Monte Baldo in summer

Monte Baldo

In the heart of the Gardesane Prealps rises one of the most beautiful and uncontaminated mountain massifs in the whole of Veneto: it is Monte Baldo, that is what has been defined as the "Botanical Garden of Europe" thanks to the wonderful blooms that characterize the area.

Monte Baldo, which occupies the province of Verona and also extends into that of Trento, stands imposing on Lake Garda with a ridge 40 km long and is between Vallagarina and the Po Valley of the Veneto. The massif reaches 2218 meters in height with the Valdritta peak, followed by minor peaks such as Cima Pozzetta, Punta Telegrafo, Cima Sascaga and Cima del Longino.

Organizing a summer holiday to Monte Baldo means discovering an extraordinary variety of landscapes and spectacular naturalistic jewels, without forgetting that Monte Baldo hosts one of the most spectacular sanctuaries in the world.

What to do and what to see

Summer is the perfect season to discover the naturalistic and historical heritage of Monte Baldo and the main reason is the explosion of life and colors that you can witness.

Le blooms of this Venetian mountainous area are a real feast for the eyes and respond to the climatic bands into which the mountain is divided: Mediterranean, mountain, boreal and, over 2000 meters high, alpine. The walks on Monte Baldo allow you to appreciate the luxuriant and verdant nature, dotted here and there with edelweiss, buttercups, wild peonies, lilies of the valley and above all the orchids that, on Monte Baldo, bloom right between the months of March and August. Many plant species are considered endemic to the place, so much so that they have the specification of in the name Baldense.

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Monte Baldo is the ideal destination to spend holidays with family or friends, between excursions and outdoor activities such as Nordic walking, paragliding with landings in Malcesine and routes in mountain bike. Lovers of two wheels can juggle along the panoramic "Provincial road of Bretonico n.8", starting from the locality of San Michele, reachable by the Malcesine-Monte Baldo cableway. An alternative is represented by the Skull Trail which, reaching almost 2000 meters in height, takes cyclists to the places where the remains of prehistoric animals were found.

La Malcesine-Monte Baldo cableway it is the fastest way to climb Monte Baldo up to 1760 meters high in just 15 minutes, on cabins that rotate on themselves at 360 °, showing visitors a spectacular view of the underlying Lake Garda and the surrounding Alpine peaks.
Alternatively there is the Prà Alpesina-Monte Baldo chairlift, reachable from the Trentino side of the mountain massif: once at the top you can reach the top station of the cable car via a beautiful path that also passes through the Baita dei Forti.

At the foot of Monte Baldo stands the picturesque village of Malcesine, whose origins date back to prehistoric times, when there were only stilts. The symbolic monument of Malcesine, much appreciated by both Goethe and the painter Klimt (who immortalized the small hamlet of Malcesine in one of his works in particular Cassone), is the Scaligero Castle.

The building of Lombard origins stands on top of a hill and is appreciated for the characteristic dovetail battlements and for the tower built with white stones. The Malcesine Castle houses the Goethe Museum, the Sala delle Galee dedicated to the history of lake navigation and the Museum of Garda and Natural History, with sections dedicated to the flora and fauna of the area.

Also worth a visit is the thirteenth-century Palazzo dei Capitani, built in elegant Venetian style and with inside a lovely garden overlooking Lake Garda, where once the boats of the captain called ganzarines.

From Malcesine it is possible to start a nice excursion to San Michele on Monte Blado, along the Ventrar path: can be reached by cableway Bocca Tratto Spino, and then descend to La Colma with its characteristic rocky pillars. Proceed between high rocky walls, gullies and the pastures of I Prani until you reach the Kira Refuge: a mule track, which passes under the Il Signor portico, leads back to San Michele.

Among the most evocative and mystical places of Monte Baldo there is certainly the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Corona: it rises 774 meters high and was literally built against the rocky wall, almost as if it came out of it, thus dominating the underlying Val d'Adige.

Inside the Sanctuary, built to commemorate the miracle of the effigy of the Virgin brought to Monte Baldo by the angels in 1522, it is possible to admire ancient ex voto tables, sculptures by Zannoni and above all the bronzes made by Bonente: among the latter the Pietà stands out. , which is said to have been commissioned by the Knights Templar, who are also credited with building the Holy stairway carved out of stone.

Many pilgrims climb the steps often on their knees, to ask for a grace or to thank the Madonna: the staircase is interspersed with points of great beauty, from the Grotta della Pietà to the La Croce terrace up to the Ponte del Tiglio.

Excursions are the perfect way to discover the beauties of Monte Baldo in summer: there are those who prefer to have a totally green experience by opting for walks in horse riding along l'Hippostard Monte Blado, which consists of three different itineraries. Among the latter, the red path stands out, which takes the hiker on horseback between the trenches of the Great War in Novezza and at the Novezzina Botanical Garden.

Among the most beautiful excursions to do on foot there is the one on the Path of the Crests which, starting from Novezzina, allows you to reach the Telegrafo Refuge at 2147 meters above sea level, passing through the Tratti Spini Pass.

Equally spectacular is the Tour of the Malghe che starts from the Monte Baldo Refuge: through the paths 652 and 661, you pass through the Malga Pian della Cenere, the Malga Trattesoli (passing through the panoramic Filo del Lavacchio with a magnificent view over the Val d'Adige), the Malga Lavacchio and the Malga Acquenere at 1382 meters above sea level.

From the latter, crossing the carriage road called Generale Graziani and the Sasso del Diavolo, you can reach the top of Mount Telegrafo at an altitude of 2200 meters: in this case, you actually walk along a part of the famous Taccole Ferrata.

Holidays on Monte Baldo

Monte Baldo is a mine of naturalistic beauties, so much so that at least one would be needed ten days to be able to say that you really knew him: in fact the excursions often turn out to be quite long, sometimes taking up an entire day.

We must also consider that discovering a new territory also means deepening the culture and its food and wine heritage, perhaps treating yourself to more lunches to be enjoyed calmly in the shelters, forgetting frugal meals to be consumed quickly on a lawn so as not to waste time.

In this regard, there are many typical products of Monte Baldo to which you can dedicate a gastronomic stop: think for example of carbonera (a kind of polenta seasoned with oil and cheese), DOP Monte Veronese cheese, casunzei, honey, black truffle and bigoli with duck. It is a must to accompany everything with a glass of Bardolino red wine or with the white Custoza.

With regard to accommodation, the territory of Monte Baldo satisfies every type of need: between B & Bs, family-run hotels, luxury hotels and farmhouses, families with children, young people and sportsmen who also need facilities with equipment rental will be able to find satisfaction.

Those who want an experience to be lived almost in symbiosis with the nature of Monte Baldo, can instead choose to sleep a few nights in the many refuges present, between evenings spent in the most absolute quiet with the mountains to greet every awakening.

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