Speck from South Tyrol

Speck from South Tyrol

The area of ​​origin of the Speck dell'Alto Adige PGI it is the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, but most of the production is located in the Venosta and Pusteria Valleys.
It is characterized by the "heart" or "shield" shape, but is also marketed in a square and regular shape. The external color is brown, when cut it is red with part in pinkish white, the scent is smoky, aromatic and pleasant and the taste is characteristic, intense and savory.
There is mention of its production since 1289, but only since the eighteenth century has it been recognized with the common name of Speck. Initially it was produced only for self-consumption, then, the production has increased considerably, with the birth and development of many companies and specialized artisan workshops.
Speck dell'Alto Adige PGI is obtained from the processing of the best pork legs, their processing takes place dry and with the use of particular blends of natural aromas often "secret" and handed down from generation to generation. The smoking must take place with selected wood, not cold resinous, with the use of spices and spontaneous mountain aromatic plants, during which the meat turns from red to blackish, developing the delicate aroma of smoked meat.

In the Kitchen

Excellent as an appetizer sometimes combined with fruit (melon and figs), it is advisable to always serve it at room temperature to be able to taste it in all its fragrance.
It is also widely used in the preparation of first and second courses combined with other products such as malga cheeses with which you can create excellent combinations for both cold and hot dishes.

Speck goes very well with red wines from the Trentino Alto Adige region such as Pinot Noir and Lagrein.

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