Extraordinary mountain places to visit at least once in a lifetime

Extraordinary mountain places to visit at least once in a lifetime

Today we want to present you some mountain places to visit absolutely at least once in your life. They are those WOW places that seem to come straight from Heaven and leave everyone speechless.

Some of these places are little known, while others are famous and very popular because of their beauty.
Even those who do not particularly love the mountains are captivated by the charm of these places and often end up falling in love with them:

Val Venegia - San Martino di Castrozza and Val di Fiemme

val venegia in summer

And 'the typical postcard of the mountain in summer and you have probably already had the opportunity to appreciate the panorama offered by this valley in the many photos available online.
Often in these photos the place where it was taken is not written and therefore few know the name of this little girl inner valley of Trentino.

The Val Venegia It is located in the heart of Paneveggio Pale di San Martino Natural Park and marks the border between the territory of Val di Fiemme and San Martino di Castrozza, the two well-known localities of Trentino Alto Adige.

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The park is an authentic pearl that hosts the fir forest and is crossed by the crystalline waters of the Travignolo stream.

Il charm of Val Venegia derives from the magnificent panorama which can be seen reached Malga Venegia, as soon as you come out of the wood you have a view of the "White" Dolomite stone of the Pale di San Martino which contrasts with the intense green of the woods and meadows, crossed by the waters of the Travignolo.

La Val Venegia is frequented by many hikers that go up in the day but to enjoy it to the fullest it is better to take a few days off in nearby places such as Bellamont, so as to be able to reach the valley comfortably in 15 minutes by car and perhaps return only at sunset when the walls of the Pale di San Martino are colored pink (Enrosadira).

Alternatively, another place to stay is San Martino di Castrozza but from here it takes more time to reach Val Venegia than Bellamonte.

Val San Nicolo - Val di Fassa

It could be called a paradise within a paradise. It seems incredible that the already gorgeous Val di Fassa can enclose an even more fascinating minor valley.

Val San Nicolò is a small internal valley but very well known. It rises from Pool of Fassa by car and leave the car in a large parking lot from where the road opens only to residents. An oasis of peace whose tranquility is lulled by the lively flow of melting waters from the Dolomites.

This amphitheater always knows how to amaze for its own landscaped charm and for the right touch that man has been able to give by building gods small wooden barns which embellish the scenery even more.

From the parking lot, the main destination is Cabin at the falls, which as the name suggests, is located right at the foot of a fantastic waterfall. Large place where you can rest between the green meadows and the marmot that keep company.

For the more enterprising, however, you go up towards the San Nicolò Pass, the starting point for numerous mountaineering excursions.

As in the photo above, at sunset the mountains are colored and contrast with the intense green of the meadows. Spectacular is also the month of flowering (June) where the whole valley is colored with many varieties of alpine flowers.

Seceda - Val Gardena

the colors of Seceda in September

As for the Val Venegia also the Seceda is one of the typical postcards of the Alps. Every year hundreds of photographers reach the Val Gardena with the sole aim of photographing this place.

Its peculiarity is to be able to admire in profile the Odle. This mountain group belongs to the The Dolomites and with its clear profiles it captivates the eye and opens the heart.

Climbing to Seceda is not difficult because it is served directly by the ski lifts that go up from Ortisei (Val Gardena).

Once you reach the altitude, the paths that lead you to discover a wonderful area begin, which in addition to the Odle, offers a fantastic view towards the Sassolungo and Sassopiatto as well as the majestic Sella group.

Alpe di Siusi - South Tyrol

unmistakable landscape of the Alpe di Siusi

Known to all because for a long time it was the spearhead of tourism promotion in South Tyrol, the Alpe di Siusi is in fact the business card of the Italian Tyrol.

Once high altitude pastures (we are at 2000m) today immaculate wedding favor as if to represent a piece of heaven on earth.

Alpe di Siusi amazes with its sculpted profile Sassolungo and Sassopiatto that rise from a soft green carpet, and meet the blue sky creating an indescribable scenario.

South Tyrolean foresight and pragmatism have kept the territory intact, limiting its real estate development and closing off car traffic. Here the paths wind through the barns, today huts, made of wood with lots of flowers to make them stand out as in a continuous challenge between what is most beautiful.

Verney - La Thuile mountain pasture

View towards the Verney pasture

The mountains of the Aosta Valley have nothing to envy to those of Trentino. On the contrary. Some majestic landscapes you can find them just to the west, where space seems infinite and you walk at the foot of the stone giants.

This is the case ofVerney mountain pasture, from the vastness of these spaces one could think of being in a valley instead we are in a large green meadow.

From here the melting waters of the Valle d'Aosta glaciers descend and collide with the green of the meadows and the color of the high altitude flowers.

The absolute peace and the immensity of the spaces makes you go back to the past, when the intervention of man was limited and there was only nature.

In the Verney pasture in La Thuile you still have the chance to savor this fantastic sensation.

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