Rafting, it is practiced on the rapids of a river, and it is certainly one of the most fun and exciting activities that the mountains offer in the summer.
Riding an unsinkable rubber dinghy (called raft) we launch a fun descent on mountain streams pushed by strong water currents that commit to dodging the obstacles that we find along the way.
Rafting is a group sport, suitable for both families and companies of friends eager to feel strong emotions and participate in a unique experience! Like all group sports, rafting also requires team play, participants must act according to the conditions and indications that the team leaders (usually expert guides) indicate to the other members. Since the path of the water is heterogeneous, we can find ourselves in situations in which the members of the group alternate in navigation maneuvers.
An adrenaline-pumping experience that offers great satisfaction to those who try it, a fun way to experience the mountains in summer and disconnect from the monotony and enjoy a truly active holiday!

Discovering enchanted places

Rafting is not only an adrenaline sport, it is also a way to discover the mountains and visit places otherwise inaccessible by other means. The banks of the mountain rivers are interspersed with rock walls, woods and large meadows. In a few minutes you can go from one type of landscape to a completely different one, an aspect that other sports cannot boast. For those who go rafting it is not uncommon to see animals drinking on the bends of the river or chasing each other in the woods.

Never alone

In some cases rafting can be considered an extreme sport as it involves dangers, often consisting of boulders and the strength of the water current. For this reason, a ranking has been created that catalogs the routes on the basis of a difficulty. The ranking has 6 degrees of difficulty, the courses of degree number 1 are the basic ones indicated above all for beginners while the courses of degree 6 are reserved only for professional athletes as they require experience and a lot of training.
If you rely on expert guides, the risk is almost completely eliminated, the instructors teach you how to practice the sport, teach safety maneuvers and how to use the equipment. If we add the choice of a path suited to our abilities and the accompaniment by experts, then the risks are reduced to zero.

Where to go rafting?

Practicing rafting is recommended to contact the rafting associations scattered throughout the Italian territory or to the APT and other tourist bodies that often organize real holiday packages for those interested in practicing this sport.
Rafting is a very popular sport in the Alpine area, from Friuli to the Aosta Valley you can find many organizations and bodies that promote this sport and give support to tourists who want to practice it by providing expert guides and related equipment. From the Brenta river in Trentino to the Dora Baltea in Valle d'Aosta you can count all kinds of routes, with difficulty 6 for experts and with difficulty 1 and 2 for beginners or for those who simply want to enjoy the enchanted landscape offered by the streams. Mountain.

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