Cheap mountain holidays in summer? here are the least expensive destinations

Cheap mountain holidays in summer? here are the least expensive destinations

Even if the mountains are cheaper in the summer than in the winter, some destinations may not be affordable for everyone.

Often the focus is on the most famous and noble destinations but for this reason they cost much more.

There are however mountain tourist destinations who can offer it same charm at lower prices allowing you to spend a wonderful holiday without wasting all your savings.

Often these are destinations that have not been able or able to develop winter tourism, thus remaining small treasure chests where mass tourism has not arrived, prices have remained accessible and the area is sometimes much more authentic than famous destinations.

In this article we take you to discover the cheapest mountain tourist destinations for a summer vacation:

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Val dei Mocheni (Trentino Alto Adige)

A little-known valley but for this very reason still very cheap, we are talking about the Val dei Mocheni.
It is located at the foot of the Lagorai chain and offers hiking itineraries that bring you into direct contact with nature. The mountain pastures and streams are among the major attractions of this destination, also suitable for families with children.

The Val dei Mocheni is also famous for its holiday huts, old farmhouses and typical mountain huts, renovated and refurbished to accommodate tourists looking for absolute relaxation in nature.

>> Low cost offers Val dei Mocheni

Val di Cembra (Trentino Alto Adige)

val di cembra baselga di pine serraia lake

The Cembra Valley is the second cheapest destination in Trentino Alto Adige to consider. Our advice is to stay in the towns of the lower Val di Cembra where the cost of tourist facilities is lower but the main destinations are still very close and reachable both by car and public transport.

The Val di Cembra is very wide and offers both itineraries among the slopes with the Trentino vineyards, and excursions to the magnificent lakes where you can rest and sunbathe lulled by the fresh mountain air.

The Val di Cembra is often chosen by families with children for the gentle territory it can offer without large differences in height or dangerous slopes.

>> Cembra low cost offers

Alpago (Veneto)

alpago cansiglio in summer

The alpago is a territory of the Venetian pre-Alps among the cheapest. The absence of ski facilities has limited tourism in winter and therefore contributed to making it an economical destination.
In summer it is an excellent destination for those who love unspoiled nature but are willing to compromise with services. Forget the 4-star superior hotel, Alpago can offer you itineraries in the Cansiglio natural park or a day on the beach of Lake Santa Croce and many other itineraries to discover the authentic flavors of the mountain.

Ideal for those looking for a quiet, relaxing destination where you don't spend too much on hotels and restaurants.

>> Alpago low cost offers

Recoaro Mille (Veneto)

Another mountain destination that has not been able to intercept winter tourism due to the lack of snow in winter but which offers authentic nature in summer.
Recoaro Mille is located in the pre-Alps of Veneto and its mountains are also known as the "little Dolomites" due to the particular rock formation similar to that of the more famous Dolomites.

The excursions take place mainly in the area at 1000 meters above sea level of Recoaro Mille while most of the structures are located in the Recoaro Terme area. It offers both simple paths suitable for families and challenging trekking routes and climbing walls for the more sporty and adventurous.

>> Recoaro low cost offers

Sauris (Friuli Venezia Giulia)

Known for its sauris ham, a true delicacy, this mountain destination in Friuli Venezia Giulia is experiencing a significant increase in tourism but prices still remain accessible to most.
It is a tourist destination that can offer excellent excursions without large differences in height but well immersed in nature. A peaceful area where good food and organic products are the masters.

The Sauris area offers simple excursions in the woods without the chaos of the big famous destinations.

>> Low cost offers Sauris

Valdidentro (Lombardy)

For those who want to spend their summer holidays in Lombardy without spending a fortune then Valdidentro could be an excellent choice.
It is a valley that belongs to the Alta Valtellina but which still offers less expensive accommodation facilities than nearby Bormio.
Valdidentro offers excursions to wonderful side valleys such as Val di Frele, Val Viola, Val Lia and Val Cardonè.
Here you will find crystal clear water streams and pastures where you can have fun in the midst of nature.

>> Low cost offers Valdidentro

Valsavarenche (Aosta Valley)

In the heart of the Gran Paradiso National Park, in the Aosta Valley, Valsavarenche is a little visited destination where mass tourism has not yet arrived.
It will not be easy to find a place because the accommodation facilities are few and mostly made up of bed and breakfasts or small pensions and apartments. However, the costs are low and certainly much lower than what the territory has to offer to those who love unspoiled nature.

>> Low cost offers Valsavarenche

Abruzzo National Park (Central Apennines)

gran sasso national park abruzzo in summer

The Abruzzo Natural Park is one of the main destinations of the Apennines but represents an alternative destination to the expensive Alps.
You can decide to stay in different countries and then undertake the numerous excursions that lead to the paradise offered by the Gran Sasso.
These mountain towns certainly offer the opportunity to save and spend a low-cost mountain holiday. The costs of these villages in the Apennines are considerably lower than in Alpine destinations.

>> Low cost offers National Park of Abruzzo

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