The Seceda with its pronounced spiers of the Odle evokes a sense of tranquility and peace, offering spectacular panoramic views that seem endless. The luxuriant meadows, the various huts and refuges such as Malga Pierlongia and the Firenze refuge, become the ideal place for a summer walk, for a short break, to breathe the fresh mountain air and savor the beauty of nature.

With numerous footpaths and hiking trails leading to this spectacular balcony over the The Dolomites, the Seceda is undoubtedly one of the essential places to visit during a holiday in the mountains and is one of the most photographed in the Dolomites.

There are various itineraries to reach the Seceda, but one of the most popular is the circular excursion starting from the arrival point of the Col Raiser cable car, which leaves from Santa Cristina Val Gardena. This medium-difficulty route, which covers a distance of 13 km with a positive difference in altitude of 500 meters, offers unforgettable views.

Ortisei-Seceda cable car

The simplest and most popular way is to reach Seceda with the cable car that leaves from Ortisei. This journey by cable car first and cable car after takes us from the 1200 meters of the village to the 2500 meters of Mount Seceda is an exciting experience in itself, with spectacular views over the Val Gardena. The thrill of quickly reaching such a high altitude is palpable, and visitors are rewarded with a breathtaking view of Val Gardena and the surrounding mountains.

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But the real highlight of this cable car journey is the arrival. Once the highest point is reached, visitors find themselves faced with a 360-degree panorama of Val Gardena, a view that ranges from Alpe Rasciesa to Sassolungo, Sassopiatto, the Odle Group, and beyond. It's a place that invites contemplation, a place where you can forget the worries of the world and immerse yourself in the silence and beauty of nature.

Once you reach Seceda, it is impossible not to be amazed by the richness and variety of the natural landscape. In spring/summer the Seceda meadows are transformed into a real natural spectacle, with buttercups and yellow gold buttons, gentians and an infinity of multicolored flowers that offer a surprising contrast with the blue of the sky and the gray of the rocks.


To reach Seceda, the highest panoramic point in Val Gardena, there are various hiking routes:

Ascent from Col Raiser

For those looking for an unforgettable experience, the Seceda ring excursion from Col Raiser is the ideal choice. This medium difficulty excursion offers the possibility of discovering the most beautiful corners of this magical plateau. From the top of the Seceda, the view extends as far as the Sassolungo and the Sella Group, while the meadow is illuminated by the flowering of gentians, buttercups and an infinity of other alpine flowers.

Starting from the arrival point of the Col Raiser cable car, the journey begins passing through the Malga Pieralongia, which offers a splendid view of the Fermeda Tower and the flowering rhododendrons. Furthermore, along the way, it is possible to take a break at the Rifugio Firenze, a welcoming refuge located inside a natural amphitheater of the Seceda. Here, visitors can enjoy the view of the Odle and Sassolungo and Sassopiatto.

Continuing along the path, you finally arrive at the summit cross on the Seceda. From here, the view over Val Gardena is truly incredible. You can admire Ortisei and Alpe Rasciesa, the Sassolungo and the Piatto, the Sella, the Val di Funes and the Odle Group, all arranged like a fascinating natural mosaic.

Excursion Seceda – Pieralongia – Fermeda Refuge

The hike from Seceda to Ortisei is a slightly shorter but no less fascinating experience. During the 1,5 km long 2-hour hike, you follow a path similar to the previous one, which starts from Seceda, passes through Pieralongia, continues up to the Fermeda refuge and ends in Ortisei. In Pieralongia, the view of the Refuge hidden between two spectacular rock peaks is a postcard image that cannot be forgotten. After capturing the memories with the camera, the hiker can proceed towards the Fermeda Refuge, an idyllic corner hidden in the mountains. From there, after a short 10-minute descent, you take the chairlift back up to 2.500 metres. The Baita Cuca, located next to the ski lift, offers a refreshing break before enjoying the breathtaking view from above. This itinerary of medium difficulty culminates with the return to Ortisei, leaving a lasting impression on the heart of every hiker.

Starting at the Seceda mountain station and proceeding towards the Troier refuge and then Pieralongia. After admiring the rock formations, the route continues towards the Fermeda refuge, another corner of paradise. After a short ten minute descent, hikers can take the chair lift back up to 2.500m, with the option to take a break at the Baita Cuca near the ski lift.

Finally, hikers can enjoy the view and then take the ski lift back to Ortisei. This 2-kilometre, medium-difficulty trail can be completed in about an hour and a half and promises to leave an unforgettable memory in the hearts of visitors.


Seceda is a biker's paradise thanks to a wide range of routes, suitable for everyone, from beginners to professionals. During a mountain bike tour on the Seceda, the uniqueness of the landscape unfolds in all its majesty. The Odle mountains and the surrounding Dolomite peaks rise in an incredible panorama, admired by visitors from all over the world.

By transporting your bike to the top thanks to the gondola lift and cable car from the Ortisei valley station, the adventure can begin. Already during the ascent the panorama that is offered to the eye is incredible the environment that surrounds Ortisei, starting from the Val d'Anna, reveals places of archaeological interest such as the Col de Flam, and amazing geological formations such as the Balest and the Seura Sass .

The mountain bike descents from Seceda offer many possibilities. Guided by qualified MTB experts, bikers can experience strong emotions and unique moments among the landscapes of the Dolomites. Fun and pleasure are always at the heart of the experience, guaranteeing every cyclist, from beginners to professionals, and for every age group, a wide range of routes to choose from.

But the real adventure begins when you decide to reach the top by pedaling, it is possible to follow different routes dedicated to bikers starting from the different villages of Val Gardena.

Panoramic point

Built in 2007, the viewpoint near the cross on the top of Seceda presents itself as an ideal place to admire a breathtaking panorama. This lookout point captivates tourists not only with its view but also with the overview board placed there, detailing the names of the surrounding peaks along with their altitude. Observing this table becomes a fascinating experience for those who reach Seceda, making the excursion a living lesson in the geography of the Alps.

Every visitor who arrives there is enraptured, being able to gaze out over green valleys, mountains sculpted by erosion and rock formations unique in the world. The entire experience is transformed into a moment of introspection and contemplation, in which the majesty of nature manifests itself in all its beauty.

Famous Photo Spot

Seceda and Odle in Val Gardena late summer early autumn

Seceda's fame as an ideal place for photography is certainly not unfounded. In fact, during the "Apples World Wide Developer Conference" event in 2017 the Dolomites were admired all over the world thanks to the presentation of suggestive photos of the Seceda and the Odle. The latter panorama has become famous globally, so much so that it attracts thousands of visitors every year eager to resume the magnificence of the Odle from the top of Seceda.

The big ones photographic potential of the Seceda they have also been recognized by other important international companies. Sony, for example, has used several photos of this magnificent landscape during the presentation of a new 4K-Oled TV model. These initiatives bear witness to the immense beauty of Seceda, which has become a point of reference for professional and non-professional photographers.

Visitors to the Seceda have the unique opportunity to immortalize the famous Odle group, either for sharing on social media or for adding to a personal photo album. There is no shortage of photographers who decide to spend the night on the mountain to capture the ephemeral spectacle of sunrise and sunset, moments of extraordinary beauty that are reflected on the peaks of the Odle, tinging them with unforgettable colours. However, it is essential to respect the rules of the natural park, created to preserve the beauty of this unique landscape.

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