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Saas Fee is a town located in the Saas Valley in Switzerland. The Saas Valley extends over its entire length in the Canton of Valais and is surrounded by 18 peaks each approximately 4000 meters high.

The landscape is a real spectacle, with its glaciers that dominate the peaks and the beautiful mountains covered with forests and paths, it leaves anyone who happens to admire it breathless.

In summer, a mild climate and wonderfully fresh air, vaguely reminiscent of a Mediterranean climate, make Saas Fee unique, known for being one of the largest tourist complexes and alpine base in the world.

The pearl of the Alps, this is the nickname given to the town, located at about 1800 m above sea level, extends its territory in the area of ​​the Pennine Alps and the nearby Dom glacier, a peak about 4500 m high, the third highest mountain in the Alps and the second highest in Switzerland. This mountain group is most popular in the winter months, while in the summer months, the most visited and experienced peaks are that of Lenzspitze and Nadelhorn, which are also part of the Pennine Alps. In Saas Fee it is possible to ski even in summer thanks to the presence of these mountains and glaciers, it is no coincidence that the teams of ski teams from all over the world stay in this location to train. Saas Fee offers over twenty ski lifts, including: a funicular, three cable cars, gondola lifts, including one dedicated to hikers. The ski slope reaches a height of 3500 meters, covers a hundred kilometers of territory and is divided according to level of difficulty, so it is for both expert skiers and beginners. Besides skiing, there are many other ways to enjoy Saas Fee holiday resort in the summer. Hiking trails, cycle paths and via ferratas offer hundreds of opportunities for fun and special days in the mountains, but off-piste. Among the most popular sports there is cross-country skiing, curling, ice climbing, but also routes to be done with snowshoes. The activities offered are not just sports, in fact, the numerous restaurants and nightclubs give the opportunity to have fun at night and taste the delicious local cuisine.

What to do and what to see

There is so much to do in Saas Fee. Whether on holiday with the family, or in a group with friends or as a couple, the activities offered in your free time to enrich the summer days are among the most diverse. The tourist resort is a dream for anyone who is in love with adventures surrounded by nature and at high altitude. It is also the destination of many photographers who capture all its nuances. Mountain excursions are on request, the mountain guide organizes climbing routes, glacier crossings at 4000 meters. Whenever you are about to go on such a hike, suitable and safe clothing is required.

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The Almagell Adventure Trail is the perfect excursion for adventurous families, young kids or simply adventure lovers in general. This tour is carried out through one of the rocky passages in the area, it is made up of bridges that follow one another, with a maximum length of 60 meters. This passage starts from Furggstalden and reaches the Almagellernhorn, one of the peaks of the Pennine Alps. The hike lasts approximately one hour and ends with the descent into the valley to Saas Almagell.

Located next to the Alpin Express, is the Parco delle Funi, a complex dedicated to wild and active adventure, consisting of a dense network of ropes and zip lines. The park is open to adults and children as long as they are at least ten years old. Here children can safely climb tied trees. All zip lines are equipped with a solid safety system and offer a unique opportunity for fun. The park is open from June to October and closes in case of bad weather. Still on the zip line theme, but much more thrilling, is the Gorge Alpina. This route starts in Saas Fee and runs across the entire Fee gorge, connecting the town to Saas Grund. The excursion always takes place being accompanied by a mountain guide who will lead you through stairs, suspension bridges and steel ropes. This tour is also available in the summer period from June to October. Suitable for the whole family, this is the Feeblitz toboggan run experience. The toboggan is made to carry one or two people, so it is possible to go down to the valley even as a couple. The track is the steepest in the Alps, so much so that the toboggan speeds by at about 40 kilometers per hour. Safe fun for the whole family open from June to November.

The town of Saas Fee can make any mountain bike enthusiast happy. With its 70 kilometers well marked for all tastes, from families to experts and enthusiasts, offering both simple and easy routes, and challenging routes, suitable for those who want to work to their limits. The tourist office of the complex allows the rental of mountain bikes and electric bikes, and also sells maps of all the trails. For walks in the name of well-being, you can practice Nordic walking. The activity is suitable for all types of people and is a complete workout for the whole body, thanks to the use of the famous support sticks. Saas Fee offers 15 kilometers of trails suitable for the practice of this sport born in Finland, moreover the tour guide will be able to give important advice on how to practice the discipline in order to get the best results. A must-do experience is a visit to a glacier. The excursion is organized on request only for the summer months and, guided by an expert, you will walk towards the Mischabe Mountains, which will offer spectacular views of the mountain landscape.

It becomes difficult to take your eyes off so much beauty and the many outdoor activities, but in case of bad weather, the proposals for free time are no less. Among the places to visit is the Ice Pavillion, an ice pavilion whose structure is located inside a 2000-year-old glacier. In the structure it is possible to admire sculptures made of ice, which depict animals, floral designs, and are described through legends and myths related to each of them. Inside the Ice Pavilion it is also possible to witness a simulation of an avalanche. Although there is no station or platforms, Saas Fee does have a train, its name is the Allalino. This is an electric train with a locomotive engine with which to tour the city; the route takes about 50 minutes and starts at different times of the day, every day of the week except Thursday. The train consists of two carriages and can accommodate up to 56 adults, and it is also possible to rent it for parties or private moments.

Holidays in Saas Fee

The town of Saas Fee can be an excellent choice for holidays dedicated to wellness and fun. The town offers a wide choice of hotels, residences, but also normal B & Bs. where to stay for as long as you want. Given the wide range of activities to be carried out and able to satisfy any need, a holiday in Saas Fee is suitable for any type of holiday, whether you want to stay for a weekend, or whether you want to stay for longer. Noteworthy is the possibility of staying in one of the many spa hotels in the area, this type of holiday is ideal for a couple or even alone to relax. The numerous hotels are ready to welcome both families and groups of friends, so Saas Fee can be the perfect destination for both children and adults. Each hotel offers different packages according to your needs, with options included in case of the presence of children. In case you do not want to stay in hotels, holiday apartments are available throughout the resort for all budgets.

Summer holidays Saas Fee

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