Tarvisio in the summer

Tarvisio is a municipality in the province of Udine, in Friuli Venezia Giulia, which has 4.223 inhabitants, is located in the easternmost area of ​​the province and is the largest in the region.

The town is located in the Val Canale at an altitude of 755 meters above sea level and is embraced by the forest of the same name.

Tarvisio should not be considered as a simple town or a simple valley, it is much more. The territory to visit is very extensive and also includes minor locations such as Sella Nevea, this whole area is called Tarvisian.

For this reason the nature trails, the mountains, the lakes and more generally the excursion destinations are many and varied.

In the summer months the alpine town offers endless possibilities for sports, recreation and relaxation. A place with many shades in which the flavors of local gastronomy with the joy of traditional village festivals that blend with a unique atmosphere rich in history.

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There are four languages ​​known in this border area, various the origins of the many traditions and landscapes that leave you breathless in Julian National Park.

In the summer you can go for walks and trekking in the woods but also follow the tracks for mountain biking or horseback riding.

In the surroundings of Tarvisio there is the Sella Nevea Adventure Park, where families have the opportunity to have fun on the adventure trails divided into different levels of difficulty.

Not far from the village is the Lake of Fusine which can be easily reached via the marked trails that connect Tarvisio and Val Saisera with the imposing peaks of the Julian Alps.

Approaching the border is located Cave of the Predil, a place that was once inhabited mostly by miners, in this place is located the Museum of the Mining Tradition which tells the story of the place, of the mines and of the people who lived there.

From here starts a mining trail that stretches for over 2 km and you can walk for a while and then continue aboard a train that transports visitors on a journey through time, in a reality unknown to most.

On the way to Sella Nevea opens like a diamond among the mountains Predil Lake, in this beautiful body of water you can relax enjoying the beauty of the landscape or carry out your favorite water activities such as canoeing, sailing, kayaking, surfing or diving.

What to do and see in Tarvisio

Tarvisio is a place that offers tourists a wide variety of activities and entertainment to spend unforgettable summer holidays. The particular position allows you to cross over into 3 different regions.

Known as a prestigious ski resort, Tarvisio also enjoys an excellent reputation for summer stays and landscape value.

Among the various sporting activities that can be carried out there are mountain sports that in the climbing center find their maximum expression. The courses are carried out to prepare people who want to approach mountaineering, climbing with fixed ropes and various disciplines also with organized climbing that provide an expert guide who guarantees the safety of the participants.

In addition to climbing, you can have fun with the golf courses 9 or 18 holes, horse riding, Nordic walking or playing a game of tennis.

For those who love flying there are several possibilities to follow this passion. The paragliding both in single version for the more experienced and in tandem for beginners, it offers in this area unique emotions and unforgettable landscapes of the valley with its waterways, lakes, forests and meadows not to mention the fascinating Julian Alps.

Water sports vary between kayaks, the canoe and the rowboat. This territory fits perfectly with activities such as rafting and canyoning, come from far away to practice these activities in the Tarvisio area.

Sports equipment can be rented on site without the need to buy it or bring it from home. A convenience especially for those who want to try new sports during their stay in Tarvisio.

Even fans of Hiking they find in this corner of paradise a vast choice of marked trails divided by degree of difficulty so that everyone can choose the most suitable for their training.

Mountain bikers will find what they are looking for in the park mountain bike where there are various routes. In Tarvisio you can also practice downhill riding, going downhill on routes that present a high degree of difficulty and just as much fun.

The ski lifts are active during the summer months to climb to altitude both on foot and with your own bike.

For families there are cycle paths to allow a quiet and safe ride for adults and children surrounded by mountain nature. Bikes and mountain bikes are rented on site as well as fishing equipment and even mountain boots.

But that's not all, Tarvisio is also the ideal place for those who love bungee jumping, canyoning, hydrospeed, white water rafting, archery, diving and paintball.

For the not only sports series, we recommend visiting the Mariano del Sanctuary Mount Lussari which is located on the mountain of the same name and can be reached by cableway. The Kassian botanical garden and rest area, located in Fusine in Valromana. Here you can observe various plant species and aromatic essences of great interest as well as blooms and fruiting.

Holidays in Tarvisio

Tarvisio is the main town of Val Canale known for its winter and summer tourism and its position between Austrian Carinthia and Slovenia.

A place with a checkered history, it offers visitors a multi-cultural and multi-linguistic reality. The location offers numerous opportunities for sporting activities but also has a lot to offer in terms of recreational activities.

For shopping addicts there are typical shops where you can find articles of clothing, crafts and food and wine products that are worth tasting and taking with you, the best souvenir to remember the fragrances and flavors of the place.

For the stay you can choose the comfortable rooms in hotels or B&B spread in Tarvisio and in the surrounding hamlets. You can also find accommodation with landlords or rent an entire apartment more or less large according to personal needs.

Among the various possibilities there are hotel facilities located in the middle of the Centenary forest of Tarvisio, on the shore of Lake Inferiore di Fusine, at the foot of the amphitheatre Gliulian Alps which offers a spectacular panorama and a regenerating holiday literally immersed in nature.

Alternatively, you can choose to stay in mountain huts built according to the typical architecture of the place according to ancient traditions. The buildings are in masonry and stone and date back to several centuries ago, the typical wooden terraces with flowered basins and the view of the Julian Alps add excitement to the already surprising magic of the mountain. The furnishings are made of wood following the characteristic style of the place, creating a particularly relaxing atmosphere.

Tarvisio summer holidays

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