Tonezza del Cimone in summer


Tonezza, considered the gateway to Alpe Cimbra, which thanks to the Alpe Cimbra Ski Area is very popular in winter, shows its liveliest side especially in summer, when nature explodes in a blaze of scents and colours.

Tonezza del Cimone does not touch very high peaks and its climate, certainly mountainous, gives it very pleasant temperatures even in summer, making any type of outdoor activity ideal.

Choosing Tonezza del Cimone for your summer holidays also means taking a dip in some of the bloodiest pages of Italian history, as many battles of the Great War took place here: the remains of trenches, forts, cemeteries and a shrine are there to prove it.

Summer in Tonezza del Cimone

Tonezza del Cimone is a beautiful town in Vicenza which extends over an area ranging from 716 m. at 1853 m. high, in the shadow of Mount Cimone del Tonezza 1226 m high. Tonezza del Cimone is therefore located in the heart of the beautiful Venetian Prealps and is surrounded by peaks such as Mount Caviojo, Quota Neutra, Cimoncello, the ridge of Mount Summano , the Asiago plateau and then the Spitz (1694 m high): the latter represents the natural barrier which, by blocking the coldest winds, makes the climate in the Venetian village very pleasant.

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The territory of Tonezza del Cimone is truly an enchantment during the summer season, with oak, beech, spruce, larch and black hornbeam woods at their best. All around there are the Valle del Rio Freeddo and the Valle dell'Astico, making the landscape a mosaic to be visited in every smallest corner.

Certainly this naturalistic context invites you to spend as much time as possible in the clear and clean air of Tonezza del Cimone, perhaps dedicating yourself to fishery in the Astico and Posina streams or by venturing into the climbing. In this regard, even beginners can try to climb the 1000 m high wall of the Falesia Quattro Gatti, enjoying at the same time a magnificent view of the valleys below and also of the Pasubio mountain massif.

In Tonezza del Cimone it is also possible to practice nordic walking or play tennis having the Venetian pre-Alps in the background.

There are also many paths that allow you to discover the area in mountain bike: Families can cycle on the Astico cycle path which, in 30 km, runs along the course of the Astico retracing the ancient railway line that connected Arsiero to Rocchette; today the cycle path starts from Lastebasse and arrives in Piovene Rocchette, where there is the historic Summano Brewery, born in 1873, an ideal place to refresh yourself after a long ride.

Then there are the Path of the Vein leading up to 1530 m. of height of the Passo della Vena di Sopra, the Path to Monte Campolon for experts and then the Path to Monte Cimone. The latter is linked to the history of Tonezza del Cimone, which legend has it was founded, at the time of Ezzelino da Romana, by seven fleeing brigands: although the territory of Tonezza del Cimone has been inhabited for at least 2000 years, the village it was at the center of Italian history during the Great War and in particular in May 1916 when the Austro-Hungarians carried out the punitive Strafexpedition against the Italian troops.

Also during the Second World War Tonezza del Cimone played an important role, above all in the partisan struggles.

Just the Sacellum-Ossuary of Monte Cimone it is one of the places to visit absolutely during a summer holiday in Tonezza del Cimone: it was inaugurated by Umberto di Savoia in 1929 and is dominated by a high spire. Along the path to get there, you come across the remains of tunnels, trenches and walkways, which not even the foliage of the deciduous trees can hide. From Contrà Campana, take a mule track that leads to Monte Cimone in about twenty minutes.

Other places of the Great War also deserve to be visited, such as the Crosati Cemetery, punctuated by a series of wooden crosses in memory of the soldiers who fell here: it can be reached via the Sentiero dei Crosati which, if desired, leads up to Cason della Sassa.

Then there are the remains of the Fortresses of the Emperor, among which stands out the Campomolon fort located at 1853 m. high: it can be reached from Bocchetta Valbona, along a military road and shows visitors the remains of mighty walls, small barracks and a horseshoe-shaped gallery.

In Tonezza del Cimone there is also the Great War Museum, an integral part of the "Ecomuseum of the Great War of the Vicentine Pre-Alps“: within this museum space there are objects used by soldiers (Hungarian, Austrian and Italian), poignant letters sent from the front, photos, reproductions of barracks and trenches and then a diorama where the positions on the battlefield are reproduced of all factions during the First World War.

To get to know the rural culture of Tonezza del Cimone instead, then we recommend a visit the El Caselo dei Grotti Ethnographic Ecomuseum: here is the opportunity to witness the various stages of cheese production and the life of the cheesemakers of the past, in ancient and evocative environments, furnished with extreme care.

If you are on a family vacation, a good idea would be to visit the Wood of Wonders: the path starts from the hotel management school in Tonezza del Cimone and leads to Caverna Rosette, whose fame is linked to the 1945 massacre of an Italian girl and 19 German soldiers.

The Bosco delle Meraviglie is an enchanting place, dotted with wooden sculptures depicting children or forest animals, from rabbits to fawns to owls and eagles.

What to do and what to see

Excursions have always been the best way to explore an area, maintaining close contact with the surrounding nature and Tonezza del Cimone is no exception.

There are many paths, some challenging and others easier and the Path of Excalibur it is certainly among the least difficult: along the way you come across green meadows colored by crocus flowers and pastures that go as far as the foothills of Monte Toraro, with the peaks of Spitz and Campomolon in the background.

The path takes its name from a rock surrounded by vegetation, with a stuck sword and the nearby wooden silhouette depicting a King Arthur on horseback. Continuing on, you come across a centuries-old beech tree about 150 years old which is reflected in a sort of lake together with the Baito delle Coste, a cottage with stables on the lower floor and the barn on the upper floor.

The walk continues in the shade of the beech trees up to the Sentiero della Vacche, which leads to the beautiful Valle dei Ciliegi, where the meadows are dotted with wild orchids, violets and lilies. The Excalibur Trail allows hikers to visit the remains of an Austro-Hungarian fort and a trench from the Great War era.

The poet and writer Antonio Fogazzaro was very fond of Tonezza del Cimone and two itineraries are dedicated to him, one of which is the Path of the Fountains, mentioned in the book Piccolo Mondo Moderno: it connects Tonezza del Cimone to the Pettinà and Sella districts and has grassy sections, paving stones, cobblestones and even some steps. It takes its name from the fountains along the way, used both to water the animals and to supply the houses with water. Along this path you will also meet the descriptive signs relating to at least 200 types of wild plants, trees and shrubs that you meet on the road.

The Cima Natura Gallery Path, which in fact follows the CAI route no. 540: after walking on a mule track between hornbeam and beech trees up to Cason Brusà, you arrive at the crossroads that leads to Monte Cimone and Monte Caviojo (on top of which there is a statue of Christ Redeemer, a refuge and a cross in memory of Vettori, who died right on this peak in 1946). Along the path, which leads to the top, there are two galleries, the second of which is 400 m long. and completely dark, so much so that it is advisable to bring a flashlight with you.

Among the most beautiful excursions to do in Tonezza del Cimone there are also the Path of the Tronconi, which passes through the Passo della Vena Piccola and that of the Vena Grande and the Path of Tarbisia. The latter starts from the village cemetery and winds almost always uphill, touching panoramic points such as the Coconeche peak.

You come across military posts and trenches, a pass and a vast green pasture, and then come across another viewpoint which offers a magnificent view which also includes the Lagorai in Trentino Alto Adige. After passing the Casotto quarries, you reach the Pala Grande and then the summit of Monte Spitz at 1694 m. in height. A recently built platform allows everyone to enjoy a wonderful life in the Tonezza del Cimone area, also engraved with the names of all the mountains visible from here.

To try is then the Path of the Woods which, from the tennis courts of the village, follows route no. 5 to reach Contà Tezza, crossing the thicket of a beech and spruce forest. You arrive at Boscati and the picturesque Viale degli Innamorati, and then pass Busa Grande and Tènele until you reach a square at 1109 m. of height.

The next stop on the Sentiero dei Boscati is the Bolgia delle Streghe, whose name does nothing but bring to mind the terrible danger of this stretch at the time of the Great War. Passing the Monte Cimone shrine, you reach the summit of the homonymous mountain, from which it is also possible to see three other shrines, namely those of Pasubio, Asiago and that of Monte Grappa.

Holidays in Tonezza del Cimone

Tonezza del Cimone is clearly a small village, which however has a lot to offer in terms of simple walks or more demanding excursions: in some cases the routes can even take the whole day and it is therefore recommended to organize a holiday in Tonezza del Cimone lasting several days.

In this way you will be able to dedicate yourself to all possible activities without being afraid of wasting time and not having enough to discover other corners of the territory. In fact, remember that Tonezza del Cimone can be considered the perfect starting point for visiting unmissable places such as Bassano del Grappa, Vicenza and Trento.

In fact, staying in Tonezza del Cimone means spending evenings in a peaceful atmosphere, away from the chaos of the city, not to mention that the offer of accommodation it is varied and very wide between B&Bs, holiday apartments, family-run pensions, luxury hotels or campsites to have greater contact with the uncontaminated nature of the place. In such a restful environment, it's easier to set off to discover the wonders of Palladio in Vicenza, such as the extraordinary Teatro Olimpico, or go over the Ponte degli Alpini in Bassano del Grappa or even visit the MART in Trento.

In two weeks of vacation, you also have time to treat yourself to a few lunches in one of the Tonezza del Cimone trattorias, rather than a few frugal picnics between one excursion and another. Between typical delicacies of Tonezza del Cimone, absolutely to be tasted, there is the Patona: it was the breakfast of the peasant woodcutters and it is a kind of polenta, prepared with potatoes (those grown on site at 1000 m above sea level, with a white texture) and flour, with the addition of pork cracklings and fried onions. It can also be enjoyed grilled, accompanied by salad and eggs. Don't miss the too gnocchi with guciaro, pissacan seasoned with lard and the classics goulash, Vicenza-style cod and mountain butter.

Tonezza del Cimone summer holidays

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