San Giacomo di Roburent in summer

St. James of Roburent

Sangiacomo, Roburent, Cardini, Pra, Sant'Anna, Montaldo, Serra, Pamparato and other hamlets are a group of Piedmontese localities that together form a system and create a complete District. Area, livable all year round, with a wide tourist offer in all seasons from hiking to mountain biking, from food and wine to mushrooms and chestnuts, passing through the familiar welcome and hospitality of these quiet and relaxing places.

Sangiacomo of Roburent
It is the most famous center, the heart of local tourism and services, located at an altitude of 1.011 meters. In Sangiacomo, there are all the main services, with shops, restaurants, bars, hotels, cinemas, pharmacies, football fields, riding stables and much more. The Liset springs are famous, from which the lightest water in Europe flows, surrounded by woods, ideal starting point for walking and cycling. Many events are organized throughout the year, it is a country "alive and livable" 365 days.

Country with a serious air, also for being the seat of the Municipality and for the presence of many historic buildings, it is also known for the medieval tower to which it owes the symbol. Characteristic Piazza Codevilla with the church of S. Siro, built on a project by the architect Francesco Gallo. Located 800 meters high for tourists, it has the characteristic of "living" around a single meeting "center", the sports area, where the main events take place and where the football field, tennis courts, bowls are located. , the tensile structure and the stage for concerts.

St. Anna Collarea
The expansion of the main tourist center has made S. Anna directly connected to Sangiacomo. Known for the characteristic Piazza della Meridiana, in the Piazza della Chiesa, it also enjoys the happy exposure of the whole District. There are many services also in S. Anna, from shops to tennis courts, restaurants and bars to the recent "Alpi del Mare" golf course, within the beautiful Pul area where the historic Chapel of San Salvatore.

Serra of Pamparato
Welcoming resort, located between Mount Alpet, from where the famous chairlift starts and Mount Savino, with Mount Mindino behind it, it is famous for its tranquility and greenery. Of particular note are some beautiful meadows, the destination of frequent trips for picnics and games. Equipped with several shops, a museum and a pizzeria, restaurant and farmhouse, it has some beautiful walks in the area, including that of the "Queen" which connects up to the Casotto Castle.

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Roburent hinges. It is the most mountainous town in the whole district, at an altitude of 1.158 meters. Located at the foot of Monte Alpet, it is the closest resort to the slopes. Small but very lively, thanks to a nice group of young people and the very active Pro Loco (connected to Serra) that animates the country all year round. In fact, in addition to the slopes, the country offers a nice hotel, a minimarket, bowling green, volleyball and much more. Surrounded by greenery, it is an ideal starting point for excursions of all kinds. To see the small church dedicated to S. Matteo. Many organized events, for info 0174 / 22.75.60.

Montaldo di Mondovì
Located at 796 meters above sea level, it is a center of ancient origins, the current seat of the Municipality and of some commercial and restaurant activities. The area of ​​the football field is beautiful, surrounded by chestnut woods with many pleasant walks. To visit the area of ​​the Castle with an archaeological area and the parish church of the Assunta.

Historic town seat of the homonymous municipality, located at 816 meters. Also of ancient origin, it is famous for its castle, seat of the Municipality, and for the parish church of San Biagio. Several cultural initiatives promoted by the Municipality and by the local Pro Loco are of particular importance, the food and wine proposals are not to be missed.

Pra of Roburent
Small alpine village at 1.014 meters above sea level, on the slopes of Mount Alpet, also known for being the destination of the road that reaches it from Sangiacomo via the Vernagli. The Church is very well known with its imposing bell tower and the ancient portico. Don't miss the murals on the houses.

Outdoor sports

There are many sports proposals in the San Giacomo di Roburent District, which with the collaboration of the Parpaiun Association, allows you to spend "active holidays"By mountain bike. In collaboration with professional instructors, various appointments are organized that lead tourists to discover the beauties of San Giacomo. In the saddle of the bike you can visit the woods of Montaldo and Roburent or climb Mount Alpet with a refreshing break in mountain huts.
Those who prefer Trekking in San Giacomo di Roburent have the opportunity to enjoy the beauties of the mountain. To mention the "Tour of the hamlets of Pra di Roburent" to discover an incredible vertical colony of badgers (taxus bacata) and an incomparable view over the whole Corsaglie valley, Or the Tour of the old mine that leads to the ancient barite mine while browsing the chestnut woods of the Corsaglia valley. Or even excursions in the "Suspended valley of Casera vecchia" (karst itinerary of dell'Artesinera) which from the summit of Mount Merdenzone offers an exaggerated 360 degree panorama.

Typical products

The valleys of San Giacomo di Roburent have managed to preserve the typical food and typical products which represent a sort of business card of taste, which is deservedly appreciated. The pristine areas they know how to offer products that are born in "purity" and for this reason they are widely appreciated.
Chestnuts, potatoes from Monte Alpet, corn, buckwheat, walnuts and hazelnuts, game, Raschera cheese they are just examples of a wide range of proposals for those who love healthy food there and a basis of excellence to produce a tasty and original cuisine.

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    Minimum altitude:900m above sea level
    Maximum altitude: 1600m above sea level
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    There are 8 Reviews on San Giacomo di Roburent in summer

    vivian coast 18-06-2012

    our territory offers a lot with all its valleys full of sun and snow, we are waiting for you

    laura cable 18-06-2012

    I've been attending it for a while (6 years) but I feel at home. Quiet but hospitable location. Laura

    Renata Roattino 18-06-2012

    an area not to be underestimated and to love…. ;)

    Fabrizio Priami 18-06-2012

    Whenever commitments allow it, I run up to "detoxify" from all the stresses accumulated during the week from city life and the sensations you feel are always the same and fascinating.
    In S. Giacomo I find the silence that I can "hear",
    in S. Giacomo I find the peace and tranquility "that smell" and that I breathe deeply,
    in S. Giacomo I find colors that I can almost "touch",
    in S. Giacomo I find the serenity that we have now lost in our. live daily.

    varvello marilisa 22-06-2012

    San Giacomo remains in everyone's heart. The "green" to discover and experience, the "white" all to ski, the welcome, the smile of its views and its district. It is a country where people are committed to making it "alive", where the pro loco works to propose different activities, where there is a wonderful group called PARPAIUN that works hard to enhance the territory. In short, in short: I LOVE SANGIACOMO!

    Fabio Giuffra 22-06-2012

    Sangiacomo for ever ... here you can really find your roots and get excited with the colors of nature, the quiet, the views of the Alpet ... ..

    Laura May 03-08-2012

    Discovered in winter, it is now a fixed destination even in August, when you can disperse from the crowds and enjoy the greenery, the silence and the delicious berries.
    Perfect with children.

    LUISA ZUNINO 25-06-2013

    We are in the fourth generation of vacationers ... whenever we can, my son Simone and I leave the city and go to breathe "our" air. snow in winter bikes in summer lots of beautiful walks and good food plus lots of friends. seeing is believing!

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