Recoaro in the summer

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Renowned spa town already in the 1800s Recoaro Terme is known to the public for both the ski area Recoaro Mille which offered winter sports enthusiasts excellent opportunities for fun and sport, both for the beauty of the landscapes and the nature that reveals itself as the summer season approaches.

Its geographical position, at the foot of the mountain massif of Small Dolomites and overlooking the Agno plain, it is ideal for spending summer holidays in the mountains. Here nature and history merge in the spectacular panorama of the woods and valleys, of lakes and age-old forests, which can be admired in easy and comfortable walks on foot, by mountain bike along the carriage roads and mule tracks or, again, climbing among the steep rock walls of the dolomitic complex.

Le Small Dolomites, so called due to the lower altitude of the older sisters, offer panoramic views of great beauty interspersed with many natural springs that flow between mountains and valleys and alpine lakes.

The rainy nature of the climate and the abundance of water constitute one of the main attractions of Recoaro, which it presents numerous sources of healing and therapeutic water which in the past have contributed to the development of the locality as an elegant and renowned spa appointment since the nineteenth century, still today testified by the many liberty and art deco style buildings that can be admired set in the verdant curtain of the Conca di Smeraldo.

To visit an exhibition space of great charm and interest, the Soldier's Life Museum in the Great War, which collects artifacts, documents and testimonies found in the Alpine glaciers dating back to the terrible conflict that affected these territories at the beginning of the twentieth century.

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According to many, the heritage kept in this museum represents the most complete and exhaustive testimony of the life of the soldiers who spent the terrible years of the war here, from clothes to photographs, from souvenirs to everyday objects, in moments of peace as during military operations.

Trail of the waterfalls

The charm of Recoaro manifests itself in a distinctive way in the Trail of the waterfalls. This place, shrouded in mystery and natural beauty, offers visitors a memorable experience, a perfect synthesis between history and nature.

The starting point of the trail is Malga Lora, an ideal place to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Recoaro Terme. From here, the trail winds its way through a series of points of interest that stand out for their uniqueness and appeal.

Along the path, there is the Trattoria Obante, a perfect place to take a break and taste the local cuisine. A culinary experience here can be enriched by a walk along the dirt road that leads to the beech forest. Here, nature shows all its splendour, with the wall of beech trees creating a suggestive and unique landscape.

Further on, theMontagnole plateau offers visitors an exceptional overview. This vast open area is characterized by the remains of old dry stone walls and trenches from the Great War, offering a glimpse into the past and a unique opportunity to reflect on the history of the place.

One of the main points of interest on the trail is the Cesare Battisti Refuge (1260m asl). Here, visitors can take a break and admire the surrounding landscape, embellished by the presence of old war posts refurbished.

Despite the length of about 7 km and the climb of 340 meters, the path of the Recoaro waterfalls is also accessible to less experienced people, including families with children. The low difficulty and moderate duration make it an excellent option for a day trip, but its true appeal lies in its ability to captivate with its natural beauty and historical richness. The experience of walking along this trail is a journey through beautiful nature and history, an adventure worth having.

Alpe Campogrosso

Alpe Campogrosso in Recoaro offers a variety of hiking trails that explore the rich history and unforgettable natural landscape of this area of ​​the Small Dolomites. The experience begins on the Historic Path of Campogrosso, an easy circular itinerary known for its historical and naturalistic importance. It's more than just a walk in the mountains, it's a journey through time, in the crucial moments of the Great War that marked the area.

The route extends inside theOpen-air ecomuseum of the Great War in the Vicenza pre-Alps, a place that bears witness to a bygone era. The journey starts from Passo di Campogrosso, located just beyond the refuge and exactly on the border with the province of Trento. Located on the north side of the Postal and Observatory peaks, the trail offers spectacular views of the surrounding mountains.

Advancing along the path, visitors come across the capital with the Madonna of the Alpini, a symbol of the war period. Shortly after, a dry stone wall appears with several boundary stones dated 1751. These demarcation signs represent the definition of the borders between the Serenissima Republic of Venice and the Austrian Empire, established during the Congress of Rovereto at the request of Maria Teresa of Austria and Doge Pietro Grimani.

The path then winds along the side of Cima Postal, which on the opposite side housed the top station of the cableway dating back to the Great War. Hikers can observe the damming structures created in the summer of 1916, which still stand out in the mountain. The innumerable signs along the path indicate the posts, the observatories, the tunnels, the bunkers, the trenches, the military roads and the places where battles took place during the Great War.

Campogrosso is an open-air museum that combines historical traces with the natural wonders of the place, offering a moment of peace and observation of nature after a journey through the pain of war. Here there is also the old house of the Rifugio Schio, an ancient refuge in the Little Dolomites dating back to the end of the 19th century.

For those looking to go further, the area offers more challenging excursions such as the ascent to the top of Sisilla, or the path that leads to the base of the walls, such as the famous Gei spire.

Alpe Campogrosso in Recoaro is not only a place of natural beauty, but also a stage in history, where you can breathe the air of the Great War and appreciate the uniqueness of the mountain landscape. Each step represents a step in history, making this hike a must-do experience for nature and history buffs.

Split Mountain

The Montagna Spaccata of Recoaro Terme is a fascinating and mysterious place, immersed in the majesty of the Little Dolomites. This natural wonder, located not far from the Recoaro Mille ski lifts, offers a unique experience for those who wish to venture into the uncontaminated beauty of the mountains during the summer season.

In this article, we will explore the wonders of the Montagna Spaccata, discovering its fascinating history, its exciting routes and the culinary delights that can be enjoyed during the visit.

The Split Mountain: A Geological Spectacle

The Montagna Spaccata is a 90-metre deep fissure carved into the rock by the Torrazzo torrent. This geological phenomenon of rare beauty was created by the erosive action of the stream over the centuries. Walking along the path inside the gorge, your eyes are captured by the crevices, waterfalls and rock faces, which offer a breathtaking sight from a new point of view. During the evening hours, the path is carefully illuminated, creating a magical atmosphere that highlights the beauty of the place and stimulates the imagination of visitors.

History and Legend of the Split Mountain

The history of Montagna Spaccata is intertwined with the surrounding area and the legends handed down from generation to generation. This place has aroused the interest of writers and rulers since ancient times.

The Montagna Spaccata has also welcomed illustrious visitors such as Queen Margherita of Savoy, who in 1879 went here with her son Vittorio Emanuele. During their meeting on the Spaccata road, Margherita di Savoia received a painting depicting the Montagna Spaccata and its surroundings as a gift from local mountaineers.

A famous character linked to the Montagna Spaccata is the Magician of the Spaccata, known as Luigi Pellichero. With his singular and mysterious appearance, he ran the inn and became the protagonist of many fairy tales and tales that fascinated above all especially children. His figure helped fuel the aura of mystery and suggestion that enveloped the place.

A visit to Montagna Spaccata is an experience that fascinates both nature lovers and history and legends enthusiasts.

The route begins with a pleasant walk of about three hundred meters on the flat, which allows you to immerse yourself in the beauty of the surrounding landscape. Subsequently, the route continues climbing thanks to two hundred steps and through panoramic walkways, from which it is possible to admire the spectacular games of the tumultuous waters of the Torrazzo torrent.

During the excursion, it is possible to admire the local flora, including ferns, lichens and centuries-old fir trees, which enrich the magical atmosphere of the Montagna Spaccata.

Culinary Delights to Taste

After visiting the Montagna Spaccata you can stop at the refreshment point at the beginning of the route, you can also delight your palate with the renowned cured meats produced in the area, artisan cured meats, processed exclusively during the winter seasons, without the use of preservatives and dyes. These genuine cured meats have been aged in the same cellars for generations, offering an authentic and traditional flavor that will make you savor the flavors of the mountains.

Booking and Useful Information

To visit the Montagna Spaccata during the summer season, it is advisable to book in advance by phone or email.

Remember to wear suitable clothing (waterproof) and mountain footwear (boots suitable for slippery terrain), suitable for tackling the route. Bring a camera with you to capture the unforgettable moments and get ready to be captivated by the beauty of this enchanted place.

Big Trees Trail

path big trees

Immersed in nature, far from the noise and smog of the cities, there is a corner of mountain paradise that welcomes and captivates. Recoaro, with his Path of the Big Trees, is a fascinating and unique destination. The pristine beauty of this place is centered in the lush green of the woods, the fresh mountain air, and the breathtaking panorama of the Small Dolomites.

The Sentiero dei Grandi Alberi, located in the Montagnole Plateau, offers a fantastic opportunity for an excursion that promises to be unforgettable. An intriguing feature of this path is the presence of very large secular trees, which make it unique and attractive. They are there, mighty, guarding the journey like silent giants of the forest, bearing witness to the slow passing of time.

Starting from Recoaro Mille, this path leads to the Cesare Battisti refuge on Colle della Gazza. It is not a demanding route, with a vertical drop of about 300 metres, and is also suitable for those who are not expert hikers. Its layout of approx fifteen kilometers can be covered in about five hours, even if it offers the possibility of taking short circular walks.

One of the starting points to face the path is the "busa" of Pizzegoro, with its large parking lot. Here, you immediately become acquainted with an imposing group of large trees, the linte di Pizzegoro. These twenty-seven linden trees, which have survived the passage of time, stand proudly, the most imposing tree of these boasts a height of 30 meters, an average crown diameter of 14 meters and a trunk circumference of 3 meters. Their sweeping fronds offer protection and a sense of serenity, helping to create an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity.

Along the path, you can alternate stretches of paved road and paths in the woods that lead you to discover green meadows for grazing and breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. Step by step, you come across new large trees on the road, including an enormous beech near Malga Sebe and a centuries-old lime tree, known as "el linte" delle Montagnole.

Another point of interest along the path is the area of ​​the Asnicar farmhouses, at the Ofra-Morando malga. Here, in addition to an extraordinary view of the Little Dolomites, you can come across another beech tree, bisecular and characterized by a stem divided into four trunks at the base. Furthermore, for history buffs, it is possible to find traces of an old trench from the Great War.

On this journey of discovery, those who arrive at Malga Raute can get to know other wild beech and rowan trees. Among these, "el palissin" stands out for its height of 14 meters and its centuries-old age, making it one of the most important whitebeams in Italy. Finally, the itinerary ends at the Cesare Battisti refuge, a refreshment point where you can relax and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature.

The walk along the Path of the Big Trees is not just a hike. It is a journey of discovery through an environment rich in history, natural beauty and ancient plant giants. Walking along it, one breathes an atmosphere of peace and tranquility that only the mountain can offer. Recoaro and its path await you, ready to give you an unforgettable experience.

Ancient trees

The protagonists of the path are the trees themselves, ancient guardians who reign supreme on these lands. The green giants that we meet along the way are witnesses of centuries-old stories, telling the story of the territory they embrace in every nook and cranny of their trunk, in every quivering leaf.

The first to make their majestic appearance are the linte di Pizzegoro. Twenty-seven majestic linden trees greet the visitor at the start of the path, with the largest boasting a height of 30 meters, a trunk circumference of 3 meters and an average crown diameter of 14 metres. These are sacred trees, witnesses of a time when the bond between man and nature was deeper. The sweet aroma of their flowers in summer and the protection offered by their fronds are a gift for every traveller.

Further along the path, other giants of nature make their appearance. “El Linte” delle Montagnole, a centuries-old linden tree 25 meters high, greets visitors from the grassy crown above the Sebe malga. This patriarch of the big trees of Recoaro bears the marks of a long history, an open book on the region's past.

Still further on, a splendid fagar presents itself to the traveller, imposing itself with its presence next to an imposing boulder. Its roots embrace the rock in a millenary embrace, a symbol of the resistance and strength of nature.

In the area of dairyman Asnicar, near the Ofra-Morando malga, another beech tree makes its appearance. This bisecular tree is distinguished by a stem divided into four trunks at the base. Those who venture a little deeper can discover the remains of an old trench from the Great War, a reminder of human history hidden among the leaves.

Recoaro Bike Park

Recoaro Mille Bike Park is the ideal outpost for bicycle enthusiasts, located in the beating heart of the Little Dolomites, this point of reference for bikers offers the opportunity to escape from routine and immerse yourself completely in nature, all while you are riding your own bicycle.

Famous for being the first bike center in the province of Vicenza, the park offers the possibility of renting an e-bike and choosing the route that best suits your needs. Regardless of whether you want a solo adventure or a shared excursion, Recoaro Mille Bike Park offers the ideal experience for everyone.

Recoaro Mille is not just a bike park, but it is also a concentrate of history, an oasis of relaxation and an escape from everyday life. This tourist resort, located at the foot of the Small Dolomites and immersed in the Conca d'Oro, is the perfect place to discover numerous paths, such as that of the Big Trees or the ascent of Monte Falcone, which can be covered by bicycle or on foot.

MTB routes for everyone

In Recoaro Mille Bike Park, bicycle lovers will find a rich assortment of routes to follow. The bike park has mapped out various itineraries that allow visitors to discover the Little Dolomites on a mountain bike.

The "Big Trees" route, for example, is perfect for beginners or cyclists looking for a relaxing experience. It offers an easy journey of 22,7 kilometers, with an elevation gain of 775 meters, through the beautiful mountain landscape.

For those looking for a more demanding challenge, the “Bike Spaccata” or the “Falcone” may be the right choice. Both routes present an intermediate difficulty and offer a distance of 29,8 km and 48,8 km respectively, with a vertical drop of 1168 meters and 1922 meters.

Finally, for the more expert and daring, the "Arena" and "Heroes" courses promise an experience that will put their skills to the test. The “Arena” course offers a difficult 60,3 km route with a vertical drop of 2564 metres, while the “Eroi” represents the ultimate challenge, with a length of 142,9 km, a vertical drop of 6369 metres, and requires even three days to complete.

Junior Pump Track for the kids

But the Recoaro Mille Bike Park also thinks of the little ones. The Junior Pump Track is the area dedicated to young bikers, where they can move in total safety and improve their riding technique thanks to the help of expert and qualified instructors. A day at the Bike Park could ignite their passion for mountain biking and inspire them to follow in the footsteps of the Downhill and Enduro world champions.

Typical cuisine at the Recoaro Mille Bike Park

No adventure is complete without a culinary journey that explores local flavors and the Recoaro Bike Park is no exception. Allowing yourself a tasty break between one ride and another is part of the experience of discovering a territory and its food and wine traditions.

The Bike Park kitchen is a place where traditional flavors and innovation are combined, in a menu that offers options for all tastes.

Among the culinary proposals that you will find at the Recoaro Bike Park, the gourmet wraps stand out. These wraps are not the classic street food, but dishes designed and cared for down to the smallest detail, masterpieces of taste to be enjoyed slowly to appreciate every nuance.

But the real attraction of the menu is the selection of typical Recoaro dishes. An example is represented by gnocchi with fioretta, a delight for the palate that combines the simplicity of mountain cuisine with the elegance of a gourmet dish. Fioretta is a local cow's milk cheese, soft and with a delicate flavour, which is used to make gnocchi with a unique creaminess.

Similarly, bigoli, fresh pasta typical of Venetian cuisine, represent another dish that celebrates the culinary tradition of Recoaro.

And to conclude on a high note, the Bike Park cafeteria service is always open to offer an invigorating break. Whether you prefer an espresso, a cappuccino or a herbal tea, you will always be sure of enjoying a carefully prepared drink, perfect for recharging your batteries after an intense day of mountain biking.

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    CF Storti 26-06-2012

    Recoaro Terme, a town immersed in the enchanting scenery of the Conca di Smeraldo, at the foot of the Little Dolomites, will be able to give you physical and mental well-being, thanks to the harmony of the landscapes and the benefits of the thermal treatments of the Central Springs.
    Friedrich Nietzsche himself, who stayed here for a period of his life wrote: "Recoaro terme is one of my most beautiful experiences"

    asnicar loris 12-07-2014

    Beautiful I really like this place both in summer to take walks in the mountains and in winter for skiing or walks in the snow, the gnochi con la fioreta offered by the chairlift inn in Recoaro Terme in the center near the departure of the gondola lift are delicious. It really deserves to spend a holiday at the foot of the small Dolomites.

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