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La Stubaital. is an enchanting alpine valley located in Tyrol, southwest of Innsbruck.

It is crossed by the Ruetz stream, a small tributary of the Sill river, which finds its source precisely from Stubaier Gletscher, the largest glacier in Austria, which covers an extension of 15 square km on the mountain overlooking the valley at an altitude of 3200 m asl. It is a wonderful place to spend a holiday of relaxation, nature and sport, suitable for all ages.

Ma what you can do and see in this beautiful valley during a summer vacation? In this small guide, we will illustrate the best places to visit and the overnight accommodation opportunities that the Stubai area offers.

Main features

The Stubai Alp is part of the Eastern Rhaetian Alps, which straddle the border between Italy and Austria and therefore connects the provinces of Bolzano and Tyrol.

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The mountain group is divided into two subgroups: the Western Breonie Alps and the Northern Stubai Alps, both rich in very high peaks, of which well 16 above 3000 m.

The highest peak is the Sugar Loaf, which rises up to 3507 meters above sea level, while the highest refuge is the Gino Biasi (or Becher Haus) which is located at 3191 m.

The Stubai Valley is without a doubt a wonderful place to spend a vacation among splendid alpine landscapes, high altitude woods and pastures, views of eternally snow-capped peaks, whose white contrasts with the dark tones of the metamorphic rocks and granite.

In summer it is a very popular area, both for its beauty and for its own proximity to Innsbruck (only 35 km!) e at the Brenner pass. Along the valley there are numerous villages: Schönberg, Mieders, Telfes, Fulpmes and Neustift, which have numerous accommodation solutions suitable for all needs.

What to do and see in Stubai

In the Stubai Valley it is possible to walk many different paths, from the simplest routes for the less experienced, to the climbs to snow-capped peaks for the more adventurous, enjoy wonderful landscapes, panoramic views with lakes and waterfalls, play sports and relax in the numerous accommodation facilities. ready to welcome the most demanding tourists.

Here are some beautiful places not to be missed during a stay in the Stubaital: even if the tourist attractions in the area would be truly endless, we have selected 3 to give you an idea of ​​the variety of opportunities that the Stubai mountains can offer.

Grawa and Wilde Wasser Weg waterfalls

One of the main attractions of the Stubaital are the Grawa waterfalls (Grawa Wasserfall) and the Wilde Wasser Weg (Wild Water Trail) trekking route, a route dotted with minor waterfalls, characterized by wonderful landscapes with fir forests and meadows. Getting there is very simple: access is on the road, there is a car park (which is free for Super Stubai Card holders) in front of the waterfall, but you can also reach it by bus. The waterfalls are already visible when you arrive near the place, a few steps from the parking lot. Since summer 2018 a structure has been under construction from where you can admire the impetuousness of the water and nature in all its splendor. From these spectacular waterfalls it is possible to take a path that leads to the source. Along the way you walk alongside the stream, which forms other steep waterfalls in its descent. Signage is accurate and well maintained. During the ascent of this regenerating path you can meet various animals such as goats and cows and, with a little luck, even pick blueberries. The first part of the excursion is certainly also suitable for families with children, while the last part, up to the hut, is a little more demanding.

Blue Lacke

Reachable through a walk in the woods, the Blaue Lacke (Blue Lake) looks like a jewel of nature set between the gray and green of the mountain. The route then passes through the Sulzenaualm hut and arrives at the Sulzenau Hütte refuge. With another 15 minutes of walking, beyond the refuge you reach this wonderful lake framed by blooming rhododendrons and absolute silence. From the valley it takes about 2 and a half hours to walk, or it can also be reached from the intermediate station of the Stubaier Gletscherbahn cable car, the one that leads to the glacier and the Top of Tyrol, in just over 2 hours. The area around the lake is also suitable for children, safe to explore and ideal for a picnic.

The ascent to the summit: the Top of Tyrol

To reach the Stubai Glacier and the Tyrolean Summit it is necessary to travel all the way to the end of the valley, where the Mutterbergalm cable car station is located, with parking, bars and sleeping rooms. It is also possible to reach it by bus from the various villages in the valley. Here you will find the course of the river Ruetz next to the starting point of the cable cars, with which you can reach the summit. The system is divided into three sections: the first part goes up to the Dresdner Hütte refuge, the second up to the Eis Grotte Stubaier Gletscher ice cave, which is located at the beginning of the glacier at 2900 m and finally, with the third and last part of the cable car, you can reach the Top of Tyrol at an altitude of 3210 m asl.Thanks to this division into sections it is possible to choose to reach the top through the lift (not exactly economical solution, especially for a family ), or walk at least for a while, also to be able to appreciate the grandeur of the mountain, breathing and struggling with it. Whichever way you get to the top, at an altitude of 3200 you will find a splendid panoramic terrace, from which on a clear day you can admire an unforgettable 360 ​​degree panorama over countless other peaks of the entire region. But for a truly unmissable show and to truly enjoy a climate of greater silence, it is good to go very early in the morning, because during the day, and especially on weekends, the mountain is assaulted by a crowd of tourists, who it could make the serenity of this place less pleasant, which should instead be devoted to silence.

Holidays in the Stubaital

Along the Stubaital and in the various villages that animate it, they can be found many solutions to stay overnight both during a weekend and for a holiday a week or more. In short, there is no shortage of hotels, apartments, B & Bs, pensions and half-pensions the most diverse solutions suitable for all budgets, from the luxury room to the cheapest one.

To save a solution we recommend is to opt for the Austrian Garnis, small family-run bed and breakfasts. These are welcoming structures with all the necessary services but at a much lower price than hotels.

If, on the other hand, you are staying in a group or with the whole family, then it is better to rent a holiday apartment so as to divide the costs, especially indicated if you stay for more than 3 days.

The five major villages from Schönberg to Neustift are served by bus lines, supermarkets, bakeries, banks and all major services. This allows you to book ad beginning of the valley (near the border with Italy) where prices are lower.

A holiday in the valley is perfect for people who are passionate about the mountains, couples looking for a romantic getaway in nature, but also for families even with very little children who want to get some exercise.

There is no shortage of playgrounds, simple nature trails and other ideas to entertain even the little ones. For true sports lovers, the Stubaital offers many opportunities.

In addition to trekking, walking and climbing, it is possible to ride a mountain bike on dedicated routes.

During the summer months a high tourist flow is concentrated in this area, so you can create columns of cars in the valley to get to the foot of the ski resorts where many trails start. This is why it is better to move early in the morning if you want to visit the Glacier area.

To conclude, the Stubai Valley is a truly fascinating place to spend a summer holiday of relaxation and sport surrounded by enchanting landscapes and breathtaking views of the majesty of Alpine nature.

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