Sas Pordoi

Sass Pordoi is located in Val di Fassa and it is the arrival point of the Passo Pordoi cable car which from 2200 meters up to 2900m.

It is defined as one of the most fascinating "balconies" on the The Dolomites because from here you can access incredible views ranging from the green valleys of Fassa and Fiemme to the peaks of the Val Gardena, from the peaks of the Venetian Dolomites to the Austrian glaciers, and above all the magnificent Marmolada which with its glacier is the reference point when you reach the top.

Sass Pordoi is certainly one of the fundamental destinations for those who decide to spend a holiday in Val di Fassa or on the Veneto side of Arabba. It is not simply the arrival point of a cable car, it is a place to visit calmly and dedicate at least a day to it.

Excursion to Piz Boe '

Sass Pordoi is the starting point for the ascent to the Piz Boe 'peak from the Trentino side, from the 2900 meters of the Maria Refuge up to the 3150 meters of the Piz Boe' peak.

This is a medium-high difficulty excursion. The difficulty lies not so much in the length of the route but in the attention in tackling it. The itinerary is all at high altitude with an average of 3000 meters above sea level, this means scorching sun in case of good weather or demanding adverse conditions that could put hikers not prepared for the high altitude mountain in difficulty.

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It is always recommended to venture into this excursion only if you are in good physical shape and check the weather carefully, also in case of good weather it is advisable to leave early in the morning and return in the early hours of the afternoon so as to avoid the formation of summer storms which at these altitudes are very strong and dangerous.

However, the pitfalls of this excursion are amply rewarded by the views that can be seen along the way. The landscape that leads from Sass Pordoi to Piz Boe 'suggests a lunar expedition, at 3000 meters no trees or various vegetation grow and therefore the only elements found along the way are stones, earth, ice and snow.

During the excursion the view varies between the Cima Maestosa del Boe 'and the views towards the Marmolada that keep you company throughout the journey.

Arriving at the top, a 360 ° view opens up on the lunar territory of the Sella group, on the peaks of the Dolomites of South Tyrol, Veneto and Trentino, but also the glaciers of theAustria that shine in the background.

At the top there is a refuge where you can rest and have lunch before embarking on the way back.

The return to Sass Pordoi can be undertaken on another path that allows you to possibly extend the excursion (if the weather conditions allow it) to the Boe 'refuge which is located further down and offers a look towards theAlta Badia.

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