Monte Cimone in summer

Mount Cimone

Monte Cimone is located in Emilia Romagna, is an important relief of the Northern Apennines and has a maximum altitude of 2160 meters.

It is part of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines on the border with the Pistoia mountains which is located in Tuscany. On its slopes you can find several cities of great interest, all belonging to the province of Modena. Among these are: Fiumalbo, Sestola, Fanano, Riolunato and Montecreto.

Being the highest peak of the Northern Apennines, you have a broad view of Italy, even observing the seas that bathe the peninsula, as well as the major islands such as Corsica and the island of Capraia.
On the highest point of the mountain you can also find the meteorological station of the Italian Air Force and the CNR "Ottavio Vittori" Climatic Observatory.

What to do and what to see

The activities to be carried out are really many and heterogeneous, excursions and walks along the paths in search of the beauties of nature. An itinerary chosen by many hikers is the climb to the summit of Mount Cimone. There are numerous starting points and equally diverse paths. The choice can be made on the basis of the length to be covered and the difficulty.

In the various routes there are always many indications, which clearly show where to go and the distance to the point of arrival.

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Regardless of the path you are following, you can admire the beautiful green and uncontaminated panorama of Mount Cimone and also appreciate all the scents of the mountain in summer.

An example of a path to follow is the Path of the Atmosphere, very simple and suitable for everyone, even the less experienced. It is located in the municipality of Sestola, begins in the locality of Pian Cavallaro at an altitude of 1878 meters and ends on the summit of the mountain in the Frignano Park. It is marked by the CAI 449 trail sign. The total duration is about two hours, with a vertical drop of 287 metres. Along the path, you can also come across two springs where you can cool off and rest before setting off again for the top: Rifugio Ninfa and Fontana Bedini.

Another very popular itinerary is the one that includes a visit to the Baia della Ninfa and the Lago della Ninfa. This lake of tectonic origin is located at 1050 meters and is surrounded by beech and conifer woods. You can also find wooden benches on which to rest and enjoy the wonderful view.
Right near the lake is the Rifugio della Ninfa which, in the summer months, organizes a series of activities open to all. Among these, in August and on weekends, there is the possibility for children to take a pony ride accompanied by an expert.

To get to the lake you can start from Pian del Falco in the municipality of Sestola, reachable both by car and on foot, along path number 6. You pass through Monte Calvanella, from which you can admire a beautiful panorama, then pass Passo Serre and after a while you arrive at the lake. The walking time is approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes and the difficulty is medium-low.

Still taking path number 6, you can find the “Esperia” Alpine Botanical Garden in Passo del Lupo. Fascinating place where various species of plants are preserved, which can be observed thanks to the itineraries organized by CAI volunteers. The garden is managed by volunteers who offer groups of visitors guided tours aimed at making known all the botanical species and their history. Admission is free but you can make a voluntary offer.

Another experience to do is certainly the excursion to the Doccione waterfalls. These are located in the province of Modena and are located along the Rio Fellicarolo. They are of tectonic origin with a vertical drop of 120 meters and surrounded by trees and tectonic plates.

To get there you can start from Fanano and follow the signs for Fellicarolo; in less than twenty minutes you arrive at the parking lot of the waterfalls and the route begins not far away. The path has been designed for everyone, to also allow people with disabilities to have this wonderful experience, in fact you can find barriers and bridges that allow wheelchairs to travel.

The course of the path has not been thought of only as a function of the visual but also the auditory experience; in the various sections you are surrounded by the sounds of the water flowing from the waterfall, this allows you to fully appreciate the place.

A very interesting curiosity from a wildlife point of view is the possibility of meeting the Marmot along the paths. This animal is a common inhabitant of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines which welcomes it thanks to its numerous protected areas. In addition to being able to spot it, it is not uncommon to hear its typical whistle propagating through the mountain.


The area offers many alternatives for valid accommodation that meet everyone's tastes and needs.
You can choose from a wide range of hotels from three to more stars.

Most are located in the villages of Sestola and Fanano. Furthermore, you can choose whether to stay in hotels immersed in nature or closer to the town, so as to be able to take advantage of the summer even in the evening, a stone's throw from your room and without having to take the car.

Monte Cimone and its surroundings are an ideal destination for those who want to escape the heat of the cities and the plains. It is a destination appreciated by both Tuscan and Emilian tourists but is also able to attract the many Italian tourists who are rediscovering the charm of the Apennines.

The recent development of downhill slopes has also made this an ideal destination for young athletes who finally find an alternative to Alpine destinations here. All this is made easier by the ski lifts which are now active even in summer.

The ski lifts have also facilitated tourism for families with children, the possibility of bridging the difference in height also allows easy access to the paths at high altitude.

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