Three peaks of Lavaredo

Three peaks of Lavaredo

Le three peaks of Lavaredo they are mountains located in Veneto among the spectacular Dolomites, a short distance from Lake Misurina and the characteristic town of Auronzo di Cadore.

This is a place whose beauty is universally recognized and attracts tourists from far away, especially in summer. In 2009 the mountains became Unesco World Heritage for their beauty and their unique landscapes, but also for their scientific importance.

How to reach the Three Peaks of Lavaredo

tour of the 3 peaks of lavaredo

Il tour of the three peaks of Lavaredo it represents one of the most suggestive excursions to do in the Dolomites, especially during the summer period in order to fully enjoy the colors, landscapes and pure air that these suggestive places offer.

For those interested in discovering the beauties of these places it is very important to know that there is a ring route with a difference in altitude of only 250 meters and the expected time to cover it is about 3 and a half or 4 hours, depending on the time you want to spend admiring the spectacle of nature. It is a route suitable for the whole family, as it does not present any difficulties.

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Arrive by car

It starts from the village of Auronzo and arrives in Misurina traveling for about 40 minutes by car via the Regional Road 48 of the Dolomites and the Provincial Road 49.

From here the Auronzo refuge is about 7 kilometers away. You can decide to park your car in one of the parking near the Misurina lake or continue to the paid parking of the Auronzo refuge.
If you opt for the first choice, the route in itself already represents a small excursion.


auronzo refuge
Auronzo Refuge, where you can park

Parking at the refuge costs € 30,00 for each car.
We recommend get there early as the road is closed when the places in the parking lot run out despite being very large given the mass of tourists who, especially in summer, concentrate in these places.

By bike

The Three Peaks of Lavaredo they represent a destination of extraordinary charm for all bike enthusiasts. With their imposing profile these peaks offer a one of a kind experience. Maybe it's the legend of epic cycling battles, or maybe it's the intense and impervious climb, but whatever the reason, the Tre Cime di Lavaredo are synonymous with great satisfaction and profound personal fulfillment for any cyclist.

The journey to the Tre Cime di Lavaredo begins immediately after Misurina lake (1750m asl) from where a road deviates which will lead directly to the peaks. This ascent culminates at Auronzo refuge located at an altitude of 2333 meters, and covers a distance of about 7 kilometers. However, the real climb begins after the toll, where bicycles are exempt, and from there onwards we have 4,7 kilometers of intense climbing (route details link).

The average gradient along this road is around 9%, but taking into account that the initial part after the toll is fairly flat, the average gradient for the remaining kilometers increases significantly. This unique route offers an intense and memorable experience, bringing together those who face the strenuous climb with those who are enjoying the descent, a contrast that stimulates both pride and envy.

The arrival at the Auronzo refuge allows you to rest and enjoy the typical dishes of the area after the effort of the climb.

Tour of the Three Peaks of Lavaredo

Reached the Auronzo refuge the real excursion of the tour of the 3 Peaks begins, continue to the path n.104, easy to find as it is well signposted.

This path is followed with a certain agility, it is also suitable for untrained people who simply wish to enjoy the beauty of nature.

It is a real walk which has as its goal the refuge of Lavaredo and it takes about forty minutes. During this itinerary you can already enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the landscapes, the fresh, clean air and the clear sky.

On the left the Three Peaks, majestic and imposing. They will always be present and can be admired from various points of view. The only way to fully enjoy it is the Venetian perspective.

On the right, along the path, you can admire the green flowery pastures where the animals graze freely. The soil is mainly composed of gravel.

Stage: Lavaredo Refuge

Once you arrive at the Lavaredo refuge you can continue with the path n.101, a wide path that is maintained at high altitude crossing to the east.
This is the path that should be followed as it is the least difficult. From this first stretch you have a splendid view over the Ansiei valley. Then there is an uphill stretch, for about 500 meters, where you can reach the place closest to the peaks. The path n.101 runs along the small church of the Madonna della Croda, dedicated to all the fallen in the mountains.

Here you can take some spectacular photos. The panorama is certainly of great impact thanks to the view of the Cadini di Misurina and the Sorapis group.

Stage: Forcella Lavaredo

fork lavaredo panorama

Continuing on the path n.101 you pass through the Lavaredo fork which is located on the border with South Tyrol, a 2454 meters high, the highest point of the excursion.

This is the most popular part of the trail. The reason, probably, is that here nature offers another great show: the Small, Large and Western Summits are aligned in such a way that they appear optically to form a single peak.

Being in their presence causes an emotion that is difficult to describe. It is something impressive! Difficult to find elsewhere.
Many expert mountaineers have attempted to climb these steep walls. One name among all is that of Emilio Comici.

From the Lavaredo fork the path descends into a valley, towards the Locatelli refuge, the fork hole is already visible.

Many tourists prefer to take only the Auronzo refuge - Locatelli refuge route, (at 2405 meters) which is the third refuge after Auronzo and Lavaredo.

Variation: From the saddle you can take a path that crosses the slope higher in order to avoid numerous ups and downs. This variant is recommended only for those who do not suffer from vertigo and have a firm foot as the path is steep and narrow in some places.

Stage: Locatelli Refuge

refuge locatelli cave Tre Cime di Lavaredo

Arriving at the Locatelli refuge it is possible to stop and eat something. The menu that is proposed is bilingual (German and Italian). A typical dish to taste, without a shadow of a doubt, is represented by knödel, Tyrolean dumplings. They are bread dumplings with speck and cooked in broth or cooked in water and salt if seasoned with butter.

You can also decide to eating a classic sandwich while sitting on a lawn or you can sit on one of the many outdoor tables tasting polenta with sausage or polenta with cheese and speck.

It is almost a must to taste a nice piece of apple strudel among the many famous sweets of the area.

Here, too, you can take beautiful photographs, the area around the refuge is all to be photographed to have beautiful evocative memories. From here you can take the typical photo of the three peaks of Lavaredo which can be seen almost everywhere or the view of the splendid Sesto Dolomites.

Continuing the walk on the path n.105 you come to a slightly steep descent also made up of hairpin bends. The route is always and in any case easy to practice, it is not necessary to be trained hikers, but it can also be completed by children.

Stage: Malga Langalm and Grava Longa Lakes

plateau burdens longa three peaks of lavaredo

This leads to the plateau of Grava Longa. It is a long plateau full of green meadows, a sight for the eyes! The walls of the three peaks of Lavaredo are always present, accompanying the tourist along the entire route.

Here is also the Malga della Grava Longa (also known as Langalm hut), is located near the sources of the Rienza river which creates the little ones lakes of Grava Longa reflecting the Tre Cime di Lavaredo in the blue waters giving a postcard scenery.

The lakes of Grava Longa are located not far from the main pathindeed, in some seasons a small stream is also created which partially invades it.

Some of the most fascinating photos of the Tre Cime di Lavaredo were taken right in correspondence with the lakes at the foot of the Tre Cime di Lavaredo. The majestic peaks are colored at sunset creating an extraordinary play of colors that is reflected on the waters of the lake.

Stage: Forcella Col di Mezzo

Continuing the excursion along the side of the Sasso di Landro and for this purpose it is necessary to go up again for a while, reaching the fork call Col di Mezzo at an altitude of 2315 meters.

This too turns out to be one of the most photographed places since there are all Dolomites of Cortina d'Ampezzo and Misurina together. A breathtaking sight that is envied by the whole world.

The journey has now almost come to an end. Just make a small descent and you will find yourself in the paid parking lot of the Auronzo refuge from where you started. The circular tour of the three Cime di Lavaredo ends here.

It is definitely worth a visit! You are enriched from many points of view and you can live a beautiful and safe experience, an excursion to be done at least once in a lifetime.

Most beautiful places to photograph

The Tour of the Three Peaks of Lavaredo offers many magnificent places to take photos and selfies. The place is so beautiful that every square meter is great for photographing as the tour allows you to see the Three Peaks at 360 degrees, in addition to the 3 Peaks there are other magnificent peaks of the Dolomites that deserve a shot.

However, we would like to recommend some of the most beautiful places to photograph during the tour of the Three Peaks of Lavaredo:

Lake Three Peaks of Lavaredo

There is a lake at the foot of the Tre Cime di Lavaredo? In some photos it may seem but it is not so if you think of a large lake at the foot of the 3 Peaks. However near the Tre Cime di Lavaredo there are magnificent lakes that are worth a visit.

grava longa lakes
Springs at the foot of the Tre Cime di Lavaredo

At the foot of the Tre Cime di Lavaredo are the sources of the river Rienza that form small ponds similar to small lakes.
The peaks of the 3 peaks are reflected on the water giving wonderful photos, especially at sunset.

Le sources of the river Rienza they are located near the Langalm hut along the route of the Tre Cime di Lavaredo tour between the plateau of Grava Longa and the step with the middle.

The most fascinating are the ponds of the floors which are located just north of the Locatelli Refuge, in the heart of South Tyrol. Even if they are not located directly at the foot of the Tre Cime di Lavaredo, they are still worth a visit because other peaks of the Dolomites are reflected here.

To reach the lakes of the plains it is enough a small detour once you reach the Locatelli Refuge, is a great place to take impressive photos.

Other useful info

On trips to the Tre Cime di Lavaredo there would be many things to say and useful advice to give, we have summarized some of them:

Tent at the Three Peaks of Lavaredo

Even if there are lots of photos of people in Tent at the foot of the Tre Cime di Lavaredo it is good to specify that It is not allowed. This is a thorny issue as regulations vary from region to region, from municipality to municipality.

The Tre Cime di Lavaredo are located in the middle of a natural park on the border between Veneto and Alto Adige.

For the Veneto it is absolutely not allowed to bivouac in tents, for the province of Bolzano (South Tyrol) there are less stringent rules but in any case also here in principle it is not allowed, especially it is not allowed if you are close to Rifugi or other structures.

The advice is not to stop and sleep in a tent to avoid important sanctions, contrary to what one might think, there are numerous controls.

Furthermore, being right on the border, it is really difficult to understand if the point where you are located is in the South Tyrolean area or in the Belluno area.


NB: Many of the photos you find are taken by photographers who have used the tent as a scenographic tool and have not really bivouacked in the area.

Dogs at the Three Peaks of Lavaredo

Also with regard to excursions with dogs it is good to remember that we are in the heart of the Natural Park. It is therefore necessary to keep dogs constantly on a leash and it is absolutely forbidden to let them free.

The territory is protected and therefore the presence of free dogs could disturb the wildlife and / or the animals grazing in the nearby huts.

It is also advisable to remember that this area is very busy in high season, keeping the dog on a leash is also useful to avoid unpleasant problems with other tourists' dogs.

What to do and what to visit in the surrounding area

Deciding to take one of the most suggestive excursions in the Dolomites, that is the circular route that allows you to enjoy the beauty of the three Cime di Lavaredo, can be an all-round experience.

In addition to this experience there are many things that can be seen and done in the surroundings of Auronzo, so that you can spend the summer holidays with your family, or with friends in the name of nature, mountains, pure air and beautiful landscapes. .

Auronzo di Cadore is located, as we have seen, not far from Cortina d'Ampezzo, Lake Misurina and the three Peaks of Lavaredo.

It represents the ideal destination for those who want to spend their holidays in relaxation or for those who prefer to play sports since the town is surrounded by woods and greenery.

Misurina lake

Misurina is the highest village in the municipality of Auronzo di Cadore. The town takes its name from the beautiful lake which is located at a height of 1756 meters above sea level.
The perimeter of the lake is about two and a half kilometers while the depth is five meters.

It is advisable to visit it in summer where it is possible to rent a pedal boat and take a ride on these splendid blue waters from where you can admire the three peaks of Lavaredo, the Sorapis, the Cadini and the Cristallo.
The colors that can be admired mirrored on the crystal clear waters of the lake make it a unique place of its kind.

The particular climatic characteristics of the area around the lake make it a place suitable for those suffering from respiratory diseases. It is right next to the lake that there is the only Italian center that deals with the treatment of childhood asthma. Very close to this center there is a ski lift and the Cadini di Misurina chain. It can be crossed via the Alberto Bonacossa equipped path.

To the north of the lake there is another lake, the d'Antorno. South of the lake rises the Sorapis Group, the Ampezzo Dolomites.

The mills of Lozzo

The town of Lozzo is located just 9 kilometers from Auronzo di Cadore. The protagonist of the place has always been the stream called Rio Rin, which flows on the left side of the town.

The driving force of its waters was exploited to the maximum by the inhabitants of Lozzo to create productive activities that can still be visited today. There are, in fact, a series of factories that deal with the cutting of timber and forges.
Lozzo is also called the town of mills because there are many, still in operation, among the alleys of this town.

In addition to taking a tour, because it is a charming and very characteristic village, it is also advisable to visit the Dairy museum which still holds the objects used in the past to make the mills work. Furthermore, in this museum you can observe everything related to the history of the ancient technique of milk pasteurization.

Monte Piana and World War Trenches

flat mountain and trenches

It is located about 25 kilometers from the center of Auronzo il Monte Piana where many battles were fought during the First World War.

You can still breathe the air. Between trenches, walkways, various artifacts and monuments the area is surrounded by these terrible memories and wounds. It is a real one open-air museum where it is easy to immerse yourself in the sad atmosphere and in the daily life of the soldiers during the terrible war.

Famous is the Bosi refuge in the vicinity of which the soldiers fought for twenty-nine months.

A historical place, therefore, which can be visited thanks to guided tours that retrace its history and secrets and where many young soldiers lost their lives to defend our country, besieged by hunger, intense cold and misery.

The cycle path of the three peaks of Lavaredo

For those who are passionate about sports or even for those who simply want to enjoy a nice bike ride, there is a cycle path that connects Auronzo di Cadore to Lake Misurina.

You don't need to be an expert cyclist. The cycle path is suitable for everyone, even for children, as it is easily passable. The 30 kilometers of track run along a track that crosses woods and meadows on a dirt track.

Only the second half of the track is slightly more demanding and reaches Misurina up to 1756 meters.

If you don't already own a bike, you can rent it in Auronzo. There are both normal and electric ones and allow you to visit any place surrounded by greenery.

Having fun with the Fun Bob in Auronzo

In winter, as is well known, the surroundings of the Auronzo refuge are known for their ski slopes. What is less known is that in summer it is possible not to deprive yourself of the same emotion by descending the slopes at speed. The atmosphere, of course, changes because the slopes will be green instead of snow, but the thrill will be the same.

There is one Fun Bob track on rail, near the Taiarezze-Malon chairlift station, which is only removed in mid-September. It is therefore present throughout the summer season and represents excellent entertainment for people of any age.

It is worth noting that we are in the presence of the longest Fun Bob facility in the world. It winds for 3 kilometers between curves and descents. The only tool to maneuver will be a lever (a brake, in practice) that regulates the Bob's descent speed.

It is certainly pleasant and suggestive, given the panorama that can be enjoyed and it is fun that can be had in total safety. There are refreshment points in the area.

Malga Maraia

For those looking for a simple and panoramic excursion that is good for the whole family, doing that of Malga Maraia is certainly a great idea.

A few kilometers from Auronzo di Cadore it is possible to find large green pastures overlooking the Dolomites, with many animals such as donkeys, cows and rabbits, for an experience that immerses us in nature at three hundred and sixty degrees.

The path to reach it is very easy to follow and the view is a joy for the eyes of young and old.

This excursion can also be combined with the one that arrives at the refuge of the city of Carpi. The Malga is an excellent starting point. You can get there with a mule track or with the direct route which is much faster, as well as steeper.

What to visit in Auronzo

On one side you can see refined chalets and hotels with characteristic wooden balconies, on the other side still uncontaminated woods and streets which can be accessed on foot or by bicycle. And this di Cadore, surrounded by the most beautiful peaks of the Dolomites and at its center the splendid Lake Santa Caterina.

Auronzo Lake

Auronzo Lake
Auronzo Lake

The lake is artificial, but it would not seem like it since it is perfectly and harmoniously inserted within the surrounding nature. It is suitable for bathing and navigable.

There is also a small equipped beach where you can take advantage of various services, including the rental of pedal boats to be able to admire it from different angles.

In Auronzo it is possible to do the tour of the lake even in the evening thanks to the fact that the path is illuminated, or you can decide to take a tour of the shop windows and have an ice cream in one of the many ice cream parlors present in the summer.


Another thing to visit is the Palazzo Corte Metto Museum which is located inside a stately home in the center of the town. Here you can go to the discovery of the nature that distinguishes these places through fauna, flora and mineralogy. For Kids the most interesting part will be the reconstruction of a dinosaur which is placed inside the museum.

Nature Reserve

Somadida Nature Reserve

Then there is the Somadida Nature Reserve the largest wood in Cadore. It is possible to take long walks or take shorter paths. Furthermore, within the reserve is located the Butterfly Garden, so it is possible to admire many specimens that inhabit the area.

Church of Santa Giustina

For those who want to immerse themselves in real art it is advisable to visit the church of Santa Giustina.

This is located in the center of the town and its reconstruction dates back to 1762. Externally it appears simple and linear, but its interior leaves the visitor speechless for its beauty.

It presents a multitude of works of art including frescoes, paintings, marble sculptures and even the organ is considered a work of boundless beauty, positioned above the entrance.

The architectural structure consists of a single nave with a rectangular plan. Each of its walls has cornices that end with shelves. The ceiling is vaulted.

Fun for Children

The sports activities to do in the open air are numerous. In addition to the various excursions it is possible to go trekking, mountain biking or canoeing on the lake.

For Kids, and not only for them, there is the Tre Cime Adventure Park. It is a adventure park overlooking the three peaks of Lavaredo.

You can spend a whole day full of fun among platforms on trees, lianas, Tibetan bridges and so on, all with maximum safety and surrounded by greenery.

There are five routes placed at different heights (from one and a half to fourteen meters) and various levels of difficulty. For slightly younger children there is a play area on the ground.

For children there is also the educational farm ofAi Lares farmhouse with educational as well as leisure purposes.

Structure surrounded by greenery, in the summer months it offers multiple activities in order to let the little ones know the life of the mountains and respect for nature.

Where to stay at the 3 Cime di Lavaredo

The best place to stay to visit the 3 Cime di Lavaredo is definitely Misurina, especially in the structures near Lake Misurina.

In summer the 3 Peaks are very popular and it is therefore advisable to leave early to reach the Auronzo Refuge car park, staying at Lake Misurina therefore becomes a great advantage as it saves many minutes by car.

Even if there are not many facilities available in the area, you can still find the one that suits your needs, here are the recommended ones:

Hotels near the 3 Peaks of Lavaredo

Hotel Sorapiss - 3 Stars

photo credits

Hotel Sorapiss enjoys a privileged position in the heart of Misurina, located 200 meters from Lake Misurina and a short walk from the town.

The hotel offers a wide range of services to meet all your needs, the interiors of the hotel have been renovated in full modern alpine style. Several rooms have a balcony with a direct view of Lake Misurina and a view of the north side of the 3 Cime di Lavaredo.

Grand Hotel Misurina - 4 Stars

photo credits

Il Grand Hotel Misurina boasts a splendid panoramic position, overlooking Lake Misurina. Guests can enjoy their relaxing holiday in the heart of the Dolomites thanks to the SPA area, while enjoying all modern services, combined with traditional hospitality.

Being a 4 stars the prices are higher than other structures but the cost is well justified by the quality of the structure and services.

Hotel Chalet Lago Antorno - 2 Stars

photo credits

Albergo Chalet Lago Antorno is located on the shores of Lake Antorno, just above Lake Misurina. It is in fact the closest hotel to the 3 Peaks and therefore excellent for those who want to climb first without encountering traffic.

With direct access to the ski slopes, a restaurant, a bar, free Wi-Fi in public areas and free on-site parking, it offers a variety of rooms and "suites". Even if the structure boasts only 2 stars many of its rooms have been recently refurbished and the structure also offers a restaurant with typical cuisine of the Dolomites.

Apartments close to the Three Peaks

For those who want more autonomy or want to spend their holidays with the whole family, the best solution is certainly to opt for holiday apartments.

Near Lake Misurina there are several apartments to rent for a holiday a stone's throw from the Tre Cime di Lavaredo.

Sorapiss Apartments

photo credits

Minimal but with everything you need for a comfortable holiday near the Tre Cime di Lavaredo, the Sorapiss apartments are located on the Misurina lake front.

They are ideal for a short break, for those who want to be independent.

Chalet Alpen Rose

photo credits

Recently renovated, the Chalet AlpenRose is in fact the most modern accommodation facility in the whole area. It offers holiday apartments in full modern Alpine style with all the common services of a residence.

The structure is comparable to a 4-star hotel so the cost could be important especially in high season, however this is in fact one of the best holiday solutions.

Ploner Tourist Village

photo credits

They are not located on the shores of Lake Misurina like the other structures and therefore it requires more road to reach the Tre Cime di Lavaredo, however it remains one of the closest accommodation facilities.

This residence is made up of several holiday apartments equipped with all services, it also shares common areas such as gardens and swimming pool.

These are small apartments with a kitchenette, so they are not ideal if you want to spend a long holiday. They are fine for a few days or a weekend.

Places to stay to visit Tre Cime di Lavaredo

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