The best Alpine spa resorts to visit in the mountains in summer

The best Alpine spa resorts to visit in the mountains in summer

La wellness holiday has established itself in recent times as an increasingly popular trend among holidaymakers seeking a sort of psycho-physical regeneration, far from stressful everyday life.

Today many spa resorts located along the entire Alpine arc, scattered between Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia and France, offer guests Spa treatments of the highest quality, which aim not only to cure but also improve lifestyle, including new habits and perspectives.

What makes these locations particularly attractive are the naturalistic contexts, made up of verdant valleys, dense and fragrant woods, crystalline mountain lakes, thunderous waterfalls and idyllic and peaceful villages.

Una wellness holiday in the Alps offers days of pure relaxation and pampering for the mind and body, not without disdaining walks and excursions to discover the surrounding area, immersed in the most lush and uncontaminated nature.

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Spa resorts in the Aosta Valley

htoel terme aosta

In the heart of the beautiful Valdigne in Val d'Aosta, not far from Courmayeur and the scenic Rutor waterfalls, lies the town of Pré Saint Didier, right in the shadow of his majesty Mont Blanc: it rises precisely at the entrance to the La Thuile Valley, at the foot of the scenic Verney Ravine.

Pré Saint Didier was baptized by the Romans Prata ad Sanctum Desiderium and it was a military station along the ancient Via delle Gallie: the Latin people were the first to appreciate the thermal springs of the place, even if only at the end of the 1834th century did the locality establish itself as a tourist destination loved by high society thanks to its spa, dating back to XNUMX.

Le thermal waters of Pré Saint Didier they flow right at the foot of the Verney Gorge and are exploited for their restorative, antirheumatic and relaxing properties.

After having tried all sorts of spa treatments, from massages to Kneipp treatments and saunas, guests can immerse themselves in the relaxed atmosphere of Pré Saint Didier, for example by visiting the Church of San Lorenzo with its nineteenth-century Romanesque bell tower or by walking along the path that leads in the heart of the Verney Ravine, up to a panoramic walkway which offers a spectacular view of the waterfall and Mont Blanc.

The more sporty ones, however, will be able to dedicate themselves to sports such as rafting in the waters of the Dora di Verney, fishing, paragliding or adventure inside the Mont Blanc Adventure Park, where there is also the longest and highest pulley in all of Europe with which crosses the Verney Ravine itself.

Spas in Lombardy

Even in Lombardy there is a spa town that is absolutely not to be missed: it is Bormio, in Alta Valtellina, in the middle of the lush Stelvio National Park. Bormio is in the center of a valley in the shadow of the Reit, which is almost 3075 m high.

Hot springs flow at a temperature that near the 41 ° and they were also known to the ancient Romans: the establishment QC Terme Bagni Vecchi they have a thousand-year history, complete with a panoramic pool overlooking the Lombard town. Then there are the QC Terme Bagni Nuovi, in their unmistakable Art Nouveau style and one of the largest thermal gardens in the entire Alpine region. Bormio Terme, on the other hand, is the family-friendly establishment, with pools and attractions designed even for the little ones.

The best time to take a wellness holiday in Bormio is autumn, when the foliage colours, with the colors of red, purple and yellow, the trees of the woods of Val Zebrù and Valle dei Forni, located right on the slopes of the Ortles-Cevedale mountain massif. Visiting these woods between September and October also allows you to spot, with a little luck and a lot of description, the colonies of deer, with their roars that can be heard throughout the forest.

The Stelvio National Park safeguards Bormio, making it not only a much-loved spa resort but also a place to go on outdoor excursions immersed in nature. We particularly recommend visiting the Cancano Lakes, reaching the Quinto Alpini Bertarelli Refuge at 2877 m above sea level or Val Viola.

The Park also preserves many traces of the First World War and, through the Filon del Mot path, you can see the remains of military posts and trenches; the Monte Scorluzzo itinerary instead allows you to visit a cave revealed following the melting of the glaciers, thus showing an old shelter of the Austro-Hungarians.

Terme Trentino Alto Adige

In Trentino Alto Adige there are two spa resorts that make a wellness holiday unforgettable: they are Merano need Comano Terme.

Merano is located in Val Venosta, between the Passiro and Adige rivers: the presence of thermal springs has attracted illustrious holidaymakers to Merano, from Kafka to Zweig up to the unforgettable Princess Sissi, who made this South Tyrolean town her refuge, precisely to exploit the benefits of the thermal waters and that buttermilk bath that he loved so much. At the Merano Spa it is possible to enjoy truly exclusive treatments, from hot herbal massages to peelings with malt and hops.

Merano is in any case an architectural jewel to be experienced and discovered, elegant and rich in history: think of the Maia Alta district with its stately homes, the Via dei Portici and the Cathedral of Merano, a 14th century Gothic wonder flanked by a bell tower from the top of which you can enjoy an enviable view over the entire town.

Those who have chosen Merano for their wellness holiday will be able to relax along the 6 km of the Tappeiner Walk, at 380 m above sea level, among agaves, cedars, cork trees and magnificent magnolias: from this which is considered one of the most beautiful walks in all of Europe you can also access the Aromatic Herb Garden, where you find yourself inebriated by the scents of hundreds of medicinal plants.

Equally unmissable are the Winter Walk, on the banks of the Passirio river and a visit to Trauttmansdorff Castle, surrounded by a wonderful lush park covering 12 hectares.

Comano Terme it is located just 30 km from Trento and rises at the foot of Alpe Camporaghena, in a bucolic area nestled between Lake Garda and the Brenta Group. The thermal springs that feed the establishments of this Alpine town have been known since Roman times and a fascinating legend has involved it for some time.

In fact, it is said that in this corner of Trentino Alto Adige the witch Sibilla, to escape a group of criminals, took refuge in a cave. Only the intervention of the count of the village of Castel Spine led the criminals to escape. The Sibyl, to thank the man, cured the spots she had on her face thanks to the waters of a spring.

Le thermal waters of Comano Terme they are rich in minerals and bring many benefits to the respiratory system and the skin: in any case, with every treatment offered by the establishments, you have the opportunity to admire the uncontaminated nature of the Adamello Brenta Natural Park at the same time.

Visiting this naturalistic area means getting to know the local flora and fauna, where the brown bear reigns supreme, being considered the absolute symbol of the park: there are many excursions that can be organized there, for example to the Oasis of Nembia, the Botanical Garden of Stenico and the beautiful Rio Bianco waterfalls.

We also recommend visiting the heart of Comano Terme and making a stop at the Malaspina Castle dating back to the 11th century: the 12th century cylindrical tower and part of the city walls erected around the 15th century remain of the ancient fortress. Not far away you can see the remains of the Groppo di S.Pietro Castle, where the Guelphs fighting against the Malaspinas once resided.

Also not to be missed is the Church of San Felice, a spiritual place full of peace lost in nature, decorated with frescoes dating back to the 400th century.

Remaining in Trentino Alto Adige and moving to Val di Fassa, it is found San Giovanni di Fassa, a village located at 1325 m above sea level, with the spectacular Fassa Dolomites in the background.

Here there is in fact the only sulphurous spring, called Alloch, in the whole of Trentino: it was discovered in 1493 and its healing properties are ideal for achieving a certain physical and mental well-being through treatments, electric mountain bike rides and Qi Gong exercises, a technique that combines the principles of traditional Chinese medicine and martial arts.

The springs of San Giovanni di Fassa, used in the exclusive Dolomia plant, have been known since the 400th century, when Odorico Thundsberg, bishop of Trento, made great use of them.

San Giovanni di Fassa brings together the villages of Pozza di Fassa, a destination for skiers in light of the presence of the Buffaure SkiArea and Vigo di Fassa, where the beautiful Parish Church of San Giovanni is located: the church, with its pointed bell tower and the interior valuable frescoes, it is one of the oldest Ladin parish churches in the whole region.

A wellness holiday in San Giovanni di Fassa, in addition to the spa stay, also offers excursions to naturalistic jewels such as the natural viewpoint of Ciampedìe: it is located at 1998 m above sea level and offers a magnificent panorama of the Marmolada and the Catinaccio.

Spas in Switzerland

The Alps contain many places where you can enjoy, in an atmosphere of absolute relaxation, the natural benefits of natural springs and many are found in Switzerland. In the district of Leuk, in the canton of Valais, there is the largest spa center in Europe, leukerbad: rises at approximately 1400 m above sea level, dominated by the 900 m high Gemmi rock face. There are 65 springs of water rich in minerals, in particular iron (which is why they appear slightly reddish).

The springs of Leukerbad have been known since 1315 and the very first spas were built to welcome pilgrims: over time this Swiss location became more exclusive, boasting Goethe and Churchill among its visitors. In Leukerbad there are 4 spas, in addition obviously to the treatments offered by the various hotels present: they all use gaseous thermal waters with a strong revitalizing power, suitable for relaxing the mind and treating the body.

However, Leukerbad is the ideal place to reunite with Mother Nature, being the starting point to reach spectacular sites such as the splendid Dala Gorges and the Gemmi Pass which is almost 2270 m high. Equally beautiful is the excursion that takes you to Lake Dauben, the highest lake in Europe at 2350 m above sea level: summer is the right season to visit it, not only because it has the maximum water flow but also because the Shepherds' Festival takes place near it, with hundreds of sheep populating the banks of the lake.

It is found in the Canton of Graubünden instead Other, one of the most important Alpine spa resorts: it is located in the Schans Valley and its springs have been used continuously for 7 centuries now, with the guides who refreshed themselves there after toiling on the Alpine passes.

At the Aquandeer facility guests will be able to enjoy the hot springs to treat their rehabilitation and the symptoms resulting from cardio-circulatory and rheumatic diseases: electrotherapy, thermal bath, balneotherapy and mud therapy these are just some of the treatments offered. Andeer is the ideal destination for a peaceful wellness holiday, with the possibility of getting to know, for example, the uncontaminated landscape of the Berverin National Park, populated by ibex: here is also the Roffa Gorge, not natural but sculpted over 7 long years by man's hand.

The educational trail instead connects Andeer with Clugine and allows hikers to get to know the forest better, with its conifers, shrubs and broad-leaved trees, not without taking a timid look at the nests of the many birds that frequent these woods.

Remaining in the Canton of Grisons, one cannot help but remember the spa town of Vals, in the valley of the same name in the Surselva region: here is the only spring that flows, at around 30°, directly from the subsoil and the exclusive 7132 Therme establishment, built in quartzite, exploits it to perfection, offering its guests pampering such as bathing in herbs, experience in the Sound Cave and swimming in swimming pools with a view of the wonderful surrounding landscape, dominated by the mass of the Grisons Alps.

Vals is the place where you can treat yourself a regenerating thermal bath perhaps after spending a whole day skiing on the slopes of the Dachberg area, where there are also routes for lovers of cross-country skiing and sledging.

Moving to the Canton of Aargau you will instead find the 18 sulfur springs in Baden: it is a town built on the banks of the Limmat river, between the Jura alpine massif and the Swiss plateau.

The thermal waters are used by all those who want to cure their metabolic, respiratory, circulatory and cardiac problems: in Baden there is no shortage of hotels and spa centres, without forgetting the public fountains which are also thermal, concentrated in the Limmat district, complete with pools where everyone can immerse themselves for free in waters that have a temperature between 37° and 43°.

It's no surprise that too personalities such as Nietzsche and Goethe frequented Baden in the past, attracted by the relaxed atmosphere of the town which however has a lot to offer in terms of entertainment, including theatres, casinos and exhibition spaces such as the Langmatt Foundation, dedicated to impressionist art.

Spas in Austria


In the spectacular Ötztal Valley, among the Stubai Alps and the Ötztal Alps, lies the municipality of Lagenfeld, located precisely in the heart of the Tyrolean district of Imst. There are many reasons to choose Lagenfeld as a destination for your holiday dedicated to physical and mental well-being and one of these is the presence of the beautiful Aqua Dome spa, which immediately strikes travelers with its vaguely futuristic style.

La thermal spring it is also conveyed inside the characteristic external tanks, which have strange conical shapes, filled with water that touches the temperature of 37 °. There is no more beautiful and peaceful experience than being immersed in these pools in winter, among the vapors rising into the air and all around a winter landscape with snow muffling everything.

THEAqua Dome it is also the perfect place for children, with the Alpen Arche Noah area dedicated to them or for those who wish to regenerate tired limbs after skiing in the Hochoetz area. However, the latter also represents the starting point for excursions to the top of the Wetterkreuz or to Lake Piburgsee, where in summer you can also swim or fish.

A valid alternative to the Lagenfeld spa is located in Carinthia and it is Bad Kleinkirchheim, also famous as a ski resort in the shadow of the Nockberge mountains: it was the very first Austrian resort to receive the coveted certification “Alpine Wellness”, by virtue of the high quality in terms of services and wellness treatments.

In Bad Kleinkirchheim you will find the Romerbad Spa, fed by spring waters that have a very high concentration of Radon, a well-known noble gas that is beneficial for rheumatic diseases, for the respiratory system and to combat stress. The establishment is a favorite destination especially for skiers, after having whizzed along the slopes of the Kaiserburg, or for hikers returning from their long and challenging walks to discover the area.

In this regard, whoever decides to take a holiday in Bad Kleinkirchheim you cannot avoid reaching the Brunach Pass, from which the view extends over the Nockberge mountains, the Julian Alps and the Karavanke mountain chain. Don't miss a visit to the typical Alpine village of St. Oswald and a drive along the panoramic Nockalmstrasse road, 34 km long and with 52 panoramic hairpin bends, plus a series of viewpoints with spectacular views, to say the least.

Spas in France

When you hear about the French region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, your mind immediately goes to those romantic and fragrant lavender fields: well also to Worthy Baths (600m altitude) one of the most beautiful views are the lands cultivated with this beautiful medicinal plant, to which a colorful festival is also dedicated in August, the Corse de la Lavande, complete with decorated floats, fireworks and dancing.

Yet in this village, born on the banks of the Bléone river, beneficial sulphurous waters at 870° flow from 50 m deep, considered very useful for combating the symptoms linked to rheumatological and respiratory diseases. It seems that Pliny the Younger himself praised its virtues, demonstrating how well these springs were known even in Roman times. In Digne Les Bains there is also the Plan d'Eau lake, which is actually a swimming pool obviously fed by the thermal spring, surrounded by green meadows and woods.

The spas make Digne Les Bains very attractive from a tourist point of view, although the French town also has other attractions that should not be underestimated: think for example of the Lavender Museum, the Gothic Cathedral of Saint Jerome declared a National Monument and Notre Dame du Bourg, built in the 9th century on the remains of ancient domus Roman.

In Digne Les Bains there is also the Gassendi Museum, which takes the visitor to learn more about the Geopark of Haute Provence, a famous UNESCO site which sees the presence here and there of picturesque mountain villages and works of contemporary art.

Spas in Slovenia

maribor spa

The Alpine arc reaches as far as Slovenia and in particular the beautiful town of Maribor, one of the most beautiful towns in the country: it is located right here one of the most famous spas, located in an enviable position, i.e. on the edge of the woods of the Pohorje mountains. Originally the alkaline waters, particularly rich in fluorine and iodine, flow at a temperature of 69° and are used to carry out some of the most complete treatments in all of Slovenia.

Maribor, located a stone's throw from the ski lifts, is in any case a very beautiful and lively town, known for the production of apples and wine: one of the symbols of the Slovenian town is the House of the Old Vine, with the branches at least 4 centuries that are wrapped around the façade of this house, with grapes from which the excellent “Velluto Nero” wine is produced.

Il historic center of Maribor it is a real jewel that deserves to be discovered, starting from the central Glavni Trg square, with the sixteenth-century Renaissance-style Town Hall that captures your attention. Don't miss a visit to the Regional Museum which is housed inside Maribor Castle, in the past also frequented by Charles VI of France and the Russian Tsar Paul I.

From Maribor you can also take trips to the lake of Sv. Trojica or follow the Wine Route, crossing rows of vineyards, cellars and villages such as Zreče. The latter village is also located on the edge of the Pohorje forests, just 28 km from Maribor and, like this one, it is a much loved spa resort in Slovenia, much more intimate and quiet but no less satisfying. You find yourself at the foot of Mount Rogla, a well-known ski resort in the area.

In Zreče everything is designed to pamper those looking for the best from a wellness holiday to improve their physical and mental state: green light therefore for experiences within the Sauna Village or the verdant Water Park, without forgetting those treatments that use spring water and natural elements such as volcanic mud and especially Pohorje peat.

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