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sauris is an Italian municipality located in Friuli Venezia Giulia, in the province of Udine. It is part of the club of authentic Italian villages, and is positioned in the Lumiei valley, dominated by Dolomite peaks of superb beauty and surrounded by meadows, pastures and huts.

The territory of Sauris ranges from 1000 to 1400 meters above sea level, and is a German-speaking area: it is said that the community that inhabits this area is ancient descendants of the Austrian settlers, who brought with them habits and customs of their land origin.

For this reason, in addition to Italian, of course, Sauris speaks a typical German dialect, very similar to the Tyrolean or German Carinthian dialects. The language is unique and has not undergone external influences, so it is not uncommon to meet Italian or foreign linguistic scholars in these parts, who try to understand more about the origin of the local language.

The village of Sauris is inserted inside a green basin surrounded by lakes and mountains. Numerous sentieri await mountain enthusiasts, offering countless possibilities for excursions, from the simplest at the bottom of the valley to the most complex at the top of the surrounding high mountains.

You can visit the lake of Sauris, a green water mirror that seems inserted by a painter in the panorama of the valley. The lake is artificial, it was born in the 40s following the construction of a dam on the Lumiei river to obtain hydroelectric energy. At the time of construction, the dam on the Lumiei was the highest in Italy, 136 meters high.

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In Sauris the architecture is simple and functional: it can be seen by observing the two churches, of San Lorenzo (in Sauris above) and of the Sanctuary (in Sauris below), dating back to 1500 and both having works by artist Michael Parth from Brunico. The village is typical mountain offers shops, hotels and restaurants, able to guarantee comfort at all levels. They are also present three museums: the ethnographic center “Haus van der Zahre”, the historiographic center - museum of S. Osvaldo and the permanent exhibition on war relics.

After a day spent outdoors, in Sauris you can refresh yourself above all with the well-known raw ham and lightly smoked, according to the traditional recipe. It goes wonderfully with full-bodied local beer. Other typical products, thanks to the Alpine pastures present in quantity, are dairy products, such as the delicate mountain cheese.

Again thanks to the abundance of nature in these parts, the area is known for its fruit production. Sauris products can certainly be tasted every day, but they give their best during the summer events, in particular the ham festival and the salted and mountain cheese festival, which attract thousands of visitors from the surrounding areas and beyond .

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