Last Minute July Offer: free children's formula to discover Asiago and the Venetian Alps

Last Minute July Offer: free children's formula to discover Asiago and the Venetian Alps

When the sultry heat in the cities is felt, it is time to choose a mountain holiday in July. Sleeping with the blanket without air conditioning, feeling the cool breeze in the valleys gives a feeling of serenity and joy.

The month of July is one of the most chosen for holidays in the mountains, the hottest month of the summer with long days so that you can carry out many activities to discover the mountains.

One of the ideal destinations for families is the plateau of Asiago, wide green meadows and mountains rich in history and nature make this alpine destination one of the most suitable for those who want to spend a good holiday with children.
Asiagoestate has created an all-inclusive holiday package with full board and excursions:

Asiagoestate all inclusive package

Stay in the hotel with full board and mountain experiences.
Every day, included in the price, we offer easy and fun activities:
• Monday Simple walk on the sites of the Great War
• Tuesday Panoramic and guided mountain bike tour
• Wednesday We will discover the underground water route and the secrets of the mountain caves
along the nature trail of the Water Museum
• Thursday A typical high altitude lunch based on Asiago cheese and with a little luck
we will see the nice marmots or find some porcini mushrooms.
• Friday A treasure hunt in the woods with the Orienteering activity to learn how to orient yourself
with compass and topographic map.
• Adventure park Emotions in the trees to fly like Tarzan in the adventure park
• To finish, a dinner at the famous Kubelek Refuge for the final Asiagoestate party
Discover our mountain holiday packages for July 2022 with Free Children Offer, Promo Plan
Family and Early Booking.

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Free Children Offer

Among the special offers of Asiagoestate there is also the Kids Free promo, one of the most popular in recent years; Children up to 10 years of age will have the free stay fee! Only the activities (mountain biking, trekking, adventure park, orienteering, excursions and discovering the underground treasures of the Plateau) will be paid for.

> Families with a child under 10: free.
> Families with two children under 10: the first child will have the free stay while the second will have a 50% reduction. In case of 3 or more children, ask the agency.
> The offer is limited to availability and is valid for children sharing a room with two adults.

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