Passo role

Passo role

Passo Rolle is a pass in the Dolomites located at 1980 meters above sea level, this pass connects San Martino di Castrozza with Val di Fiemme.

Although it is mainly known for its winter ski slopes, its summer beauty is no less. In this guide, we will explore all there is to see and do in Passo Rolle during the summer season.

Passo Rolle landscape

Pale di San Martino sunset at Baita Segantini

Passo Rolle is a breathtaking panorama, dominated by the majestic profile of the Cimon della Pala, which stands at 3186 meters. In summer, the surrounding mountains transform into a rainbow of colour, while the valleys below blossom with life. Every corner of Passo Rolle offers an unforgettable glimpse, creating an enchanting scenery that deserves to be discovered.

Val Venegia, one of the most famous destinations in the surrounding area, offers a splendid view of the Cimon della Pala. It is a place of natural beauty, rich in flora and fauna, and offers numerous hiking and mountain biking trails. The area is also famous for its lakes, such as the Colbricon lakes, which shine like gems in the green mountains.

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A special mention goes to the Thinking Christ, a white marble statue that dominates on Monte Castellazzo. This attraction can be reached through a trek that offers breathtaking panoramic views of the entire valley. The Thinking Christ is not only a sight to admire, but also a symbol of reflection and contemplation.

Excursions and Walks

Passo Rolle is a real paradise for lovers of walking and excursions, in fact it is the starting point for numerous excursions towards the Pale di San Martino and the Lagorai. During the summer, the area offers a vast number of routes, each with its own particularities and levels of difficulty, offering breathtaking views and the opportunity to immerse yourself in the unspoiled nature of the Dolomites.

Excursion to the Segantini hut

Enrosadira on the Pale di San Martino with reflection on the Lake of Baita Segantini

One of the most popular excursions to Passo Rolle is the one that leads to Segantini hut (also suitable for families with children). This hut is one of the most fascinating viewpoints in the Dolomites, thanks to its privileged position in front of the Pale di San Martino.

The excursion to Baita Segantini from Passo Rolle is a relaxing and pleasant experience that offers breathtaking views of the Dolomites. This excursion, of an easy level, is perfect for families and people of all ages.

The starting point for this excursion could be the small parking lot of Passo Rolle, from where you can easily find the signs for Capanna Cervino and Baita Segantini. Alternatively, you can park in the large car park and join the main route via a short 400m walk.

The itinerary develops along a well-signposted and not too demanding route, with a difference in height of 200 metres. It is a trek of about 40 minutes that passes by the suggestive Matterhorn hut, offering splendid views along the way. The path is also passable with trekking strollers.

Once you arrive at Baita Segantini, at an altitude of about 2170 metres, you will be rewarded with a spectacular view of the Pale di San Martino. Here photographers come from all over the world to photograph the Pale di San Martino which are reflected on the small lake adjacent to the hut. The Baita Segantini is an ideal place to take a break and enjoy some traditional dishes of the local cuisine in an unforgettable setting.

Excursion to the Thinking Christ

For those looking for a slightly more demanding excursion, the ascent to the Thinking Christ it is an experience that does not disappoint. Located at the top of Monte Castellazzo, the Thinking Christ is a white marble statue that offers a panoramic view of the surrounding valley. The climb can be challenging but accessible, but the views that can be admired along the way and once you reach the top are well worth the effort.

Tour of the Colbricon lakes

Another excursion not to be missed is the tour of the Colbricon lakes (also suitable for families with children). These two small alpine lakes, nestled between the mountains, offer a landscape of rare beauty. The path that connects them is suitable for everyone and offers the possibility of having a picnic by the lake, or simply stopping to admire the reflection of the mountains on the crystal clear water.

Trekking in the Paneveggio Natural Park

Passo Rolle is located in the Paneveggio Natural Park, a protected area that offers a series of hiking trails that allow you to explore the flora and fauna of the Dolomites. Observing deer and roe deer up close, discovering varieties of plants and ancient spruce forests is an experience that enriches not only physically but also spiritually. The trails vary in difficulty, making the park accessible to hikers of all skill levels.

Val Venegia

La Val Venegia it is one of the most popular destinations for a walk in the middle of nature (also suitable for families with children). This enchanting valley, surrounded by the peaks of the Pale di San Martino, offers paths that wind through lush meadows, shady woods and beside crystal clear streams. The walk in Val Venegia is suitable for everyone, including families with children and beginners, thanks to the well-marked routes and the lack of particularly challenging stretches.

Cycling and Mountain Biking

Il Passo role it is a perfect area for the cycling and mountain biking enthusiasts, offering fascinating and suggestive itineraries for all abilities.

The area is famous for its mountain roads, its hairpin bends present exciting challenges for road cyclists and mountain bikers alike. The route that crosses Passo Rolle has been part of many editions of the Giro d'Italia, making it a must for any cycling enthusiast.

For road cyclists, the ascent to Passo Rolle represents a classic mountain challenge. Starting from San Martino di Castrozza, you face about 20 kilometers with gradients ranging between 5% and 8%. Although the climb is demanding, the view once you reach the top pays off any effort: a 360-degree panorama of the Dolomites.

Mountain bike enthusiasts can instead enjoy numerous off-road trails, which cross thick woods and high-altitude meadows, allowing you to discover hidden corners at the foot of the Pale di San Martino and Lagorai. Among the most famous routes we find the one that leads to Val Venegia, an excursion of medium difficulty characterized by splendid panoramas.

Finally, there is no shortage of options for less experienced cyclists or families. Numerous semi-flat and well-signposted paths allow you to explore the area in peace and safety, enjoying the natural wonders offered by Passo Rolle.

Places to stay to visit Passo Rolle

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