Tignes in the summer


Tignes it rises about ten kilometers away from the Franco-Italian border and is famous above all thanks to its ski resort, where you can ski even for most of the summer.

More than a real mountain resort, Tignes can be considered a resort that over time has developed on the slopes of the Glacier. It is in fact one of the last alpine destinations for summer skiing. Its high altitude and its glacier allow you to ski until the early summer months.

This feature makes it an absolutely varied destination because at different altitudes you can practice different sports and activities.

The relaxing atmosphere combined with the numerous sporting activities makes it a somewhat extravagant place. Not far away is the Chevril Lake near which you can relax on a beautiful summer day or the town of Val Claret, also very close to Tignes, renowned for its party spirit.

What to do and what to see in Tignes?

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Tignes is one of the places with the best offer of sporting and non-sporting activities. Over time, the mountain tourism of Tignes has specialized in offering as many activities as possible to tourists who visit it, especially in summer.

From the ski slopes of the glacier to the trails at high altitude and in the valley, water sports on the lake and sports activities in the streams or amusement parks in nature dedicated to children and families.

Trails and excursions

The paths for trekking are many and develop in an area of ​​55 thousand km with routes of different difficulty, both in length and altitude.

In the valley there are several routes for easy excursions with children while sports enthusiasts can aim for the trial routes at high altitude.


This is why it is a good idea to venture into the midst of the Alpine peaks on a mountain bike or experience the thrill of exploring the place in the summer on the saddle pulled by dogs. In the vicinity of Tignes, visitors can also go on horseback excursions in the Alps.

If you want to fully discover all the peculiarities of Tignes, you can't help but consider the idea of ​​relying on an expert tour guide. The guides of Tignes, in addition to providing greater safety, can guide you to less known and more particular places in the French mountains.

Lake of Tignes

Tignes has been able to extensively enhance its lake by offering both traditional activities such as swimming, canoeing, pedal boats and more innovative and youthful activities such as water slides.

The presence of the lake "Lac de Tignes" means that in the warm months, which go from the beginning of July to the end of September, you can also practice numerous water sports that can make your stay in the place even more enjoyable.

Lake Tignes is considered a real amusement park, here you can comfortably rent different types of canoes, kayaks, Stand Up Paddle (slow alternative to surfing, which you drive like a gondola), or small sailing boats.

Acroland is instead the set of slides with which you can launch directly on the crystal clear waters of the lake!

In addition to practicing water sports, here you can take a glider ride or opt for a simple archery.

Typical cuisine and products

Local gastronomy is truly special as it unites not only Italian and French influences, but also those of other peoples. The result is a gastronomy similar to that of the other areas of the Alps, but with some special gems that you have to try. The dishes, although not very dissimilar from those of the Italian Alps, will offer the opportunity to try new tastes from the mix of culinary traditions.

Holidays in Tignes

As we have seen, the town of Tignes offers various possibilities for a complete and enjoyable holiday.

It is no coincidence that both families with children, couples or groups of friends come here.

Throughout the territory there are numerous hotels, in addition to hotels, tourists can also take advantage of numerous holiday apartments, bed and breakfasts, hostels and more.

It will certainly be easier to find holiday solutions in apartments or residences and less in hotels, a classic for French ski resorts.

Here you can stay both for a few days and for a week, as the area offers a wide range of attractions and activities.

You never get bored of discovering the area as it is very rich in various peculiarities, in addition to a purely sporting holiday, Tignes also offers various possibilities to carry out a different type of holiday.

Thus, from mid-July to mid-August it is possible to attend the famous Musicalp, a classical music festival held right in the middle of the snow-capped peaks of the local mountains. From year to year it is a festival that always attracts new tourists and enthusiasts.

Each year, then, a different style of classical music is heard for what many describe as a fabulous experience to say the least. At the beginning of August, however, it is possible to participate in sports tournaments that are held in the area and which do not concern only the activity of alpine skiing.

Not to forget that towards the end of August a trail running competition is held on the main path of Tignes, open not only to professionals of this activity, but also to simple amateurs. The intention of these parties and celebrations is only one: to entertain the interested parties as much as possible.

To all this is added the possibility of visiting unique natural sites of their kind. Among the main ones, the Chevril Lake stands out, one of the most majestic and beautiful lakes in the Alps. Relaxing on its shores is an unforgettable experience, but there are also many other things to see in the direct vicinity of Tignes. Such as the Grande Sassière peak, the Punta di Pramecou or the Rocca della Davie.

Added to these are fabulous places directly immersed in the Alps, such as the Palet Pass, the Leisse Pass or the Grande Casse Pass. Rather than venturing to discover these places alone, it is advisable to rely on an expert who will be able to illustrate all the peculiarities and the great beauty of these fabulous places in a certainly more profound way.

Holidays for young people

Tignes and Les Deux Alpes are the French mountain resorts most frequented by young people, they are the destination of many European boys and girls who want to combine sport and entertainment in a single mountain holiday.

In Val Claret, which corresponds to the "center of Tignes" there are many clubs where you can party until late at night. There is plenty of choice between restaurants, pubs and cocktail bars. In the high season there are many events organized in Tignes, events that often start in the morning with a ski on the Glacier, continue in the afternoon on a mountain bike and end late at night in the towns of the town.

Tignes is able to attract many young people not only for sport but also for low costs, especially for groups of friends. Small companies of friends can often find promotions with which to take an apartment together at very affordable prices, then there are group discounts on facilities and other activities.

All this contributes to making a holiday in Tignes cheaper and in fact making it an alpine destination within everyone's reach.

Holidays with children

If young people and fun are a mainstay of Tignes tourism, family and children play another key role.

It may seem a contradiction in terms, but Tignes is able to ensure a lot of fun but also a lot of relaxation with a completely different holiday offer according to the needs.

In recent years, the French resort has developed a lot of services dedicated to children by creating HOC hiking trails, playgrounds and sports activities suitable for children and not least by offering accommodation facilities such as apartments and hotels equipped with all the necessary comforts and located in areas quiet of the country.

The lake and the fairly flat territory of the valley make Tignes an excellent place to find the right relaxation in the company of the whole family.

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