover this wonderful portion of the territory, with its attractions and arrangements for spending the holidays.

What to do and see

Let's start immediately with the affirmation that the Val d'Allos in the warmer months represents a real paradise for hikers and walkers. Thanks to the very mild climate of this period and to the long days it is possible to undertake pleasant excursions along the paths that are specially indicated, and which can also be traveled on board a bicycle, so that you can immerse yourself in the full alpine nature and visit and admire the breathtaking views along the many lakes and streams that are present along the promenades.
During the winter, an interesting event is held, the Allos Family Festival which is re-proposed in a reduced version also during the summer. During the days of the festival, games, entertainment and various activities are offered that involve children and families for a review dedicated to fun and lightheartedness. This summer the festival will be held from 19 to 23 August, for 5 days where Mira and Lilo, the two mascots, will allow adults and children to have fun without limits.
Still on the subject of excursions, you can easily reach the nearby area of ​​the Ecrins National Park. This is an area particularly sought after by nature lovers as walking along the paths it is possible to admire a very rich flora and fauna. This is in fact the undisputed kingdom of edelweiss, blue thistles, artemisia, gentians as well as chamois, ibex, golden eagles and foxes. Climbing enthusiasts will also be able to try their hand at climbing some rocky massifs which are well suited to the practice of this sport. A visit to the park's documentation center is unmissable, where it is possible to find very extensive documentation on the park and receive the program of fairs, events and shows that are organized during the summer months.
On the other hand, those who intend to admire unique and incomparable landscape scenarios cannot but dedicate a day to visiting the artificial lake of Sainte-Croix which is fed by the Verdon river. The path to get to the lake will allow you to see some beautiful views and as soon as the lake appears in the eyes of tourists you will be struck by the emerald green color of this body of water. Tourists will be able to take advantage of this visit to dedicate a few hours of relaxation by relaxing on one of the different beaches on the lake and maybe even swim if the weather conditions allow it. It will also be possible to practice a light sporting activity by renting one of the practical pedal boats or a canoe or kayak to take a short ride along the lake.
The mountain places also represent an optimal place where you can savor the typical culinary delicacies. Cured meats and cheeses take the lion's share in the various local restaurants and trattorias that will allow you to enjoy a gastronomic offer characterized by good quality foods and savor a very wide and undoubtedly valuable wine offer. A very special dish that deserves to be tasted is represented by the Knödel, the cousins ​​of our dumplings, that is, meatballs made from stale bread mixed with eggs, milk, speck and cheese and placed to cook in broth. They are usually served stewed accompanied by a light layer of melted butter. As mentioned, cheese is one of the prevailing foods along the French Alps and for this reason a dish absolutely to try is represented by raclette, a sort of fondue melted directly on the guests' table and served still hot and steaming on the plates.

Where to stay in Val d'Allos

An area with a predominantly tourist character such as Val d'Allos has a range of accommodation facilities capable of satisfying the needs of a very heterogeneous clientele.
Those who only need a base from which to start discovering the different landscape beauties of this splendid valley, can rely on one of the many Bed & Breakfasts in the villages. In this category of structures we point out the B&B Chambre d'hôtes Saint Vincent de Paul, a place where you can stay both for a weekend and for a longer holiday period. Located precisely in the village of Annot, it is characterized by the fact of being inside a XNUMXth century residence which has kept its original structure unaltered, to which modern comforts have been added. The owners of this B&B make hospitality and friendliness their main strength, which are associated with rooms characterized by essentiality, without neglecting comfort, and with the possibility of having a hot drink directly in the room, before breakfast. served in the common room.
In Allos it is also easy to find a very wide range of hotels that allow you to have a room equipped with all comforts. One of the hotels that stand out for their warm welcome and optimal comfort equipment is Le Beau Site, located in the heart of Alllos. The hotel allows you to easily reach the nearby ski slopes and has a comfortable terrace where you can sunbathe and is an excellent starting point for wonderful excursions. The rooms available to tourists are different and are equipped with the greatest comforts including wifi connection, which has now become an inevitable service.
Within the Mercantour National Park there are also several residences that allow families to stay in the Val d'Allos without any problem. One of the best solutions of this type is the Apartments Mill, a residence located a short distance from the city center, within a magnificent green space. It has a large garden where you can spend a few moments of relaxation and stroll along the river that runs alongside the structure. From this structure it is also possible to leave for pleasant excursions along the various paths that can be followed either on foot or aboard a mountain bike.
There are also alternative solutions such as camping for those who cannot think of a holiday that is not in the name of contact with nature. Mobile home, bungalow, caravan or a simple tent will also allow you to satisfy this particular need.

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